Job interview should I hold off on taking meds?

  1. Same. My sense were all super high the first couple days. Also, my stomach was upset and it was difficult to sleep at night for a couple days

  2. Definitely wait until after the interview. New medication side effects are completely unpredictable. Best to show up under your own control for the interview, and then you can deal with starting and the side effects the next day. Interviews are stressful enough, so don’t add any extra pressure. GOOD LUCK 🍀

  3. I just started cymbalta Monday night. Tuesday no appetite, extremely nauseous, and felt a little out of body. Took my second dose and felt wretched. Restless legs, racing mind, nausea worse from the day before. I took a sick day from work today to recover from the night. Appetite came back around 6 pm today. Hoping tonight is better.

  4. I just started Monday too some days Im dead tired and most days I'm wired and so jittery I can't stay in the same position in you experience this?

  5. I was sleepy as fuxk, but so far didnt notice anything else, but usually i dont get too much of a side effect by any medication, and i tried hell a lot. The worst was lithium making me thirsty nonstop, the second wqs mirtazapine and my appetite (i ate 5times more)

  6. Oh sorry my ADHD mind went for a trip, and i thought you asking should you take it or not in general, and already forgot the interview. Wait till that, you literally cant win anything this week with the med, but can lose. If it would have the desired effects by friday i would say yes, but thats nearly impossible.

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