I'm sorry, little one

  1. Dogs are actually real good at reading human facial expressions. They can definitely tell it was accidental when you look back all sad and worried.

  2. Yep this has been proven. Cats too. They can both tell when an action is deliberate. This is partly why dogs make such good authority assets.

  3. Weil it’s a gif meme so it pops up in the TikTok like video player but nobody is commenting there, just upvoting

  4. That's not even bad. A few weeks ago i was mad about something and threw a book, but my dog happened to get where the book landed. Luckily he wasn't hurt because the book just missed. He got pretty scared after that tho

  5. That's when you sit down on your bum, lift your leg and do an oscar worthy performance of barking and trying to bite your leg off like it's got a mind of its own.

  6. When my dog was a puppy I was trying to jog him up and down the street when I stopped for a short break during a roadtrip... he thought it was a game and ran right in front of me and got a little punt. I'll never forget how he looked at me, so betrayed. I scooped him up and tried to apologize, I think we were both heartbroken for a minute there.

  7. My dogs definitely understand the word sorry and my demeanour. Whenever I accidently step on their foot if I plead sorry dramatically they don't stop licking me, I assume to tell me to stop worrying and its ok.

  8. When my cat gets stepped on or kicked she always looks pitiful and meows repeatedly at the person. It always breaks my heart, it’s like she’s asking for forgiveness for whatever she’s being punished for.

  9. That's my face when my dog sleeps under my desk, then I roll my office chair to adjust myself. I just hear a little yip 😭

  10. I sometimes wonder, as I gaze across the barren plains, this land, it is untouched by human hands. Does my dog even realize the natural beauty of this place? My dog’s tail lies beneath my foot, as we push forward, into the great unknown, beneath an open sky, and a ceiling of clouds.

  11. I threw a lemon for my friends dog under arm throw and my dog ran in front of it like 1 metre away. I was trying to throw far so also hard. Got him straight in the face/eye. Fuck I still feel bad for it. He was OK though and came for a cuddle straight away. Fuck I miss him

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  13. One of my dogs guilt trips the hell out of you if you step on her paw. I swear half the time she tries to get her paw stepped on.

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