Parents be like:

  1. I worked at Toys R Us in the electronics department and this old lady came in and said she was buying GTAV for her 7 year old grandson. I gave her a heads up that this is rated M for "Mature" and included drugs, nudity, language, and sexual content.

  2. Its all fun and games until the REAL parents come by demanding a full refund with no receipt and grandma nowhere to be found.

  3. I let my 8yo daughter drive my motorcycle sometimes but I keep the sound off. (no, not the oppressor).

  4. Way to go, you sure showed that kid that he shouldn't play video games for which there is no proof at all cause violence in children. Very cool my guy 😎

  5. I worked at a Target when this game came out. My go-to was to reference the scene where you water board and electrocute someone you're interrogating, and the scene where Trevor kills Johny. 9 times out of 10 they declined to buy the video game.

  6. People got offended by the fact the character was a woman because apparently it was woke. Which I don't think makes sense since it's now a woman committing crimes.

  7. This take is so widespread and popular for no reason. According to the leak from earlier this year GTA 6 will still have the same humour we’re used to from the series. The only difference is that they’re trying to steer away from low-effort jokes on race, sexual preference, etc.

  8. It’s very hard to do social commentary with a game that takes 6+ years to develop. GTA Online allegedly had a massive police-themed update they had to scrap last-minute in 2020.

  9. Rockstar learned a long time ago that controversy sells. If anything it's gonna be more over the top.

  10. Ah yes, I can't wait for the inevitable meltdown of the sigma males in the internet when they discover you can't rape the corpse of a whore with a bazooka, and the 1000 reaction videos per day about how the game is literally unplayable because of it. That'll be fun.

  11. To be fair my parents didn't want to buy me GTA SA, so I kept pirating it and burning them to dvds, and they kept breaking them every time, when I didn't have any more dvds I started using rufus. I got punished a lot for that but I loved it too much, so I didn't care, I just tried to not get caught for as long as possible when I had my chance.

  12. What’s worse is that if you do act responsibly around these people and take blame for something you did, even if it were minor they will do everything in their power to be a total knob about it and chuck you under the bus. Barely anything human about them.

  13. My 6 year old would LOVE to play GTA5. I caught him playing it once and he hasn't shut up about it. At the point we caught him was when he was stabbing people over and over and over again. His mum freaked the fuck out.

  14. And this happened at the midnight release. And the next day. And the next. It doesn’t matter how many times you inform people that they need a parent or a way to show their age, people just wanna argue and call you a bad guy for creating these rules.

  15. Gaming and online gaming has many teachable moments, but I do co-op with my kid and monitor what is going on.

  16. When I was a teenager, it seemed like every time I went to GameStop I'd see some 10 year old boy in there with his mom to buy a game. The mom would be all innocent thinking their good little boy was going to pick out some cutesy age appropriate game and then be horrified when he instead wanted her to buy GTA or Call of Duty or some other M rated game. Inevitably there'd be an argument with the mom refusing and the kid arguing "Buuuut Best Friend's mom lets him play it!".

  17. I mean I played Vice City the day it came out and I was 11… though I’ve never shot up a school or committed a violent crime or done drugs :( damn my parents to hell!

  18. The only influence Vice City had on me was instilling an undying love of 80s style music and aesthetics in me.

  19. I have actually pretty considerate parents, and my mum did her best to reasonably censor what I took in when I was younger. My best example is when my little step brother who was about 9 or 10 had a friend over. I would have been like 13 at the time. The kids mum talked to my stepdad on the phone and gave him permission to let the friend buy Vice City when we went to Toys R Us. My mum said I could get it too for our house as a treat. When the employee explained everything that was in the game stepdad asks the kid "does your mom know about this?" And the kid says "yeah" and he was all good. He then looks at my mom and she says "i don't think that's appropriate for kids their age" and that was that.....they bought the game for my step brothers 9 year old friend but not me lmao. We all went home and passed the controller around playing while my mum watched. I still remember chainsawing a prostitute and everyone in the room howling with laughter...then my mum piping up between laughing to say "and remember - this is just make believe!! It's not okay in real life!!" 😂😂😂

  20. I was playing GTA SA when I was 7 I think and playing COD & BF at 14. Yet I've never done any drugs, never shot a gun, never been in any serious trouble, etc...

  21. It’s a video game. Teach your kids to be decent human being and you won’t have to blame the video game for shit.

  22. I wanted GTA4 when I was like 13 or something, but my mom thought that it would teach me how to steal cars, because the title was Grand Theft Auto. So I said "Oh, ok, could I get this game then?" That game being Saints Row 3. She looked at it, deduced it didn't have any weird stuff going on based on the title, and agreed to let me get it.

  23. I remember being about 9 or 10 years old when I first played gta 3. My mom didn't like me playing it at cause I'd terrorize the city with the flame thrower and pick up hookers. Then she saw me run the girl over and take all my money back. Was fine though, she saw me having a good time and by that point I had already played plenty of other games like RE, MGS, TR so really it wasn't a big deal.

  24. "As long as [the kid] is quiet, then I do not care what [the kid] plays." "All his friends play it." "He only wants to drive around." The last one is the stupidest. There are games just for driving around and the kid wants none of them.

  25. When San Andreas came out I was too young to buy it myself so I paid a homeless guy to buy it for me didn't really have parents but still got the game

  26. I was at a GameStop a while back and a woman was buying Bioshock for her ~10 year old. The employee said something about its M(ature) rating and the woman said “eh it can’t be worse than what he sees on the streets these days” and swiped her credit card.

  27. I remember playing Final Fantasy 7 on PS1 when it first came out and my mom was appalled when she saw Barrett say 'damn' or something (the more profane words were all just [email protected][email protected]%) haha, look how far we've come

  28. Bible: ah, a book with incest, genocide, human sacrifice and torture. What a wonderful book to give to my 7 year old to start the indoctrination.

  29. Legit saw my 5 year old cousin playing gta and watching blippi at the same time, I played with him and somehow he’s actually a really good shooter, and driver

  30. Weirdly, GTAV, for some reasons, most kids would have fun out of it and aren’t gonna be scared or traumatized. Like, I was 7 when I watched my cousin play it, and didn’t feel anything scared or disgusted.

  31. I used to work at GameStop and I’d always have parents coming in to buy GTA for their young kids (8-12). We always had to ensure the parents knew that it was rated M for mature and what it contained. Anyway, this one time a lady came in to purchase it for her “5 year old who just discovered video games and really wanted a game where he could drive any type of car.” My manager explained to her that the game doesn’t have any options to turn off violence or adult content but she didn’t care. She just said she would watch her son closely as he played it. A couple weeks go by and I’m working a closing shift and guess who pops in with her son? She starts laying into me telling me how violent and misogynistic the game is and how her son was enjoying running people over way too much. She asked for Rockstars email so she could write to them about how damaging this game is to the youth. I couldn’t help but laugh and I told her she couldn’t return it now since she bought it new. She ended up coming back the next day when I wasn’t in and gave my manager hell. He allowed her to trade it in for a game of lesser value. She left happy but still managed to email our corporate office to complain. Lol. People be wild.

  32. I guess mine would be different, then. When we were kids, my father bought a PC and had installed Vice City in it. My older brother and I loved that game to death. We eventually got San Andreas and I bought IV and its expansion packs and V on my own computer.

  33. It cracked me up when GTAonline went live and everyone complained that everyone they interacted with were assholes and trying to gank them. Who would have thought a game about being an asshole would make people think and act like assholes. Rockstar had to change their whole system to stop people from being paranoid and being assholes.

  34. Best part was working in the electronic section at target since I was 14. Cant get carded by someone if youre checking out your own products

  35. When my mom saw I got myself a copy of GTA 3 and Vice City, I got my ass kicked and never saw the damn discs for months.


  37. Funnily enough, I have a 7year old boy, who loves Fortnite, Minecraft, Roblox etc. He watches vids on YouTube of people playing gta5 modded in a way that it's non violent, Mario kart cars and sonic the hedgehog models, they just race around and stuff. It's almost like a sandbox game on PC.

  38. You're the first sane person I've seen comment in here. I have a 7yo who plays GTA5, been playing for at least a year. Exactly like you said you need to teach them reality vs fantasy along with responsibility and consequences. As long as the content isn't going to give them PTSD my kids can watch/play anything.

  39. I played the original top down GTA on PC when I was a kid. I wouldn’t let my kid play these new ones until they were fully able to comprehend the humor, innuendo, violence and sex. The new ones are definitely not the same games they were in the late 90’s.

  40. I'm a 5th grade teacher. All the kids you grew up with who were shitty are now having kids and raising them shitty. So we get students who are shitty and don't realize they are shitty, and then they look at me like I'm a psycho when I tell them they can't say "shut the fuck up, bitch!" at school.

  41. I've only been into GameStop a few times in the last several years, but on two separate occasions there was a grandma buying GTA V for a grandson that looked about 8.

  42. Lol finally somebody that agrees with me I am forced to share my ps4 with a kid and his parents and mine are to mindless to see what games he plays on his mobile (horror games and watches them on YT ) and every time he comes to me he only wants to play gta

  43. Then when a news outlet says that games promote violence y’all get rowdy like you got rat fucking a squirrel in your pants

  44. my mum didnt let me play certificate 18 games til i was like 13. my mate with bengali parents wasnt allowed to play them til he was 18 lol.

  45. I had a pirated copy of gta S.A. on my ps2 when I was a kid, but when my father understood what kind of game it was he took it away. I was told he put the DVD in a paper-shredding machine :(

  46. I mean parents want kids to read the bible and have you seen the crap in that...murder, slaves, incest...we have talking snakes and people having others killed so they can have sex with there some really messed up stuff.

  47. Got the clerk to help me finesse my mom in to letting me buy GTA 3 back in the day by saying it was the game of the year and one of their top sellers. We won't talk about the hookers and murder though...

  48. On the whole, the growth of the videogame industry has turned kids into "indoor kids" and off the streets where crimes occur, and maybe even reduced the crime rates.

  49. I worked at Best Buy and some parent was buying gta4 for their kid back in the day. Kid had to be like 8-10yo and I did the usual “hey this is a very mature game and not for kids that age, M rated on the box”. This lady started laughing and was like “oh please it’s a toy, video games are toys you just don’t want little kids ruining your video game”. I was like ok…and explained the return/refund policy.

  50. I’m 13 and promising my parents to stick to racing and the storyline with out doing wierd like going to strip clubs and they are considering it. It either you are a horrible parent or love watching people play video games

  51. The day it dropped on PS5 I already had a spoof account for NZ and got it half a day before it dropped here in America. The second I entered a lobby you wouldn’t believe how many children under the age of 12 were playing. I literally heard grown men call a child the N word. As time went by it was prominent to have at least 2 children still in the baby talk stage in every lobby. Then I realized it was because it was free to play and these parents had no clue or didn’t give a shit. If you ever want to hear a 30 year old man get into verbal conflict with a 5 year old then join GTAO. It’s kinda of a let down. The most toxic people play this game it’s almost depressing.

  52. Good thing there is ESRB Rating for pretty much all of the parents to ignore when buying games for their kids... But video games cause violence...

  53. I wasnt allowed to get GTA 1 and GTA 2 as a kid because my parents thought it was in poor taste to play a videogame where your goal is to commit crime and you kill police officers, innocent people, etc.

  54. I played San Andreas when I was about 12/13. I was aware of the things you could do. I didn’t spend my time doing that. I was too busy following the goddamn train cj

  55. I remember being a kid wanting the latest and greatest M rated games and being told no for many of them. Now at 30, if I had to decide, I wouldn't let a kid under 13 play something with super graphic violence. Language and nudity are whatever, but 9 y/o kids don't need to see Kratos gouging eyes out.

  56. Back when I was a little man my parent would let me play all the time and get backlashes about it. Never caused me problems. Parents just need to teach kids between right and wrong.

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