prescribed cymbalta but don't want to take it

  1. Tell them you started developing suicidal idealization after taking it for two days and that you stopped taking it before you would have to taper off. They can’t in good faith tell you to continue

  2. I agree. This is sad, but doctors HATE to be told what you have looked up on the internet! I work around a lot of doctors and hear them say that. They think they know more about what is going on in your body than you do!!! I have to agree, you need to make up something.

  3. If you went to the new doc and explained that you're currently on an anxiety med that works, did you bring up another issue that would cause the doc to add Cymbalta? What's the other med you're currently on? Can you explain that you have a history of it working for you?

  4. I only brought up the reason for being on Clonidine (that's the only medication that I'm on) for anxiety, I've been on it since 2013 and this was made clear. Since it was a new doctor that I've never seen before there was an extensive dive into my past medical history which is the only way that she could've given "ADHD and anxiety" as the reasoning.

  5. I have never heard of a doctor prescribing Cymbalta for ADHD. I always heard that you needed something to increase dopamine for people with ADHD, I thought. I may be wrong.

  6. So, after a very small amount of googling, it seems to be somewhat effective for ADHD. That being said, I don't wish to take medications for my ADHD at this time nor did I ask for an ADHD medication. It's in my after visit summary that her main concern was "focus and anxiety" I can guarantee there wasn't a conversation about having issues focusing, and the anxiety has been well under control for years with Clonidine. This is a new doctor who has never seen me before, and that may have had an impact on this visit.

  7. When I was pregnant, and I was 44( yes old) I was taking a small dose of Luvox for my OCD. They told me to continue to take it. My twins were and still are very healthy at 6 years old. I had been on Luvox for about 2 years because of horrible OCD.

  8. There's a lot to unpack here, but I'll be brief. I think you explained it quite well. Can you just ask for a second opinion? I thought doctors were supposed to be cool with that. That said, it is insulting when Cymbalta is called a poison. It is not. It is lifesaving for many people. It is no fun to get off of, just like other SNRIs and SSRIs too. Everyone is different & often we have to go through difficulties to get to the right treatment. Best wishes for success.

  9. I thank you for this! You've given me quite a bit of hope, as well as some extremely useful information. I've looked into Genesight before actually, and quite frankly I'm willing to pay for it out of pocket especially since I have a history of not doing well on other medications. Thank you again!

  10. Throw that stuff in the trash. It's poison, and just google why it was taken off of the market. If I knew what I know now, I would have NEVER taken it.

  11. I completely understand your viewpoint, may I ask how you explained to your doctor that you didn't want to take it? Or did they just move you off of it? That's really what my post is about, trying to figure out how to tell my doctor that I don't want to take it even though it's prescribed without risking her writing "medical non-compliance" or something similar into my chart.

  12. My suggestion is to say that you've talked to people who have taken the drug and, although you believe it might be beneficial, you are concerned about side effects and also would like to minimize the amount of medication you take. Perhaps just saying you'd like some time to think about it more is a good way to go.

  13. Some doctors have a god complex. Sad but true. We should be able to go to our doctor and as patient/doctor relationship come up with a plan. But sometimes that’s not the case.

  14. I do understand and agree with everything that you've said, to answer your questions the appointment was supposed to strictly be for refilling my Clonidine which is my original anti-anxiety medication.

  15. Just tell your provider that you don't feel comfortable taking it. I just finished a 2 year taper off of this.

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