Sorry not sorry

  1. I mean all I care about is the acting I'll take experienced actors that don't look exactly like the original characters over cosplayers that look identical but have zero acting skills.

  2. Absolutely the way I rather have a really good actors play their roles as good as the game rather than someone who looks identical but doesnt nail the actual role at all

  3. At this point I feel like people are gonna be pissed off regardless of what is done in the movie. Actors don't look like a photocopy of the original? It's shit. A movie being imagined in a way different from the original? It's shit. There's no... "Let's wait and see how it goes before saying it's bad" anymore.

  4. Gee, maybe they should stop making every video game adaptation subpar, and maybe people would actually look forward to them.

  5. I like oberyn and lyanna mormonts actors and most do and i think theyre good actors I havent played the games cuz they been exclusives forever i hope they release on pc

  6. what did you expect lmao, 2 very good actors are playing the characters its the best situation, Pedro pascal is fucking phenomenal don't insult my guy

  7. Who also happens to be a package he's delivering to someone only to learn that upon delivery, they will be chopped up and used for something, but after learning their intentions, he goes inside the facility and kills everyone there to get back his adopted child

  8. I think my only issue so far is Ellie’s casting. Other than that, Pedro Pascal is almost a perfect choice for Joel, the clickers look awesome, and the scenes they showed in the trailer look really faithful to the game, even with the tank that says “RUN” on it

  9. That’s oberyn martell from GOT and Mando from Mandalorian and he did a great job portraying their badassness. The girl is lyanna mormont from GOT and she did good in her role. Let’s judge it after a couple of eps provided they don’t stray away much from the plot in the source material.

  10. Bro, game Joel literally looks like generic white male video game protagonist #999. Pedro Pascal is a big upgrade by comparison.

  11. Him and Nathan drake are basically the same person visually as someone who has not played either game

  12. Jesus, everything that comes out in today's age is instantly criticized. But like how the hell are they going to find actors that look the exact same as the characters in the game?

  13. Not exact copy of course but somone who bares some resemblance at least. I am ok with Pedro I saw him in trailer and I get Joel vibes from him. Bella on the other hand looks like stunt double of Ellie. Sorry not sorry.

  14. Joel looks okay and is great actor but why they gotta push Ellie’s hairline way way back further than a stephen curry 3 point jump shot.

  15. Can we get better content than raging at any trailer of a movie. They clearly have lost all the creativity and are just milking viewers at this point.

  16. Literally so much better than most other adaptations this past year and yet ppl aren't satisfied ... And it's just the trailer sheesh. Fuck em, I love Pedro Pascal and ik he's gonna knock it out of the park

  17. News flash. Nerds on the internet bitch and moan and ultimately ruin everything. There was a time though, when literally no one listened or took them seriously. We need to get back to that time…

  18. What the fuck you wanted them to do huh? Ashley Johnson isn’t 12 anymore and Troy Baker doesn’t look anything like Joel. At least we know these two can act from GOT.

  19. Dawg, don’t be a pussy, wait until it’s out. I mean, this is probably gonna be accurate regardless but still

  20. Pedro pascal actually looks a bit like Joel. On the other hand, I have no idea what they've done with the kid...

  21. I mean, when I first watched the Punisher, I didn’t know who John Bernthal was and all I could think was “he looks nothing like in the comics”. But now I can’t see anyone EXCEPT John Bernthal play him. Furthermore, these are both good actors. All I’m saying is we should see how they portray the characters, and not judge them based on how ‘accurate’ they look.

  22. Nah dude u wrong for this. These actors are gonna kick ass, and they’ve worked with the voice actors through the entire process. It’s not gonna be 1-1 of course, but it’s gonna be as close as we can get

  23. I don’t care if the cast look just like the character or not as long as they are good and their performance brings the character to life. I just hope that this is not a easy cash grab off of a beloved game by the creators

  24. I don't care whoever they cast for the role as long as they are good at it and someone like me who has watched GOT, certainly know they are both very good at their jobs

  25. Literally get a life you’re an absolute freak. The series isn’t even out yet and people love to criticise anything TLOU related because they know it gives them instant gratification from groups of virgins like tlou2 sub

  26. Can't people wait until the show is actually out? Anyone out here complaining that the show doesn't look exactly like the game need to calm the fuck down. Like literally, I don't see any problem here. The actors have a good track record so that's enough for me to give it a chance.

  27. Well, you dont have to watch it OP lol. Are we seriously bashing New shows by looking at 1 picture now??

  28. Some braindeads think that in real life we can create actors with any look we need, like character creation in some games.

  29. I dont even understand what you're complaining about. Care to explain? You don't like how the human beings look that are playing fictional characters? As in their faces? You'd prefer a more attractive girl to play a 14 year old fictional character? Weird man. Very weird. Have you seen the girls acting skills in previous works? It's fucking brilliant. Your post makes no sense.

  30. I would say she doesn't look like she does in game because they might get accused of ripping off ELLEN page's likeness but. We all know what happened to HER..

  31. this dumb as fuck. what did you want them to do? find the person who closest ressembled the game character and cast them? you got to consider that these are two actually really talented actors and im excited

  32. I feel like people criticising these adaptations have obviously never grew up with the Street Fighter movie, old MK movies Bloodrayne or any of the other countless okay game movies

  33. see, they dont have to be black to not suit the role, its about representing the character, not race

  34. Yeah she looks a bit off compared to the game, Pedro looks fine, but you just gotta get used to it. People who havent played the game will most likely love them both though, as they are both excellent actors.

  35. This post is so stupid. Show’s not even out yet. Wait until the show is finally out on HBO Max and then you can judge. Pedro will KILL it, I just know it. Bella doesn’t look the part but you never know if she’ll knock it out of the ballpark or not.

  36. I don’t know why do people hate movies ans shows that are based on games. Since I love tlou so much, I’m happy that it’s getting a movie so that more people can experience at least a fraction of the greatness of the story of this game

  37. Because people have high expectations of them due to enjoying the source material and most of the time they either fall short of those expectations or just outright suck. This show is looking pretty good though

  38. I believe in gintama love action supremacy = cosplayers that know how to act, apparently is what people care of, humans trying to mimick 3d modeled characters.

  39. They got my money as long they do not highjack the plot and tell the story they wanted to tell like they did with halo.

  40. I'm not sure if I'll give it a chance. On one hand I really enjoy the last of us and want to give this a go. On the other hand, part 2 was Game of Thrones season 8 levels of bad and has eternally left a sour taste in my mouth.

  41. Bro this little girl played such a good Lyanna Mormont (pretty sure it’s her) she’s gonna do great. Just give it a chance.

  42. Tbh the main thing I dont like is who they chose for Ellie because she looks nothing like Ellie. However, I think Isabella Ramsey did do pretty well in GoT imo so I mean I feel she might be good for the role. I think hands down Pedro Pascal was a good af choice for Joel. I'm skeptical of the show but I wanna give it a chance.

  43. This is such a moronic take, the casting is good and gives me a lot of hope that the adaptation will be good. You're just mad because you don't find Ellie fuckable.

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