Where were you when the first corpo war started?

  1. This would have been removed if we caught it sooner, but I’ve only seen it after 500 comments, so I’m going to leave this one up to persevere the ongoing conversations

  2. The thing is, Elon just lost 40B of Tesla's money being forced to buy Twitter's actual sinking ship, so this is more like Apple vs Twitter/Tesla.

  3. I dunno, I was thinking they’d probably look something like the peacekeepers from the last Hunger Games movie. I personally kinda didn’t hate that aesthetic.

  4. I mean… if Apple knows one thing, it’s design so… I dunno. At least we’ll get to be cute while commiting war crimes at the command of two random megalomaniac billionaires

  5. The officer's uniforms for Apple would be the black turtlenecks and the grunts would be blue T-shirts with the apple logo on them.

  6. Elon is gonna slap armor on the space x spacesuit and call it. Its gonna look like a clean room version of the House Atreides armor from dune with mud boots added.

  7. On a real life note corpo wars are literally nothing new. Both british and french east india companies have declared active war on each other before. The united fruit company has wielded enormous power and bloodshed. And many more. Not to mention things like early US history with mining companies, pinkertons, railroad companies, all have fielded active combatants against both locals and competing companies.

  8. For sure, lmao. My grandfather worked at Lockheed in their Missiles & Fire Control division for ~25 years, and some of the stuff I heard about the place was nuts. Their buildings form a huge fenced and gated complex the size of a small neighborhood. The onsite security reminds me of the guards around places in the game like the Arasaka buildings, noticable cyberpunk vibes to it.

  9. Yea soo… Apples Twitter account never had any tweets. They only ever used it for advertising but you‘d never see their ads on their profile as tweets.

  10. People always tell me I’m the most Borged out, they tell me all the time, you’re the best borg and it’s true, I’ve got tremendous borg parts, the best, everyone says so. The thing about being borged out is, just uuuge cyberdeck,more ram than probably anybody. Elon says to me ‘I need you to save twitter from the Jews’ so I do it, Jews have the worst cyberware, really terrible, not like me. So I save twitter because Elon needs my help

  11. If he does make a phone I'd wager it ends up being a rebranded Chinese phone with some comical security flaws beyond the run of the mill CCP spyware

  12. As cyberpunk-y as this sounds and as interesting as it is to me, this being on wallstreetbets gives it much less credit, in my opinion. This could simply be some dude who thinks he can mess with the market by scaring people or whatever.

  13. It's WSB. It's a really dumb take on the situation. Apple has $50B cash on hand "just in case" and is a trillion+ company. Elon is a right wing conspiracy theorist who spent $44B buying Twitter before trashing it.

  14. I dont know, mass producing orbital rockets is a great base to build loads of ICBMs. And a car factory isn't a terribly long way off from a fighting vehicle factory. Boring company for defensive works.

  15. Don't forget Elon owns SpaceX, Tesla and PayPal too alongside his kid soldiers from the emerald mines

  16. It wouldn't even be close. Elon needs apple to allow twitter support on their platform or risk losing a shit ton of money.

  17. Just like in 2077, the only victims will be the employees and consumers. Welp, where is the sign up list for experimental cyberware?

  18. Yeah, their “vast resources… including trillions of dollars” is literally one company being valued over a trillion dollars (debatable) and the other company recently being over priced at 44 billion. The difference between 44 billion and 1 trillion is staggering to say the least..

  19. Apple holds liquid cash reserves larger than Musk's "calculated" (completely illusionary) wealth. CASH reserves, not even other liquid assets. Pure Benjamins.

  20. As a Twitter user, I’m sad to see it go out like this. As a Twitter user, I’m also excited to see some possible comeuppance for Elon Musk’s absolute idiocy.

  21. The useabilty factor. I HATE Facebook and only went on occasionally via the web on my phone and then I got into 2 Facebook groups that are good for what I do for a living and had to get the app. It was just too difficult to do it on safari or chrome on my iphone.

  22. Reality Distortion Fields will collide…chaos will ensue…the consumer will be affected and the rich will profit…

  23. Can't wait to be conscripted into the Tesla corps and have the tank explode from the engineers using Home Depot parts just so Elon can have access to a puddle of cleanish water

  24. Elon could win the App Store fight, but he’ll lose because everyone is seeing how mentally unstable he is. Less Tesla buyers, less qualified people wanting to work for Tesla and space x and less Tesla stock buyers.

  25. Old story... Remember the Corpo war Apple vs. Google because the latter company dared to release an OS for smartphones?

  26. Interesting that you think this is the "First" corpo war and not the second, maybe third.

  27. Trillions of dollars... Only one company has trillions. Apple's the new Arasaka... Applsaka. Twitter doesn't stand a chance.

  28. "apple erased all of their tweets" yeah, you mean "apple never ever tweeted anything aside from the event promotion tweet that gets immediately deleted after the event"?

  29. Not the first time Big Fruit has shed blood. Looking at you, “Nationalize your farms and we’ll sic Marines on you” Chiquita

  30. Stuck behind the counter at my menial, pointless, nowhere near paying enough to thrive, completely dead end job .... Of course. Where else?

  31. Apple had to be legally forced to add USB-C ports to their future iPhone. Not to mention years of belittling their customers as complete idiots, remember the time (2008 if I recall) Apple said on their first iPhone that they can't have apps because an "app could take down an entire mobile network" yea. Apple could rot in hell no matter how many beautiful devices they make.

  32. First Corporate War happened hundreds of years ago, it was fought between the many "West/East Indi" Companies during the colonial era.

  33. Even if twitter gets removed from the App Store (which I doubt)… don’t they know about a thing called a browser?

  34. Like Nazis fighting the KKK I can only hope both sides are utterly destroyed. Shame it'll be for all the workers but power fuck both companies.

  35. No, This is like if militech went to war against arasaka after Gary the prophet gained total unquestionable control over it somehow

  36. Musk's house of cards is about to start falling apart. I would not want to be holding Tesla stock right now. . . .

  37. Don't underestimate your enemy. We have no idea what lengths he is capable of going to in order to feed that ego. Madmen are dangerous, especially the ones we do not take seriously.

  38. "They'd say you're taking too big a risk. Poetically speaking, flying toward the sun to burn up."- Mr. Blue

  39. This is a war? No, this is one dude who was never cool trying to be cool on the internet. Apple is apple, they pulled off of Twitter (like many other companies) because Elon Musk is insane and it's bad for business right now. It would be non-news any other time, but he somehow takes it as a personal blow to his ego so he can't shut up about it.

  40. I bet he’ll back off if Apple threatens to remove Apple compatibility in Elon’s cars. Would anyone buy a Tesla if they knew it wouldn’t pair with Apple devices?

  41. People drove cars without Apple compatibility for a century, it will be a mild inconvenience at best.

  42. It is just wonderful to see how Elon completely ruins Twitter, makes already 2 digit millions in losses, may will be forced to shut down Twitter entirely in the EU and will have to deal with an incredible huge amount of lawsuits, especially in the EU, which most likely will go into the hundreds of millions, etc. and now this. Just wonderful how many millions of people migrate to Mastodon, a free, non profit (ad free), partly open source, kinda similar, yet far superior Twitter alternative from Germany and hosted there.

  43. Cant wait for the secret tesla EMP technology to start frying apple devices and apple to have some sort of espionage style blackmail on massive amounts of elon employees

  44. Overrated and overpriced walled garden tech VS overrated grifter. I hope they both destroy themselves.

  45. In what world does Twitter "command vast resources" compared to Apple? Maybe could have claimed the technical expertise part a few weeks ago.

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