I don't know why they get so angry.

  1. Man I’ve been on vacation and I’ve actually gotten to see this post blossom all day. I am not surprised you made it to the top, sir

  2. OP wasn't saying Europeans shouldn't use Celsius. He was saying that people shouldn't get annoyed at you when you convert a temperature they said into your temperature system

  3. You missed the point. Besides, people from [wherever] dgaf about what Americans say or do. Europeans feel like it’s their job

  4. My brother in Christ this is a meme about °F vs °C. Why are you bringing school shootings into this? It’s not healthy.

  5. Fact: Celsius is obviously better for scientific applications, and applications where the freezing and boiling of water are relevant.

  6. This is the 2nd time I've heard the "F is like a percentage" argument and it still makes zero sense. Even many of my american friends think the same. People find different temperatures to be more or less bearable hugely depending on where they are from.

  7. I don't think you can talk about facts when speaking about people's perception of reality. Everyone perceives aspects of it differently.

  8. So you just disregard windchill, relative humidity, personal differences, and just assume that everyone feels the same "chunks"? This is just your experience with it that you are applying globally, Fahrenheit isn't intuitive by nature. Also, the whole 'boundaries of what humans should be exposed to' is utter nonsense.

  9. Fact: it's pretty fucking important to easily know what the freezing temperature of water is when you live somewhere that regularly gets below that. Or irregularly. Because I don't know about you, but I like being able to instantly know if the roads are going to freeze over and my plants die overnight because it got below freezing.

  10. isn't perception of heat incredibly subjective? and hell, maybe you think that simply because you grew with f and everyone that grew with c instead knows well enough what 23C, 12C, and 34C feels like

  11. To me “it’s gonna be between 18 and 21” makes much more sense than “it’s in the high 60s today” does, as that is what I am used to

  12. third fact - this comment was written by someone who is probably using fahrenheit temp in daily life, so his facts are not facts but personal opinion

  13. I remember seeing someone say Fahrenheit is like asking a person how hot/cold it is on a scale of 1-100. Celsius is like asking a glass of water the same thing

  14. I'm pretty sure you will mostly only get people from the United States, or others that use Fahrenheit, agreeing with you on this. People that are looking for a reason to justify sticking to something they're used to.

  15. That is absurd. Nobody all over the rest of the world has any trouble discerning how hot and cold things may feel when they are told in Celsius.

  16. I mean this is all relative, you've defined those temperature ranges in your head based on the temperatures you've acclamated too. I can make similar range definitions in Celsius which will make intrinsic sense to me based on the environment where I live.

  17. But we don’t really need to be precise with temperatures to understand when it’s cold and when it’s hot. It’s not like we go outside or listen to a weather report and go “ah yes, it’s gonna be 2% hotter today, that means I’m gonna wear a whole different outfit now”. We see a weather report and think “huh, it’s gonna be hot, better not overdress”.

  18. I find the amount of hate America gets on reddit crazy, it's funny because Americans don't even think about Europeans nearly as much as they do about Americans.

  19. It's not just Europeans, almost the entire world uses celsius. America and some random island nations just want to be special I guess.

  20. You're literally the person this comic is about. Most of the world uses Celsius but it's always Europeans who care so much that Americans don't. It's weird to care so much about something that has no affect on you.

  21. And once again I’ll point out that the reason we Americans use the imperial system is because of Great Britain. Blame them and that German dude Fahrenheit for why we’re weird

  22. It's crazy how many people are missing the irony. Imagine getting so upset over a dumb meme about units of temperature.

  23. Some Europeans have some weird obsession with the US. Don't even mention public healthcare or the metric system in front of them.

  24. What's even weirder is when they accuse us of using imperial. We don't. We use US customary. What's even weirder than that though, is the US did officially adopt the metric system as an official system of measures. Every measuring cup I own has metric and USC. My car will show both miles per hour and kilometers per hour. Any food I buy has both grams and pounds listed on the package. Every useful thermometer I own has Celsius and Fahrenheit on it. So it's super weird to me when people tell me that the US doesn't use metric because aside from road signs and gas pumps metric is everywhere in the USA. But aside from baking, it doesn't matter if I go from town to town in 100 miles or 160 kilometers because it's gonna take me the same amount of time regardless.

  25. Fahrenheit is literally the one and only scale of measurement we got right. Imperial is hot garbage, it's the AMC Gremlin of measurement that is actively on fire and missing two wheels but Americans still stubbornly insist is a better car than a McLaren because "Muricuh!"

  26. That depends on where people live though. For me, anywhere below freezing is already really fucking cold. The main reason you think Fahrenheit is intuitive is that you grew up with it. For me, I have to convert from Fahrenheit to Celsius. I wouldn’t say Fahrenheit is worse then Celsius for general use, not scientific stuff though, but that’s not the problem. The problem is basically every other country in the world uses Celsius while US still uses Fahrenheit, not that Fahrenheit is flawed.

  27. -30 is limit of cold, +30 is edge limit of hot. Past either of those two points is getting into inhabitable / non habitable territory. 0 F is very much surviveable and can be easily lived in with a sweatyer and thick shirt.

  28. Have you seen this comment thread? People are going off the rails. I’ve even seen people bringing up children dying in mass shootings as a 1up. I’d argue lots of Europeans in this thread are out of their minds over this

  29. This entire comment thread is just everyone getting unreasonably mad and hard coping by using every “America Bad” line in the book, just because OP is using Fahrenheit. This happens in every comment section that even remotely references Fahrenheit

  30. As an American engineer, Metric is superior in all ways except for ambient temperature. Basically a 0-100 scale of temperature. 90 is hot, 70 is nice. 50 is chilly, and 30 is ice

  31. Celsius is temperature measured on a scale relative to the freezing and boiling point of water. Fahrenheit is measured on a scale relative to the human body’s acceptable climate. If you use Celsius in this context you’re wrong

  32. Just so you know, Fahrenheit was based on freezing temperature of salt and water mixture, and which one is better or even right is really just about what you used to

  33. What? Humans were barely in the creation of F at ALL. It was based off of brine water, and a guess at the average human body temp.

  34. Brits get hate enough for the Brexit, their food and their unsportsmanlike fans. And yes they getting hate for driving on the wrong side of the street

  35. Little known fact: when the French created the metric system shortly after helping the United States earn their independence from Britain. Jefferson at the time the metric system was created steered away from sending a “costly” delegation to check the metric systems validity in 1975. Three years later though, the us attempted to do so but we’re snubbed out because the French became hostile diplomatically towards the US after the British US Relationships became better. Specifically after the Jays treaty in 1795. The French in fact were so upset that they sent privateer ships after US merchant ships in 1975. So, it’s not as everyone really likes meming that US just wanted to be different, but because we were somewhat forced to by the French but not letting us understand their system.

  36. In terms of a human comfort scale Fahrenheit is superior. Celsius is based on water boiling and freezing which doesn’t make sense to compare it to weather temperatures.

  37. First off, 15°C is perfect. It not only allows for efficient work outside because of less sweat but it is also a temperature with a lot of possibilities in terms of clothing which makes it rather nice. I don't know where those 20°C come from because it's too high.

  38. Hehe, living my whole life in a region where temp. Reaches beyond 40 almost all summer. 15°C is not even an option on AC. I use blankets below 26°C, anything less than 10°C and i bring out the big bulky blankets.

  39. I use both. It just really depends on where I am. I’m from America, so I use the imperial system when talking to people here, but if I’m anywhere else in the world I’ll use metric. Just use what makes you comfortable, but don’t get angry if it’s not what you’re used to. I do agree that the imperial system should go away entirely and we should adapt to the rest of the world, but you can’t change an entire country overnight, especially if all of us were raised on the imperial system.

  40. This is why Fahrenheit is better, 69° F is unironically and unintentionally the nicest temperature there is, not too hot, not too cold, amd it doesnt matter if there's wind or not.

  41. Had a guy come in and started bitching about the metric system claiming the Hells Angels and KKK are the reason all but 3 countries across the planet use it.


  43. Got a good laugh out of this at university, I asked a friend if I needed a jacket and she said no it's a nice 21 degrees out. She clarified Celsius after a few seconds when she saw my incredous expression lol

  44. 20 C is too hot tho if no wind/rain or other stuff affecting temperatures i d rather go for a 15 maybe even a 10

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