rage comic will forever be in my heart

  1. Rage comics were so much more light-hearted and much less political and less elitist. Wojak faces and the “I’m better than you” Chad head have been forever tainted by alt-right elitism.

  2. Maybe in some of their uses, but there is a thing I have seen people do where they create an entire fictional world by placing 36 wojacks with descriptions on a political compass, and that is very high effort.

  3. i wouldn’t let my nostalgia cloud your memory. i was young then. i remember loving rage comics, but i also remember most of them were le terrible.

  4. While agree that Rage Comics were higher effort posts, high effort isn’t always indicative of higher quality. Comedy is subjective, I found some rage comics great back in the day, and I find some Wojak comics to be funny now.

  5. Honestly most good memes come from an imageboard, any meme that reddit created itself is pretty bad.

  6. Fun fact: the creator of the troll face once helped MatPat with a theory, just a quick reminder that the world isn't such a big place

  7. POV: it's 2012, you just got home after a hard day of getting bullied in middle school, you fire up your windows vista, you open YouTube and put on Starships by Nicki Minaj. You open Facebook and start scrolling rage comics and demotivationals until you find

  8. Most modern sign memes like Lisa Simpson or Spiderman presentation are literally just Philosoraptor, Sudden Clarity Moment and Conspiracy Keanu

  9. If you go to instagram you can find everything that's on left. It's always in my feed and it's annoying and usually it's 100th screenshot of original. So it is usually compressed to blur.

  10. I remember making all the rage comics and thought that shit was hilarious, until my late 20s psych teacher started overusing “me gusta” and other rage comic faces.

  11. Never seen the mid one and the one under the mid. Any memes with them before? Pls link me to the reddit posts or just posts

  12. I wonder how it feels to draw a meme and have it become so popular almost everyone knows it. That guy must want to tell everyone he's the og memer so bad but no one will believe him

  13. They do, Wojak. It's been a meme on 4chan and other image boards since around 2010, the rest of the internet is just catching up.

  14. In 2025 these are gonna be the as dead as rage comics but then in 2030 ppl will make a new version and then your offspring will fulfill the cycle and make this meme part 2 electric boogaloo

  15. The newer memes are unironically wayyy better than rage comics. Especially the later era rage comics that gained traction on Reddit well after the Chans were done with them. Those were le horrible

  16. I actually had a meme maker that had all the rageface pictures on either the original iPhone or iPhone 2. Didn't have the option to add text it just copied a small picture that ended up being the size of an emoji when sent. Primemeval humor.

  17. I am 15 Saw the reall if memes on 9gag Now I am on reddit I feel like I am in the complete circle of meme culture

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