Liminal space, the backrooms, office/thrift store/social hall, carpet, abandoned, poor fluorescent lighting, yellow tint, security camera footage, low resolution

  1. These are a perfect example of how crucial it is to get the right prompt and how wording it in the right way makes all the difference. I hear a lot of people writing the programs abilities off because it didn't match exactly what was in their mind. At first I started with "liminal space, office, abandoned, security camera footage" and it was just giving me what looked like stock pictures of a regular office that didn't match the aesthetic really at all but when I added more descriptors and got more specific in ways that you wouldn't necessarily think at first it was able to nail the prompt. I like to think of the program almost as if it's a lazy teenage God because it's going to try and do the least amount of work as possible and still pass but if you stay on it and you coach it the right way it can be genuine magic!

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