Any in-universe reason as to why they have what appear to be cellphones when they just call each other mentally?

  1. Another example is Claire, who 'loves machines but doesn't want to become one', so I'd assume she also uses a phone when making calls.

  2. Damn, that's a really good explanation. Never thought about it until you mentioned it. I just remembered that there are some npc's or shards that mention something like that right? How cyberware slowly affected everyone etc.

  3. I swear that dude sold me level 2 optic implants. I guess i could have had them in my inventory already

  4. Not everybody has a Neural Link and Cybereye, despite them being very prevalent by 2077. They're still expensive and, even after implanted, might not be compatible with past cache and login systems.

  5. The latest edition of the TTRPG takes place decades before the videogame. By V’s time it seems a Brain-Computer interface, optics,Shard Slots, and a personal wire link are fairly standard for the general population. People are always like “hey slot this shard” or “hey jack in your personal link” but no one asks if you have those things. The anime shows this pretty clearly too. We can’t infer things from the tabletop, it’s a whole other time.

  6. You’ve actually got to have 2 or 3 pieces of cyberware to have your cellphone in your head like V does, you can replicate it in the TTRPG but just those few pieces will get you close to cyberpsychosis unless you maxed out Empathy in character creation. It’s no surprise a lot of the people in night city didn’t go for it.

  7. As it is every time Goro starts lighting me up with messages I want to clock him. IM A LITTLE BUSY SHOOTING TYGER CLAWS, MAN. STOP YOUR BOOMER TEXT SPAM.

  8. Cyberpunk Red has you covered. First and foremost it isn’t just a phone but an “Agent.” It’s a mini AI that helps you with basically everything and acts as a phone.

  9. If you're talking to Wakako on call and then run in to see her in person, she's on a phone talking to you. When she sees you, she'll then hang up the phone and continue talking in person.

  10. Adding to the many reasons I see here; I've seen enough Futurama to say it could be a fashion/style choice. Looks are very important in cyberpunk.

  11. It’s an Agent. The in-world version of a “smartphone” only much much more powerful with a built in pseudo-AI.

  12. At least in the Cyberpunk Red core book, the starting calling device, called an Agent, is more a cellphone, the chip for an implanted Agent costs a crazy amount of Eddies.

  13. Some people aren’t fully chipped, and also that could be a deck used for netrunning and other applications.

  14. Preferrence, not everyone is chipped, safety reasons, and how do you think you receive their real time video image while talking. You can't record yourself even when chipped, basically everyone has one, one would imagine that they link to it via the wireless chip. V likely has one but doesn't pull it out when they talk to people, because they don't want people to see their face when they talk. V's kind of very private, in the game so they likely have a fixed image representing them when they talk. Kind of like Judy's ghost in the Shell image, Judy might not always pick up her phone and just answers it vocally via the chip, unless its specific people calling them.

  15. "Cellphones", or rather smartphones, are no longer just a tool for communication. Just like there are situations where having a desktop PC is simply better than having a laptop, the smartphone form factor makes too much sense to be phased out. Non-mobile computers are still very common in Cyberpunk and in real life, people don't get rid of their smartphone just because their smartwatch can do most of the same things, including voice and text communication.

  16. Nowadays phones aren't just for calling people. I imagine in 2077 they will have all sorts of capabilities beyond our current smartphones

  17. Some people have less cyber wear than other. Some people don’t have the neuro transmitters so they use actual phones. Panam is an example. If I’m not mistaken she doesn’t have any chrome at all. Yurinobu is an example of someone who’s chromed out but doesn’t have a neuro transmitter.

  18. Cyberware isn’t cheap. Not everyone is some solo running gigs and making bank to get baller ass implants, sword arms and jet feet.

  19. Cops still use walkies (tho digital) inside the car. As others may have pointed, not everyone has implants. a significant amount of people are still fully flesh.

  20. You prolly don't want to sail the high seas with your OS. Not even with Nord VPN. Hence you use a separate device

  21. Maybe the old timers do the old thing as usual and the kids think it's cool so it keeps going, like that weird "S" from grade school.

  22. Not everyone has the required chip to have mental conversations and/or the chip is an accessory to cell phones like ear buds with microphones. Also if I remember right, Wakako uses a regular phone.

  23. Well theres alot of reasons I guess. Not everyone has the cyberware to make holo calls. Plus an actual phone is probably for accessing networks and social media and storing different types of info and data None of which can be done with the holo call cyberware. At least that's my guess

  24. I think that the “holo” is just a more common type of integrated agent from RED. So there should still people who use a simple agents, similar to smart phones.

  25. So it's called an "Agent" in the lore, getting an internal one is a humanity loss, as Xephon said not everyon is cybered up for one. This is why I'm curious why everyones so shocked that V adapts to their implants well because David didn't in the show.

  26. David did have an impressively high tolerance though, he didn't even have the medication at first and used the Sandevistan more times than even people built to use it can.

  27. Not everyone can afford the implants or want them... honestly, if I lived in that world, knowing what I know about what's beyond the Black Wall I wouldn't want them either.

  28. Just started a new play through and noticed Jackie using a phone to call his mom at Afterlife despite calling you via chip during the heist

  29. I assume it’s because some people might have adverse reactions to cyber ware because of body rejection or allergies and others for religious reasons like those monks. That and social media isn’t in your brain as far as I can tell

  30. Same reason, I still use a disc from my video games and movies. Or the same reason people still use flip phones. There’s some manufacturer out there most likely who is still manufacturing these things for the people who love nostalgia with just upgraded features.

  31. My mother asked why have a smartphone when she already has a cell and a computer. My wife asked why have a smartwatch when I have a smartphone. My smart tv plays YouTube but I prefer my phone for it. I take my headphones out when I take a call because I hate a stereo phone call. Functionality can be very different with different devices with similar capabilities and also people have preferences.

  32. Costs more somehow? Go over your allotted gigs on your brain-computer subscription, and you suddenly forget how to put on pants. As capitalism-based as the world is, I’d almost believe it

  33. 90% of nc is chipped maybe even 90% of the world is but the 10% that isn't has to get by somehow in a world where tech literally running through your veins is the norm

  34. I don't think that's the kind of gear everyone gets... She's not exactly dressed like a corpo... Maybe that's just the level of tech she's in too. 😊

  35. At the start of the game, if you're a nomad at least, you have a physical device to call with. Guess V gets that upgrade sometime before the Sandra Dorset job?

  36. If u look around crime areas u will find npcs using the cellphone to record or stream what's happening.

  37. The internet exists btw. Cell phones have evolved way past just calling even in our time. There’s also literally texting in the game

  38. At cafes, I often see people using computers while using smartphones. For multitasking, it may be easier to prepare multiple physical media than tailoring implants for that purpose.

  39. Like others said. Not everyone is chipped. I especially noticed most nomads have cell phones which makes sense and is a nice detail

  40. But they're only occasionally calling people on them. They are usually playing or reading on them. I suppose then it's like technology today. Each has its purpose and context, even though they often overlap. Like, I have a Kindle AND a smartphone, but I don't read much on the latter because its less enjoyable. I also have Audible and looooots of paper books. So I can imagine that even people in the game who have internal coms chips and optical overlays might just want to play Angry Birds 2077 on their smartphone.

  41. The internal agent and chiron, is not something that everyone can afford. Besides the related humanity cost, of course.

  42. Why do people buy vinyl records when they can just stream the music? This person is clearly some kind of hipster.

  43. Age might be one. Out growing cybernetics could get really expensive. So I think many growing teens don't get their implant till their 18 or so. I remember overhearing this conversation in game. So I think this might be something to do with people still having cellphones

  44. I assume its because also you cant browse the web with your kiroshi optics, use apps etc. So that's why people also use their phone. Also calling people that are not chipped.

  45. Well im not saying that not everyone is chipped. But first of all, it's been a loooong time since cellphones ain't just for calling and if you see the screen it doesnt look like phone at all, more like stadistics market or tech data. But all that could be wrong cause is freaking 2077, how did cellphones looked like 50 years ago? Oh wait, there wasn't any.

  46. People still play a classic digivice these days despite the existence of superior technologies oh modern phones.

  47. Will i believe there used more like mini computers to watch entertainment rather for communication. Also could be some don't have the usb port or chipped due to age...because even the children have handhelds etc.

  48. Cyberpunk 2077's version of (newer) tech resistant baby boomers? Never mind, she doesn't look old enough for that.

  49. Probably cheaper, non invasive, and that's a big chunk of hardware to stuff in your head all willy nilly. Also safer, since if anything bad happens to it, it can't affect your body

  50. Probably not everyone has the latest tech. And if they have, many might still use old and physical media. I mean, you can still buy old Samurai vinyls. I assume, that turntables, DVDs or Blu-Rays still exist in 2077 as well.

  51. The Cyberpunk world is one where the difference between the haves and the have-nots is extreme. The rich live in the future while the poor basically live in the 1980's with somewhat better computers. Not everyone would be able to afford that kind of tech, and I suspect quite a few people would be sufficiently distrustful of it to not even want it in the first place.

  52. If you played enough to hear the ads in your head irl you could recall a women's voice saying you should always get the most recent implant because old implants become incompatible or just have a shit ton of complications after awhile. Not everyone has the eds to get the latest so there stuck with old tec or none at all. Sure people have robo arms and legs but NC is a constant warzone. Unless you can afford the lux of living in the hills you might loose a limb or 2.

  53. Phones are still viable. You either need implants or a spectre download, or either be face to face for money transactions.

  54. Im pretty sure even mama wells isn't chipped, but she responds with her phone cuz Jackie calls her via phone when you're at the afterlife entrance

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