I got prescribed Lamictal today

  1. On week 2 now with lamictal. My psych had me wean off cymbalta and go on lamictal. Just started 50mg today. Worst of sides are minor headaches. Too soon to tell if it’s working.

  2. lamictal actually saved my life <3 i take 150mg a day and 60mg cymbalta and feel like it's such a good combo

  3. Lamictal made me more depressed and hear voices… we did not get along. Just pay attention to signs of side effects and communicate with your care team.

  4. i was on lamictal for two years and i felt it did a pretty decent job and keeping my moods from massively swinging. it did kind of ruin my skin which is part of why i got off it

  5. Lamictal made nothing to fix or improve my mood but it gave me depression. Those were long times of the most unreasonable sadness, i gave a chance to Pregabalin and Pregabalin gave me moments of peace of mind in return.

  6. Imhey there. I am on a combo of 300mg lamictal and 30 mg Cymbalta. I cope better than on cymbalta alone. I feel more “normal” - less mood swings.

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