alright guys... I just got $75 for my 17th birthday, and I'm high off of finishing the anime. should I buy it and why?

  1. Go to a GameStop or any store for a discounted copy save you a few bucks instead of full price. But as for the game itself I can’t speak for everyone but I really love it

  2. It’s not like they worked to make that money it’s probably fine if they just buy the $60 one. It’s worth it now for sure

  3. If you're on XSX or PS5 then sure. But last gen consoles the experience might be limited. It's just not great on those consoles even after all the patches.

  4. This is the best answer. Missing the deal sucks for sure but CB2077 is well worth full price even still. I say treat yourself on your birthday!

  5. Wait for a sale!! I got it for $25 on PlayStation last week and it is a great game so far, but it would be a crime to pay more than $30 at this point.

  6. no, because it's commonly on sale for $10-20 and you can probably get it for under $30 now instead of buying it for full MSRP.

  7. Yes, because despite the bad release, the game is genuinely good and they are working hard on fixing and improving it. I played it for like two weeks upon launch and loved every second of it. Just waiting for the DLC to come out to play it again, I assume more fixes will come with the DLC package.

  8. The game is dope. Can’t speak to how it plays on the xbox s, but the story is excellent. So if that is what you are playing it for you should be good.

  9. It goes on 50% sale very frequently. It's the holiday season. Wait and it'll definitely go on sale. Probably November. That's if you're willing to wait 2 months to save $30.


  11. It’s got good characters and fun gameplay, I haven’t played since 1.2 but I liked it then. Most thing have been ironed out so performance won’t be an issue. You’ll probably be okay with the endings given you liked the anime. It’s bitter sweat but also hopeful in some ways (depending on the ending). The gameplay is good, melee is a bit undercooked and the game is a little short of immersive transitions (get an augment and no special cinematic to reflect that or talking to a vendor or taking a seat somewhere) you’ll notice also some aspects of the gameplay aren’t very well fleshed out or aren’t there at all like racing or just a wanted system.

  12. don't listen to people man the game is almost on the same level as the anime for me. Different reasons for being great but still both are fucking bonkers

  13. Did you play fallout new Vegas (and liked it?) I might get a lot of hate for saying this but it kinda flows the same.

  14. You might like it if you enjoy very open world games. I find the world too open though if that makes sense.

  15. Out of curiosity, which perk allowed you to spread Suicide? I had it and it didn't spread, but quickhacks like Weapon Jammer and Reboot Optics spread to like five or six enemies.

  16. My xbox don't get a disc drive. Seriously, have you seen these Series S consoles? When I picked up the box and found it was quite heavy I expected it to be absolutely massive but that things as big as the ps2

  17. It’s a good ass game that you can easily spend days in. The storytelling is just as good as the anime and the quest design is amazing along with the characters. Gameplay can be lil jarring in the early early game but once you start CHROMING THE FUCK UP it’s a blast. Tons of unique fun weapons to play with. Dope drip. One of the most finely crafted digital worlds I’ve had the pleasure to experience. Seriously I can’t stress how impressive the map is from like every standpoint. You can even find the specific places that were in the anime. And as a final note you can kill the fuck outta smasher so yea. Have I sold you yet?

  18. I recently gave the game another shot after jumping on the hatewagon and leaving it for a year, and holy shit I maxed out my street cred before I touched most of the main story. It's the game we were promised and more, and I can't wait for the dlc!

  19. It's a fantastic game and for sure worth the full price, but between Halloween and holiday season it'll probably go on sale again soonish. For sure around Thanksgiving I bet it goes on sale. But if you can't wait and need to play it now you won't be disappointed, it's worth it.

  20. One of the few games I never wanted to end, story is captivating. If you like the anime, you’ll for sure enjoy this game.

  21. Yes. I'd buy it again at that price. For how much I've played it, and how much I enjoy it, I think it's easily worth that price to me


  23. Honestly a good idea, I listened to the stigma for over a year about it being a buggy unfinished mess but I’m on the last main story mission and playing on ps4, and I’ve had not a single gamebreaking bug, I’d say skyrim is a similar game to go off and I have almost 2000 hours in that game, completely playable, completely worth it imo. Literally just sci fi gta.

  24. Yes, it's got a good story and great combat, alot of the characters are awesome and NC IS HUGE there's so much to find it's great.

  25. Yes. The gameplay is really fun although probably won't be the best thing you ever play. But that is not the main reason to play Cyberpunk 2077. The lore is amazing if you go deep enough, yeah, but the full experience is just unmatched. Exploring this world is a feeling like no other, and you will be left hungry for more (DLC). Exploration and world feel pretty similar to Skyrim and The Witcher 3, lived in and breathing. If you want to try out an amazing world with an amazing atmosphere, buy it. In Max0r's words, "Even the most basic side quest area makes Dark Souls II look like it was designed by ants"

  26. I will say, you can get anywhere from 40 to hundreds of hours from this game. Some people have thousands of hours into it.

  27. Yes. It’s a great game with a great story. The game itself has less bugs than a Bethesda game and there are plenty of amazing side missions, characters and references. Also to kill Adam smasher with Becca’s gun

  28. I ligit just did the same two days ago I been off and on with the game since release and barley made it past the beginning part of the game before I stopped but sense the bug fixes and of course the anime wich was amazing I bought it on the ps5 and I’m addicted to it

  29. Yes absolutely. If only for the nods to the anime that are in the game, but also how much freedom there is in the gameplay. Whether it be running and gunning or hacking and net running. Add to that one of the of the last interesting worlds with one of the most interesting stories I personally have ever seen.

  30. The game itself is a very good ducking story and even the side missions don’t necessarily feel repetitive either, I loved the game since release, despite the 20 blue screens I’ve gotten in a single day I still liked the game.

  31. I've got 200hours on it, probably the most immersive game I've played. Take your time when you're on a mission and visiting buildings and stuff.

  32. If you are dying to play the game, buy it. It's a great game in its current state. I will say it goes on sale like, all the time so if you can wait, then wait. I will say I paid full price and got more than my money's worth. Only game I've ever put multiple playthroughs on. People still like to trash it, most who do have never played it. It's in my top 5 of all time.

  33. Yes, because it is almost like the game was released this year. Compared to 2020, this game in 2022 is what it should have been. Ignore the band wagon morons who used to have me included in them who will hate it no matter what now, but I came in hearing they fixed the game and saw it was half off maybe two weeks ago and gave it a go.


  35. I started playing 2 weeks ago after the show. I got through most of my game with only one glitch ruining one quest line. That was tolerable, even though I was bummed bc it was Panams quest line.

  36. What are you playing on? Most of the game breaking glitches have been ironed out by now, so that's strange to hear.

  37. I pre-ordered this game before release and I have been waiting for almost 2 years to have the experience CPR promised and now I just accepted that I will only get to play a good game and not what it was meant to be. So I would recommend that if you are really into Cyberpunk, to buy it at a discount and buy another thing with the rest. It is a good game indeed, but there are many features that the game is still behind in comparison to games such as GTA. That's my experience and I respect others that have had a better experience than mine

  38. It is fun for sure. If you like rpg style character building, deciding your path actively with responses to conversation, and FPS style combat. Then, yes 100%. But it is not locked to just that. You can be a stealth hacker. You can get body modifications and be a tank. It is a good story and a great overall gaming experience. Only you can truly decide. Watch the "let's play" of it on youtube for a few minutes to see actual game play and go from there. In some ways it feels like Elderscrolls style gameplay, but if it was in the future. In some ways it feels like Boarderlands mixed with Fallout. The dialog and options in chats feel kinda like Knights of the Old Republic. It can scratch the itch if you like any of is also very much a game for mature players. Nudity is in there only occasionally and rampant use of profanity abound. Again, you be the judge....just trying to add as many thoughts and comparisons as I could.

  39. You had me at KOTOR. I knocked 48 hours and many sleepless nights into the second game a few years back. As for nudity... if anything that's a reward

  40. It's a really good game, very immersive and addictive to play! I think it's best to jump straight in while you are still hyped upp by the anime so that you will recognize all the locations and characters used from the game. Full price or on discount, this is one purchase you will not regret!

  41. Ok I may be too late to this post but here's why you should buy it and these are my reasons why I think Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the best games of all time.

  42. Pretty sure you can find that a whole lot cheaper somewhere else other than a premium sales source. And you're going to want the hard copy. You know the discs. Depending on where you live. I've seen people talking about buying it for $30.

  43. If you like the show you’ll love the game. The show takes place before the start of the game so every thing you saw is more lore added to the game since launch. There is even some small nods to the show with the cross over mission they added. And the game is in its best state yet with DLC coming out next year.

  44. Hands down one of the best games i’ve ever played. On my second playtrough now! The negative comments is often just people critizing it due to a poor release with a broken game about two years ago, but it’s fixed now! 😊

  45. Def yes. I’ve been playing since midnight of release and it’s a completely different game. All positives! With the edgerunners update it’s totally worth $60

  46. Imagine you are David but with much more experience, 10 times better netrunner than Lucy and Kiwi combined, clapping Adam Smasher's cheeks in a few seconds. And you can also romance a quite chick named Pannam that you ganna live your last days with.

  47. The best game I ever played, and I bought it / played it first day, did not have many bugs but I was on Pc, I past 200hours on it, still love it.... If you liked the anime you will love the game! Trust me! Trust everyone! Maybe you could wait for a deal but deal or not this game is amazing and you will forgot the price... The only downside of that game is the empty feeling you get when you finish it.... Like the anime... Then you can play it again with totally different build!

  48. Check online to get a digital copy. Just type Cyberpunk 2077 Download Code into Google and check for a digital copy. Never buy in Microsoft store.

  49. Personally, while I think the game is amazing. For new players, I would say wait until the new DLC releases next year. That way you'll have much more of a complete game than it is right now.

  50. I would recommend it. I have nearly 100 hours in the game and I played it at launch (want to replay but I'm so busy these days). However, no shame in waiting for it to go on sale as well. Might be able to get 2 games or have the money for the planned expansion in that case.

  51. Honest advice for you would be yes but I'd look to get it on sale save yourself some cash. It's came a long way since release and game is amazing now. It's worth it.

  52. This game is almost always on slae for $30 it happens at least every other month. Idk if there are other locations that also may have the sale though too.

  53. IMHO, it's worth full price IF you are on a next gen console. They have basically stopped everything with PS4/Xbox one and only update the PC/PS5/series consoles. I enjoyed the game back when it was released on my PS4. But now on PS5, it has come a LONG way. That being said, I'd still go to some used game store like GameStop or a mom n pop place to save a few dollars. The game is good and worth it but if you can get it cheaper then why not?

  54. The game isn't perfect, it lacks animations like, when you drink at a bar there is no animation for that, and there is no minigames(except for that new arcade game) and (I play on ps4 slim) the game crashes from time to time, and some other problems, but the story, oh my lord the story. The most depressing/beautiful story. There is no cutscenes, but the characters feels real and have like, the most realistic face movement(forgot what they call it, lol) after Detroit: become human, the character's body language is really in there. Johnny silverhand is a fucking legend, the romances are great, too much sexual content but almost all of it censored, the music fucking fantastic. Although you really REALLY should play all the side missions and gigs, without it the game feels kinda empty, cyberwere is everything. Literally the most important thing of the whole game, the netrunning part is also really important, you either be a front door fighter and use weapons n shit or you be a netrunner and stealthily finish everyone using only your mind

  55. Honestly it's pretty meh, it's not worth full price and I'd see if you could get it cheaper or wait for a sale

  56. As you’re on Xbox buy it from eneba or somewhere like that, use a VPN to activate it on your phone. You can get the Latin America version for £11, you’ll still be able to play it on English of course.

  57. Dude, never buy on official stores. Look for it at eneba, instant gaming etc. Save your money.

  58. Worth it, 100%. I milked 200 hours out of that game completing all the side quests and being sneaky, and I deleted it before v1.6 even came out. 86 anything you've heard about the initial release, almost none of it is the case any longer. If you get it, my advice: play as fem V. Cherami Leigh is an AMAZING actor. Everybody delivers in that game, but something about Cherami's voicework really hammers home the weight of everything going on in the plot and had me fully invested.

  59. 🤦‍♂️ I hate posts like these, but at least you did us a favor and admitted you were a kid and took the guessing out of it

  60. Yes. It’s fun and nowhere near as broken but I think it’s WAY better on PC. If Xbox is your only option then go for it but see if you can get it cheaper from GameStop. Happy Birthday BTW.

  61. if it’s not too late and you haven’t bought it i saw you’re on series s, go to dlcompare and find the cheapest one for xbox, i had to vpn myself to sweeden to redeem it (free vpn provided) but i got it for like $20 or smth

  62. If digital is your only option could look to see if the game is on Gamepass and just buy a month of that to play if for much cheaper along with any other game.

  63. Played it nonstop for the last week, the story is preem quality, the game's bugs are fixed for the majority (I've only encountered animation bugs in cutscenes every once in a while.)

  64. yes, while there is a few bugs there are resources online that can help you navigate them easily. the game has been a ton of fun and it’s been really enjoyable, the side quests are great, cyberpsycho encounters are always fun, characters feel well developed and true storyline is just a little short but it’s very fun

  65. I don't know man. I feel lik 60$ is too much for it and you could probably spend it better. I tried the 5 hour trial on PS5 and it felt extremely weird. Shooting was clunky, driving was terrible, guns felt awkward, no cars or people roaming around, police system was bad etc. Overall I didn't get a good feeling of it.

  66. Dude even with the 1. 6 patch it's 2 years old and still has annoying bugy non game breaking but still people just don't T pose in beds or on chairs. Just not worth full price but it's a fun game 30 is a good price

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