CDPR Employee says Cyberpunk Orion could fill that “second expansion” void

  1. I think so too, well they do already have all of the architecture of Night City mapped, that must have taken a HUGE chunk of development time, I guess transitioning Night City to unreal engine 5 won't take that many years, so maybe we will get a sequel in between the witcher series.

  2. This is definitely what he means, I can’t see how Orion would act as a void filler when the game is at the very least 6 years away.

  3. Yeah which to be honest it makes sense in a way because they’re switching engines. We all know how much they struggled with the current one. Maybe this will shorten the dev cycle.

  4. This is exactly what he meant. Idk how anyone can read that as a second expansion confirmation when multiple times they’ve said it’s a new game

  5. considering how long a game takes to make these days..ill be surprised to survive til most games releases xD

  6. That depends. They might already have a team working on the game and considering the fact that the action will probably take place in night city again, they will just port the cp2077 assets into UE5.

  7. Could even come out 2030 if they wanted to put more into it. But by then it’ll have to suit the next-next gen consoles.

  8. lets hope the shareholders dont fuck it up this time and force an early unfinished release like the game was

  9. I'd say some 7 years. I'll be old and grumpy by the time. Hope DA DF and TES VI would fill the void in between waiting.

  10. 5 seems extremey optimistic, since it took 7 to release the last one in an unfinished state, not to mention the fact that Witcher 3 is their next focus. It aint coming before 2030

  11. I interpreted it as the story may be continued in some way. Though i definitely shouldn’t get my hopes up

  12. The new chapter of Cyberpunk is going to be called Cyberpunk 2078 and the main protagonist is going to be named P. With a new relic named Manny NoHands.

  13. Right? This info is incredibly premature to be shared with public. Only reason I can think of is that they want to make shareholders hopeful for the future. Other than that, this is the most stupid announcements I’ve heard from a game company for a long time. They couldn’t even foresee that they would cancel Cyberpunk multiplayer. And it happened after the release of the game. Now suddenly they think they are Nostradamus or smothing lmao.

  14. Smoke with it of course. Give it a good deep sniff and wiff it all up to the very neurones within and tell yourself the hopium smells good

  15. The back city brawlers are a vigilante gang in night city. I'd love to see someone get hunted by them while doing missions.

  16. I wish to know what happens of V and the Aldecaldos, hopefully they can incorporate each ending to progress Vs story. Even if it’s a new story with nothing to do with V I won’t be upset, I want more cyberpunk but I really really really want more of V

  17. At the very least I want to see emails from V on like Vic’s computer. And they better be about how V found a treatment and is living a happy life with Judy in the badlands haha

  18. I was thinking about this. The only way to go forward is to merge the two. Because you could’ve had either of them dead(sent to cyberspace) or both dead at the ending.

  19. The reason an Expansion can't be filled through a Sequel is that the Sequel will come out in 5 years and the Expansion will come out 1-2 years after the previous entry.

  20. That’s not uncommon in the industry. This happened with Dragon Age Inquisition. It was originally an expansion for DA2, then got reworked into a full on sequel due to the bad reception of the game.

  21. Probably in the minority but I don’t care if they don’t make another expansion lol. Give me a whole new game in the same universe with a new story with lessons learned from the first game 10/10 times.

  22. Miles is one of those guys who if he could buy a implant that makes his farts sound like dubstep remixed Mozart he fucking would.

  23. Phew. Instead of enjoying a second expansion to this game I love within the next two years, I can wait anywhere from five-ten years to play a sequel. Disappointment gone!

  24. I am fine with an Dragon Age: Origins Awakening kind of deal. A full blown expansion which can be played as a standalone maybe, ie. depending on your choice V might not be the main character at all. Or alternatively force you to play either of the open ended endings which leave V free of Johnny and alive.

  25. Idc what they say, I have zero faith this will come out anytime soon or that it'll be functional. They've got a lot to prove before I'll extend trust to them again

  26. Yeah no, not going to fall for that again. I’ll believe it when I see it, not pre ordering or buying day 1 again.

  27. hope they learned their lesson and shut their fucking mouths instead of promising the moon and stars and failing to deliver on any of it.

  28. They promised BOTW freedom in a futuristic city. They gave us the buggiest possible GTA4 in a futuristic city.

  29. I mean, the guy in the tweet was a big part of that. He was confirming and saying yes to everything in the interviews. 🙃

  30. Personally I'm happy only one expansion for 2077. As much fun as I am having with the current state of the game, I rather them finally move on and give a far better version of the game, because more Cyberpunk games is a win.

  31. What he’s really saying is that all the cool ideas they had for their unfixable game are being used for their next unfixable game.

  32. While CP2077 is a great game, it's not really at the level of what was promised. I think it's lame saying we got another game for you to those that expecting another expansion.

  33. What is wrong with cdpr? They never bothered to finish 2077 and they really think going on to a second game is a smart move.

  34. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to see continued development with the Cyberpunk IP, but I’m concerned that we’ll never get a conclusion to some pretty compelling story elements in 2077.

  35. 7k upvotes for what, you fucking starving of content? How about they BRING THE GAME TO THE LEVEL IT CAN BE. It has the foundation. It has had multiple hot fixes and patches to get it the level it’s at now. It has the resurgence because of the anime having a direct and indirect affect on drawing people back in. NOW IS THE TIME TO HAVE THE GAME BE WHAT IT WAS SUPPOSE TO BE. NOT SAY “we heard you like cyberpunk so here is a new game we are working on to be released in ten years...”

  36. Title doesn't match at all what the tweet says. Can't wait to see this cited as a broken "promise" in a few years.

  37. I don't care about most of the things people cite as being "wrong" about CP2077. Like car AI or police systems? I couldn't possibly care less. I'm in these games for the story, and I think the story is great. All I want is more of that.

  38. Unless they’re pulling a New Vegas and letting another studio make the game, y’all gonna be waiting a minute to fill that void.

  39. They should have supported Cyberpunk 2077 and kept it updated until 1-2 years before the sequel actually releases. Sad to hear that there will be a looong Cyberpunk drought of maybe 5-6 years after Phantom Liberty. Not a good decision.

  40. I have been seeing on multiple forums that they plan on releasing it around 2029. Not really filling the void if this is true.

  41. Unless CDPR has developed the capability to develops two projects at once there’s no way Cyberpunk Orion will come out before 2030

  42. It kind of feels like a waste to see the RED engine get put to rest after only one game and one expansion.

  43. What I'm wondering is if the next game will also be in Night City. It would be cool to go elsewhere (Japan?) but also they spent so much work on modeling NC that I feel like it'd be a waste to not use it again in some form.

  44. If so I hope it’s a bit map expansion! Possibly post endgame. Thoughts: Phantom Liberty adds let’s say, an ending, one decided upon to be canon. Now it’s easier for CDPR to further the timeline close to 2077 w/o dancing around the subject

  45. Haha, I remember them saying a lot of things before the game launched that ended up being complete lies. I appreciate the patches and commitment to the game, but I will never preorder anything from CDPR again.

  46. Well... Shit. I would much rather they improve on what they already have instead of potentially screw the pooch a SECOND time...

  47. It should be illegal to make a sequel to a product you never fully delivered. Anybody who preorders is part of the problem.

  48. I hope they stay committed to their project this time and not scrap it and rush the game after getting a celeb to be in the game

  49. Should have a different company making the new game, CDPR didnt handle the game that well at release and even now 2 years after the fact it's a buggy mess. I love the cyberpunk universe dearly but I dont think they can deliver what people want in a way that is still quality and within the grasp of the company. No hate intended obviously, just an opinion

  50. Entirely too early to be talking about a sequel. Not too early to make one, just too early to talk about it. Have they learned nothing?

  51. Sorry we aren’t making anymore dlc for the game that we promised would revolutionize gaming, we’ve pulled the plug and decided to make a sequel rather than waste anymore time on the first game we screwed up.

  52. you know this is going to be the multiplayer they scrapped.... they havent even completed the first game yet there is zero reason to be excited for a friggin cyberpunk sequel

  53. This suggests the sequel will either be about V, or it will be rushed out the door way too early and be as bad or worse than 2077. Or both.

  54. I feel like CDPR has learned it’s lesson when it comes to Cyberpunk 2077. They over promised and under delivered with the game, and it really hurt their rep. But they’ve spent the last two years pushing out free content updates and patches for the game with no direct monetary incentive to do so.

  55. Can't wait to pirate it this time to see if it's worth the money, then wait for it to go on sale for $10-$30. I already gave them more money than the average fanboy has probably.

  56. this proves what I mentioned in another thread... CDPR definitely using UE5 or better with this game instead of their in-house Red Engine because of the leaks and hacks and this game will not be available to previous gen at all because of RTX... looking forward to the multiplayer aspect of the game... the RP potential for the game is so good and I hope they deliver it well...

  57. For that to happen Project Orion should launch next year, cost way below $60, and run on an engine not owned by Epic Malware... and that sadly won't be the case. It will spend years in development, cost $60-$70 and run on the engine from a company hellbent on destroying PC as an open platform. I am far from excited.

  58. They couldn't get the first game right after how many years? Still needed a ton of time to fix it after the predatory release, and idiots are already clamoring for this.

  59. I don't want to speculate, but is this because CDPR can't financially justify a second expansion because of how hard Cyberpunk flopped?

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