Elon Musk is a scary man

  1. And their bots already have that human resentment in them after years of being kicked over for tests.

  2. Homelessness.... drug addiction... mental health crisis.... women throwing babies in ditches... cops getting away with straight up muuuuurder...

  3. So stop the human advancement because there are bad things happening in the world? Government gives out trillion to military and more than 100 billions to other counties. Wtf can Elon Musk do with his "little" wealth that is not even liquidated?

  4. That robot was so stiff and looked like it was slapped together with random junk, it felt like it should have been announced way the fuck back in 2001. The robots being shown off in more recent years are light-years ahead of this crappy thing.

  5. Yesnt. With starlink elon sent a buncha Sattelites around the world, he wants to connect every place on earth with internet and stuff with that.

  6. I mean, I know I'm not the only one who would actually enjoy an apocalypse. Not even for the world ending aspect but just a major even that upturn my life, and pushes me Into a more active lifestyle so I can comfortably give up on most of the mundanty that is my life.

  7. This comes off as worse since his texts came out showing how dumb as fuck he and his group of yes men are. If anything we would just die of cancer with the tech his company makes.

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