New protagonist name instead of V?

  1. remember that time when John cyberpunk said “it’s cyberpunking time” and then he cyberpunked all over arasaka? my fav moment ngl

  2. This answer was really clever and nobody got it. (EDIT: looks like I was wrong: almost everyone got it but I replied before votes were visible haha!)

  3. The thing with V as a name is it fits either gender. If you used a different name you'd probably have to rewrite and record a lot of voice lines for a lot of characters.

  4. I mean technically his/her name isn’t V it’s just a name they go by. Isn’t it Vincent and Valerie. Even mine I go V because foreigners have a hard time pronouncing my name

  5. They actually do, I can't remember which mission it was but they used the full name in at least one.

  6. It's the 'Yaiba Kusanagi CT-3X' Motorcycle for around $58,000 Eddies, Wakako gives you an offer to buy it within 'Act 2' after you do a couple gigs for her👍

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