You have access to quite possibly the most powerful image generation AI and all you can think of is cheap pop culture Di$ney references?

  1. I would actually love that! I'm fascinated by spiders and I guess I got lucky and they don't freak me out the same way other bugs do. I superficially love jumping spiders and my favorite kind is the

  2. To be fair, a lot of this is because you can't generate regular people. So when reaching for shared cultural references folks gravitate towards cartoons, Muppets, Shrek, (helmeted) Star Wars characters, etc. that are expressive and recognizable without being human.

  3. You make a very good point. I'm sure if I had access eventually I'd plug in some pop culture reference as well, simply out of curiosity. Its just that things got a little tiring seeing multiple darth vader prompts every day. If you extrapolate the current trend, this sub will be nothing but marvel & star wars with a sprinkling of muppets. I guess I should stop resisting and let it wash over me like it has the rest of reddit.

  4. I agree to a certain point, but that’s most likely because you’re looking up Dall-E on Reddit. Pop related content is simply more appealing to the masses so they gain more upvotes and visibility on this sub.

  5. I’d be interested in seeing different types of architecture. Brutalist, gothic, and art-deco all seem like they could produce some interesting results.

  6. I’d love to see the same English street scene but in different points in history, like one Roman, medieval, Tudor, Georgian, Victorian then modern.

  7. I'm curious to see what it would do with a Bible quote. A lot of good art has been made of the garden of eve which it must have scrubbed. Why not see an amalgamation of that? Perhaps something from the tower of Babel.

  8. I’d like to see a recreation of memes for fun. Like stock photo as a modifier and trying to do the one looking at the girl meme would be funny

  9. Also not OP, but could you do some sort of Where's Wally style wimmelbild? Maybe in a cool style like kanou or medieval tapestry and with a specific topic like astronauts on Mars or medieval knights in an Arabic Palace. Anything that you think would be cool, really. If you get a good result, you could even use repeated inpainting without resizing to make it bigger.

  10. People have too many options, I'm personally writing down my good ideas for when (if) I get access so I'm not wasting my attempts.

  11. Well not ANY image, it tends to "forget" words with long prompts sometimes. Also no nsfw stuff, the internet really likes nsfw stuff

  12. Right? These are a types of people who request prompts like “the essence of the substance of existence” and find themselves quite the artist for having come up with something so deep.

  13. Exactly my thought. It’s so bloody judgemental. “You aren’t creating what I deem worthy and therefore you shouldn’t have it! I’m bitter that I can’t use it for a proper high-brow content instead of you stupid little monkeys mashing a keyboard!”

  14. I feel the point OP is really trying to make is that DALL-E 2 is a tool that allows so much that it's a shame so many people who were given access seem not to be taking full advantage of it (in the sense of not exploring the extent to which DALL-E can be used).

  15. Yeah I’m feeling the same resentment/fomo/jealousy/etc., and now it seems like people with access have slowed way down on granting requests since they limited the output to 50/day. lol this subreddit has gone from the most exciting thing I’ve ever seen to an incredible bummer in just a few weeks, which feels silly because there’s a chance I’ll still get access and I haven’t even been waiting that long, but still, fuck dude, this is torture.

  16. There's no "wrong" kind of people that get access. I want access as much as the next guy but I won't judge, it's interesting to see new images for sure but it's also human curiosity to see how it handles mixing existing concepts, and there's nothing wrong with that.

  17. Was watching a guy who just did Calvin and Hobbes as the subject or a random Miyazaki film as the art style , just over and over and over ... And now we have restrictions on how many we would be allowed to do , I'm not even in , and all I want to do is just get abstract concepts visualized , just give it one word and see where it goes

  18. I've been thinking of a mega prompt for weeks, can somebody please grant my wish, I'm going insane.

  19. You’re on Reddit, unfortunately. Nerds typically have the taste of 12 year old boys. Art has been replaced with super heroes and space pirates with laser swords and Hans Zimmer. Everything is about consumption of content from our corporate overlords.

  20. There is also a selection bias when it comes to dalle users: they seem to be mostly young men interested in computers, video games. I imagine them as the type of guys featued on Big Bang Theory. And they come mostly from US / western world.

  21. At first this made me chuckle but quickly became a poignant reminder of a reality I'm not ready to accept. It wasn't always like this, but you're damn right about what it has become.

  22. lol thinking you're above funny pop-culture references. Do you really not understand what it is about the muppet ones that makes them so interesting?

  23. Yeah, pop culture in particular is interesting for Dall-E because it likely has a TON of reference data in the training set for it. It allows you to see how it treats changes in setting with characters that it has a strong understanding of

  24. Interesting insight, I hadn't considered that it might be better at those things simply because of more training on that content.

  25. Hate to break it to you but people have been obsessing about Star Wars for 40 years. No astroturfing needed.

  26. You're definitely right, it is an incredibly popular franchise but after the disney acquisition you cannot spend a single day on reddit without seeing multiple posts related to it. This sub alone gets a couple a day at least.

  27. Dude, even when they dont use well known characters its "Dog this" "Cat that" "monkey this" "duck that"......its like their imagination has died....

  28. L post. I don't love Disney either but its popular, you really expect people not to be interested in it? This doesn't make you cool

  29. This doesn’t seem to be a well thought opinion. There’s an infinite amount of possibilities with these tools and I don’t think it’s fair to say who’s using it right and wrong. I for example love to use AI generative models to experiment with pop culture icons because they are very strong and present in the datasets. Of course Disney is a multi billion company who doesn’t have the interest of creativity in mind and just spits out reboots and sequels to milk every IP they have, but this doesn’t mean that it isn’t “creative” to play around with such characters within ai tools.

  30. Wow, it's crazy. It's almost like people have hobbies and want to create something related to the things they enjoy.

  31. Christ you’re insufferable. The wrong people got access? According to you perhaps, but it’s quite clear you’re a bad judge of character as well as a superior asshole, so it seems to me that if you didn’t get access and others did, that exactly the right sort of people were and were not given access.

  32. "I have so many better ideas than you unoriginal boring people with no imagination. I should have access with my creative and good ideas and not you". Thats how you sound to me. Just wait until you get accepted and dont spread the negativity in this subreddit. Thank you.

  33. with sudden explosion of popularity of this impossibly incredible program it's going to attract all sorts of people. yeah you'll see your typical pop culture reference, and there will more to come as memes go. I think, the beauty of all this, if you don't like something ignore it? it's all just made up and for fun (for now)

  34. In fairness seeing a quokka as darth vader will never not be mind meltingly awesome but when i see “purple cat with a top hat” i get filled with dread

  35. Derivative work is a major part of creative work, and it always has been ever since the second person in the early Paleolithic looked at the cave painting done by the first person and thought, "well, yeah, but what if..."

  36. This might come across as offensive, but the people writing these types of „I see way too much of X on this sub“-rants, make me think they spend too much time on this plattform.

  37. I, as a recent college graduate in my early 20s, have no real investment in pushing it to it's limits with scientific type of prompts.

  38. A day later reading through these comments I am disgusted at this community and "the wrong people got access" narrative that some of you are telling yourselves.

  39. It's hard to see the big picture when watching other people play with the newest toys but the current outputs of dalle are going to be trivial compared to what will be accessible within time. It's like really wanting that new car even though it doesn't really have tires yet, and next years model is going to be that much better anyways.

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