People liteally can't accept some people just like the game, its good :/

  1. I wish installing more cyberware actually changed your appearance as you added more so you actually look like you have stuff installed

  2. Modding the game on pc is your best choice tbh. My last playthrough I had a mod called “arasaka arms” something like that. It allowed me to give my self cyberarms or just cyber forearms. You can have different set ups for each cyber mod you pick (gorilla, mantis etc.) definitely one of my favorite mods I have found so far.

  3. Some people think the patches literally changed the game, which they didn't. They only fixed performance issues and added some side content. Main story, characters and about 90% of gameplay always stayed the same. So if you didn't like Cyberpunk at launch and not because of bugs and glitches, you're probably not gonna like it now. And saying "the game is good now" is also wrong, it was always like this at its core.

  4. I just bought the game on ps4 pro and there are still about 1 crash every 3 hours of gameplay. It’s the same CE 34878-0 crash that showed up since the game was launched. No other game has this issue on my PlayStation.

  5. EXACTLY. i first played on ps4 before any of the major patches. the game was buggy and crashed often— textures didn’t load half of the time either. but i loved the game and it’s characters. the patches didn’t make me like the game. the game did.

  6. Ive played it since launch, and if someone conplains for the right reasons, ill agree with them. Stuff like bad combat in areas, perks used to be way worse, and the police just appearing were and some still are valid complaints

  7. I get that. Like I often laugh off my buddy’s comments about how GTA-like it was supposed to be, police and car customization and he’s not supporting them - by saying ‘I couldn’t care less bro - I just wanted one raw dystopian cyberpunk story in a cool setting that allows me to do some fun combat shit…. Looks like I’m still wining!”

  8. Game crashed non-stop, had issues every time I started it, and god the driving was horrendous. But I still enjoyed beating it, and probly will again

  9. Completed the game on ps4, definetly not on par with pc version graphically speaking, the popping and texture loading is awfull, lets be honest. You can get to a place by car and be there waiting 20 seconds looking at low LODs models before the buildings and lighting finally appear but still felt immersed in the city once it loaded.

  10. One thing I found interesting when I switched from PS4 to PS5, was that all the graphical glitches disappeared, but I had many more "spawn 2 cars into each other", game breaking bugs.

  11. I think most people (including me) remain a bit salty given what they were promised and were looking forward to was never delivered.

  12. Also, why the fuck would you 100% a game you think is bad? I understand putting a couple of hours in to have a proper opinion, or even rushing through the MQ to see how it ends, but 100% it and then chatting shit? Some people have waaaaay too much free time.

  13. I'm convinced people (gamers really in this context) just like having something to complain about. Nothing annoys me more than when someone's like "i hate this game the devs don't care its a broken mess etc etc etc." and when I ask them how many hours they have played its like 500-1000. Just play something else FFS because all I hear is complaining. And then I have a former friend that was like this for literally every single game I played with them to the point where I straight up asked them "are you sure you like playing video games?"

  14. That was my first thought, like did he just begrudgingly spend dozens of hours being a completionist out of pure spite?

  15. I actually don't know anyone who says this? I do know lots of people who say they finished it on PS4 and it was a broken glitchy mess but had a really enjoyable core though...

  16. I finished it on base ps4, i had one major glitch/bug that was fixed by loading the checkpoint, and 3 crashes across three playthroughs

  17. Check Twitter if you want to see those people. “The story is bad, the characters are bad, the writing is cringey, the world is empty, the driving sucks, the gameplay is borderlands but worse. It caused seizures so therefore it is factually impossible for it to be a good game.”

  18. It's best to just play the game and ignore all the news and other people, just enjoy it if you like it. Other people shouldn't impact how you enjoy the game..

  19. I have 100%ed Cyberpunk 3 times over the course of 2 years. First playthrough, 107.Hrs. 2nd, 64Hrs. 3rd, 75Hrs. (Restart every update or when I get bored.) Since edgerunner came out, I'm starting again for the full experience w/ the new update. I can say that each and every time, the damn game is awesome. I thought the bugs were funny in the beginning, but when they were patched/the game updated, I felt more and more connected to the game. Definitely a masterpiece, I have nothing but good marks & reviews for it. I thank the people at CD everyday for this game. Dlc is cool.

  20. I was initially disappointed with the lack of open world interactivity but comparing this game to Mass Effect Andromeda or Fallout 76 is just flat out bullshit. Andromeda and Fallout 76 are bad/mediocre games with bland gameplay and shit writing. Cyberpunk still has the CDPR story magic and has fun, unique gameplay. This game had a lot of love and heart poured into it and didn't feel like a soulless cash crab like EA/Ubisoft games.

  21. Yup. Been seeing ppl on twitter salty and attempting to start shit over the game with things like "it wasn't always good", completely ignoring that those saying that are not referring to the gameplay, but rather the story and characters and world. Everyone ignores them though, as they should. Best not to give the edgybois/girls the attention they so desperately seek.

  22. Heard the writing compared to marvel once back at launch. Still don't get how wrong you have to look at this story to compare it to fast food stories. I still cannot see where it's coming from.

  23. The official gameplay trailer tracked decently with what was in the game. The chief issue was people injecting so much imagination into every word spoken. Ex., the only line ever spoken about a police system in the official trailer was "getting into trouble with the NCPD" and people fucking ran that statement as far as one possibly could. People who know CDPRs previous work knew the reactive, open-world stuff was going to be lite and they were right. I do take issue though that many of those systems, however lite they were, were utterly broken.

  24. Gotta love the steam reviews left by people that poured 200+ hours into it and said, "It's bad at a fundamental level and there's just not enough stuff to do in the game."

  25. I just think it's dishonest to lump everyone who critiques this game into that group though. Especially true with people trying to spin the narrative that the only issues with this game were it's performance and buggieness. I had some fun with this game, but it just isn't anywhere near what I was expecting from this developer rolling off of the massive success that was The Witcher 3. I was expecting the same groundbreaking kind of RPG that I would fall in love with but instead we got an okeyish loot-n-shoot. A lot of people feel they've been misled about what this game was gonna be like, and we are not exactly an outlier group.

  26. It's good. Great story beautiful setting. I just wish there was more to do. But that's most open world games. Here is a beautiful environment to explore but only as a merc/criminal/saviour of mankind.

  27. Weirdly enough when I realised cyberpunk was a unique I.P and not something CDPR had come up with I began to enjoy the game a lot more. Now I love it, although glitches can still be pretty horrendous on PS4. Going to have to somehow wrangle myself a PS5 when the DLC comes out.

  28. Well my only complaint was lack of random encounters (gang wars - cop system) and too short of a story. Just when I thought the game was getting interesting boom Hanako appears and the game ends

  29. Bought the game for lolz after it became a meme how bad it was. Buggy but few mods and graphic updates did the trick. Took me a few tries to get into it because I was spoiled by Bethesda and Rockstar games. But after that the game is rly freakin good. Strong story that made me emotionally invested and depressed at the end (well done). Sidequests are cool as hell and combat is just awesome. Ofc not everything is perfect, still some bugs here and there and driving a car feels like driving on ice for some reason. This is kinda a personal take but I'd prefer not to have an available mission tracker. Finding missions randomly by myself just feels more immersive and gives me reasons to explore the map more and yes this game is built in a way that after the finnish you are not able to roam freely I get that but I feel lil bit frustrated cause there is just limited amout of perks and abilities you can unlock per playtrough so I wish they would add a NG+ of some sort. In the end it is a great game I guess ppl still hate it for the memes.

  30. It has some undeniable and serious flaws, not only things that can be patched, but fundamental issues in the writing and game design.

  31. I've even heard people calling Witcher bad game or bashing it for bad story. From that point I just stopped caring what some others find worthy.

  32. There’s severe problems with the game, even to this day, but people can still enjoy it. As long as both sides can realize the other is just as valid, everything will be okay

  33. I don't think the problem with the game comes from it. The problem is that it was sold on lies. Multiple ones. And by a company that has a very good reputation as far as I know.

  34. When the game launched it was a buggy mess, if you discount the bugs the game was mediocre with that was ment to be in the game though we can blame that one on the shareholder's that pressured the game into being released early.

  35. This is a significant part of people's disappointment. The release of CP2077 (clearly before it was finished) telegraphed that CDPR had shifted from being a customer focused company, the darling of the gaming industry you might say, to being a large company that is shareholder driven. They'd cashed in all the good will they'd earned with players, and pivoted into "corporate" mindset.

  36. cyberpunk is my favourite game since launch but the only problem i had when i 100% this game about 7-8 times without mods was that the story is still incomplete and there are lot of holes in the story which makes me sad seeing how the story is already so good but its still unfinshed

  37. I actually like the story. My main issue was roaming around NC and realizing all the this could have been/This was meant to be, but isn’t.

  38. I personally have no trouble with people liking anything. Different people have different tastes. My only objection is when people start spreading factually incorrect nonsense, or whitewashing the past. For example, the narrative lately that is being pushed is that the lashback on launch was about the state of the game. And, in large part, it was. But majority of the outrage was about the LIES. The improvements to the game itself cannot and will not fix the lies that the game was sold on. It's OK to like the game, but the blatant pre-release lies are not OK.

  39. Yeah, why can't people just leave me alone and let me talk about how it's a masterpiece. Stupid salty gonks, they're no choom of mine. They totes aren't prem and are missing out on a nova game by letting their crap chrome opinion run wild.

  40. The game is cool, especially if you don’t watch reviews and stuff. I’ve been using a katana, looting and doing my own thing after I read about someone complaining about over-leveling. For me personally, it’s fun.

  41. Always had strong characters and writing, combat and mechanics are great as well. Bugs and crashes definitely hurt its launch, but it's foundation is good, which is why it's seeing a surge in new players. A fancy top coat doesn't make a good game. The bones are good, always have been.

  42. That’s because there’s people out there that was just want to tear others down. Most likely driven by a bad day or have a poor self esteem. Period

  43. Oh shit, is this sub finally coming around to the game? This place used to be toxic as fuck, so much so that they made

  44. the game is not a masterpiece but it was pretty good at launch despite the bugs, now it's a great game but I wish it was a masterpiece like elden ring at the start

  45. Yeah bro, I've been playing since day one and have loved it since. CD Projket Red definitely could've promised less but I really hated the bandwagon haters. Hated the articles and review videos about it too because it was blatantly obvious that they ONLY focused on the bugs for the clicks and views. It was abhorrent and stupid.

  46. It's good but not great. The amount of copy and paste activities is wild and it get's annoying when trying to make your own build. The game has many wonky mechanics and i sometimes wish it focused less on selling junk and making components. It has an amazing story and some side quests hit hard but it has the classic open world problem of copy and paste missions that feel empty and stop being fun after 20 of them

  47. Its a good game and honestly i love it, its come a far way since launch because at launch it was UNPLAYABLE

  48. you know what, I would somewhat compare this to Witcher 2. CDPR trying some new things, not really figuring out the gameplay in it, however creating amazing characters (Panam, Judy, etc. in Cyberpunk and Letho, Iorveth and Roche in Witcher 2), great, but short main story and ending it all with a nice soundtrack. Both were huge experiments and strayed from the previous game in many ways, and both could've been much better, but still were good.

  49. I beat the game on PS4 pro at launch and thought it was a great game that told an important story. Only had to reload a few times because of glitches/crashes. Regular quick saves helped with this.

  50. Aside from the funny bugs I get I actually am having so much fun doing the side quests so the main story because helping out a mayor was the easiest 17000 eddies I've made

  51. I had the opposite experience. Pre-ordered. It was filled to the brim with bugs and unplayable. It’s a shame because i was actually kind of having fun when it did work, which was 1/10 of the time.

  52. I don't think you can spend over 100 hours in a game and say that it's a bad game. Maybe if there was an update that ruined it but that's probably the only case.

  53. It reminds me of Arkham Knight a lot when it was first released it wasn't received well but later on got a larger fan following.

  54. I mean I love Cyberpunk and it is a good game but lets not fool ourselves even though its much better at launch there are still very glaring issues. I dont mind people being fanboys I took off a whole week for launch of this game still play it today. But if we dont identify these issues and let the developers know they wont worry about them for the next game and subpar becomes status quo and thats not good for anyone.

  55. I played at Launch on PC and Xbox One, and have since played on Series X. I think the game was always good, just a mess technically, even on PC. It’s like people don’t remember every Bethesda game that they love.

  56. I just want more content, like a new storyline or something. I’ve done everything, 3 more gigs isn’t enough lol. Getting David’s jacket and Rebecca’s shotgun was pretty badass though, the show is awesome.

  57. played 40 hrs on a Ps4 Pro at launch and it sucked, lots of glitches/bugs and what made me quit was a sidequest that got bugged and couldn’t complete it on my save, last 2 weeks on Ps5 ive played about 90 hrs so far and barely getting any bugs/glitches and the sidequest I couldn’t complete before is now doable, I love the game alot now but I SHOULDN’T HAVE TO WAIT YEARS UNTIL A GAME IS FINALLY GOOD it’s fuckin bullshit

  58. I finished the game in PS4, before most of the patches, technically the game was broken, but if i still finished it's because it was good. Now I'm having even more fun on PS5.

  59. They put the game out knowing it wasn’t ready. On top of that, there were a ton of things promised that just didn’t end up in the final game even with the patches. I played it at launch on pc and enjoyed it even with the floating guns and cars flying across the map and I’m playing it again now and it’s much more stable. I’m again having a good time with it. It’s a sold game. Combat can be played in so many ways it can be like 3 totally different games.

  60. The thing is if you’re expecting an RPG rich in depth as close to the Witcher 3 or others like how CDPRJ pitched it, you’ll be severely disappointed and won’t like it and you’ll be right for feeling so. However if you go into the game expecting an excellent open world action adventure experience, you’ll love it and may even find it better than it’s contemporaries i.e Horizon Forbidden West, AC Valhalla, & Far Cry etc. It outshines them in terms of it’s narrative & engaging dialogue, memorable characters, unique open world design & setting, not bloated and full of great side quest lines worth your time, making you want to do them rather than force you to. I can’t help but wonder if CDPRJ was just more honest with their marketing & pitch it as the action adventure game it is, maybe people’s sentiment towards it would be in a more positive light (granted if it released in a stable state). But that’s the price of false promises. I personally avoided all trailers, showcases & marketing for the game so I was pretty happy & satisfied with what I got. But the fans sitting in anticipation rooting for CDPRJ were betrayed so there’s that

  61. My first run on PC has overall been going pretty well so far. Still feels a touch unfinished in some respects, and definitely hasn't been a bug free experience, but it's been genuinely enjoyable, enough that even the more serious bugs haven't given me more than a few moments of frustration.

  62. Ive been playing since launch and you people have had to have gotten a bad copy because ive never seen anything bad happening in the game

  63. I got into 2077 after edgerunners. after just getting a ps5 a few days ago, I figured it was the perfect time to get back into it. I'm enjoying it. it's fun. definitely not perfect. solid 7/10 so far.

  64. If you like and think its good, then good for you. But lets let not pretend the game is a 10/10 suddenly over a fucking anime, which is 8/10 at best as well as the game. Its just as sickening to see people say the game is trash 1/10, just as it is sickening to see people ignore everything and say "its 10/10 fOR Me i dOnT CaRe".

  65. oh it’s definitely not a 10/10 it’s more a 5.8/10 imo but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad game and i absolutely love the game

  66. I played it on PC since release and never had a single bug, the world is just dead and the story is way too short

  67. The game feels a bit emptier/less alive than the Witcher 3, but it's still fun. I'm kinda bummed that we don't get to take down all the gangs, the prologue mission with the scavs and Jackie seemed like there'd be more gang fighting.

  68. Despite glitches this game rips, I had such a fun time in the world and being apart of the story. Sorry not sorry I guess.

  69. Wish they didnt cast Keanu, i love the man but his style dont fit in I wish the main story was bit more, there always something lacking about it and Adam Smasher bit like Mr.X from RE

  70. it was still so good, i dropped 241hrs from release in two weeks. Playing it now it's sooo much better. Probably one of my favorite SP franchises with the other two being kingdom hearts and souls series.

  71. I personally love the game, it’s my second all time favorite. I’ve played since launch and it wasn’t perfect, but it keeps getting better!

  72. I don't get it. That comment is stating their own opinion; it's not telling you to not enjoy the game. Shouldn't the title be "I literally can't accept some people just not like the game, it's good :/"?

  73. i played the game on launch on a XOS love it and never had any of the issues people were bitching about on the same machine type.

  74. I've had the game since launch on Xbox One S and experienced small, minimal glitches through three playthroughs and have loved every second. Bold, I know.

  75. My complain of the game is that it went from an RPG to an action game somewhere in the middle of production

  76. Damn I remember that. Everyone says it was a horrible launch and the game was unplayable as I was inside saying it was a really fun game and couldn’t put it down. I was a continuous happiness.

  77. Some people hate on cyberpunk because they refuse to acknowledge the story is solid. I hate on cyberpunk because the biggest case of false advertising since fo76 was forgotten about because of a cartoon

  78. The only problem I have with this game is how uninspired all the systems are. It's obvious that they wanted to do something more, but in the given time they only could adapt W3 solutions.

  79. the biggest issue with the systems was that they had years to work on the game, but they spent most of it on the story and developing the world itself, leaving very little time to develop the guns, cyberware, and perk systems. I am completely on board with you on this one.

  80. I live in a country where a lot of people talk a lot about CP2077 without having played it at all, and they think it's a terrible game, even though they haven't even bought or played it, and I often feel bad about that:-(

  81. This game is really good. I finished 100% elden ring just before start cyberpunk. Wow thats so good. I get the platine and i can tell you… im a big Soul fan…. But cyberpunk… is better then elden ring. :/

  82. Not bad, just outdated. It's basically techno Skyrim, ironically offering a very limited experience

  83. Lots of these garbage copy paste posts lately. Is cdpr paying people to make these ‘hey let’s forget about how bad this game was for two years’ something is fishy

  84. People having rose glasses from the anime or some people are hard on copium + some CDPR PR sprinkle. The game is still underdelivered after almost 2 years after release and people treat is a masterpiece.

  85. I get that people like the game I just want them remember the lies that were told prior to the games release.

  86. I'm on both sides, the game is good for what it is, I enjoy it. But it's not what was promised and there are some glaring features that should be in the game (especially by now). Such as: working tram system, vehicle customization, third person perspective mode, police chases, and better apartment customization are what comes to mind.

  87. It doesn't matter how good the game seems to others, nobody should forget that it is a scam and CDPR management took no responsibility for deliberately doing it.

  88. Im on the other side of this boat, what I managed to play of the game on a XOne S I fucking loved, however I ended up hating the game because I literally couldn't finish it because of the performance. would I play it again on a better system? Fuck yes I would. Can I afford said system? No. So just give me a refund so I can use the 60 bucks on a game I can play

  89. Was actually considering playing this until I learned they purposely avoided including the best genre fit for cyberpunk- synthwave. It's no wonder the game is half-finished and riddled with bugs they couldn't even get the music right.

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