Snoop was having a good time

  1. That's a vicious insult to anyone locked up in prison for a plant. Not saying it's Snoop's fault or anything, but that's kinda whack.

  2. That’s pretty ballsy, but the record still goes to Louis Armstrong, for getting Richard Nixon himself to personally smuggle a briefcase full of weed back into the US for him on Air Force One. The moon’s got nothing on Louis, bc his balls eclipsed the sun that day.

  3. Mr. Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. only enjoys marijuana responsibly (in legal states of course) in the comfort of his own home when he is not working. To state otherwise is slander.

  4. I'd be taken aback if we had 30 minutes of uncut footage of Snoop where he isn't smoking at one point in the video

  5. I feel like people don’t understand that being high is Snoop’s “normal” state. Dude smokes blunts like they’re cigarettes, it’s very likely that he needs it to function at all.

  6. For Chronic smokers this is pretty accurate at some point your tolerance gets so strong that you don’t really feel get high like you normally would. It’s more of a you feel a bit cloudy when you don’t and it clears that up. I should probably take a tolerance break now that I think about it.

  7. Snoop actually takes a multi month break from weed every year while he coaches flag football ball after a kid told him he smelled like his mama’s boyfriend

  8. What media? This wasn't televised. So far as I can tell it was taken by somebody's personal camera from one of the camera observation screens. I'm sure that they had cameras on him the majority of the game because he was in the halftime show. If Of course it's going to be recorded if he smokes anywhere in the stadium's bowl.

  9. It’s either that or gasp at the songs they performed… like they haven’t been playing on radio, television, movies, and every other avenue of pop culture for the last 20 years or so.

  10. Not to rain on the parade, and I say this as a daily smoker, but you should look up CHS which has been linked to marijuana use.

  11. Well the paranoia, anxiety and "feeling lost in your thought echoes" can be pretty terrifying if you take too much and didn't expect it.

  12. yeah sure sex is cool but have you ever nailed the timing at the end of "smoke weed every day" in the car with your friends?

  13. I’ve never once smoked weed in my life, and don’t really feel the need to. But if I’m ever somehow in a situation that Snoop tries to hand me a joint you’re god damn right I’m smoking that thing.

  14. I’ve been clean almost 20 years. Weed was my thing and one day in 2002 I decided to get sober. I’ve never been tempted to break my sobriety. However, if Snoop or Willie passed me a joint I’d have to hit that. Twenty years is a long streak but I’m not saying no to them.

  15. If anyone ever passes some to you just inhale deep one time and pass it. You don't need to be getting so high you think you're going to swallow your own tounge because you forgot what it feels like.

  16. Snoop without weed is like a Dogg without his bone. I was just glad that he seems to have squashed that little beef with Eminem enough to get on stage with him.

  17. Makes me think of that one video where he takes a big draw of *something* casually as you please, then hands it off to a guy who can barely take it

  18. Mr. Dogg’s sidekick that evening was in uncharted waters, without sails, a boat, or even much consciousness left to speak of… we’d be the same way…

  19. So like the other guy was struggling to inhale it? Or he looked like he was struggling a few minutes after the hit?

  20. I ran a superbowl sidebets pool and one of the bets was "Will Snoop smoke during the halftime show" and was SORELY disappointed that one ended up negative

  21. Whoever the supervisor is that selects celebrities for half time shows, they better not be surprised by all the shenanigans those rappers did. Eminem kneeling, snoop smoking, shit even Dre got away with saying he dislikes the police.

  22. All of these things are celebrated in LA. Supervisor knew what he/she was doing and they nailed it, that was a great show

  23. I was under the assumption the snoop walks around with a perpetual weed cloud trailing him, like those tiny cartoon rain clouds except more dank

  24. I would have been more worried if Snoop didn’t blaze that shit before the show! I would have said he was losing his edge. Glad to see he is the same old Snoop! I love this guy. Why is he not running for president?

  25. Is Snoopy allowed to smoke weed coz he has smoked weed in many public places where police is present still not arrested .

  26. I'm honestly surprised he didn't light a blunt on stage. I saw him at a festival once and he lit at least 10 blunts. He was also 25 late to a 60 minute headlining set.

  27. Water is actually not wet; It makes other materials/objects wet. Wetness is the state of a non-liquid when a liquid adheres to, and/or permeates its substance while maintaining chemically distinct structures. So if we say something is wet we mean the liquid is sticking to the object.

  28. I was arrested in 2017 for a joint roach under a floor mat that had been there for idk how long but long time it was mostly paper. Arrested, taken to jail, strip searched, sprayed with some chemical and thrown in the same room with rapist and murderers

  29. People who get shocked and upset because Snoop smoked before the Superbowl obviously don't know anything about Snoop.

  30. He probably was feeling it, but this was also him sitting on a bench without his boys to no applause, compared to him feeling it with his boys while everyone was vibing to his flow

  31. I’ll never forget seeing snoop at project revolution back in like 04-05, in the middle of his set he asked if we had anything for him, and the crowd literally made it rain bags of weed. It went on for a few seconds til snoop sees a dude in a wheelchair and says I bet my man wheels has something good, hops down into the crowd, grabs the bag, rolls up, smokes, and continues on without missing a beat or his voice breaking. Fucking legend.

  32. I was at the game and Snoop wasn’t the only one smoking weed. Caught a whiff here and there throughout the game a few times. Bengals fan here and despite the L had such a fun time. People talk trash about Cali and that was my first time out west but I have nothing but love for LA after that visit. Rams fans were accommodating as fuck and just genuinely nice folks, at least the ones I encountered. SoFi is the standard for stadiums for a while. I really felt like I was in the future watching the game in that ridiculous ass stadium.

  33. Ummm Snoop smokes everywhere, everyday all day. He has for years and that was before it was legal in some states of the USA. Might as well call him a Rastafarian it's the mans religion.

  34. There was a prop bet offered that asked if Snoop Dogg would smoke on stage.... Did this happen on stage?

  35. I still haven’t seen anyone legitimately mad about this, but I’ve seen like 10 posts commenting on people being mad about it lol people being fake outraged about fake outrage is a bit of a mindfuck and I’m not even high.

  36. Tf is the caption of this post? If anyone is surprised or shocked about Snoop smoking weed, they live under a mf boulder, lmfao

  37. Snoop Dogg might be proof that you can spend 25+ years literally smoking weed all day every day and have almost 0 actual impairment

  38. Snoop said in an interview once, the only person to smoke him out was Willie Nelson. Snoop got all right to blaze whenever/wherever he wants.

  39. This is the OG of IDGAF of what people think of me smoking weed. He has also been true to himself and goes on. Respect

  40. Snoop Dog is forever invited to my house for dinner and a blunt. I can cook a mean…anything if he comes over.

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