Sure hope I don’t suffer from cyberpsychosis…

  1. A angry little rockerboy slowly taking over his brain slapping whenever psychosis starts happening also works you know

  2. Weight limit was a stupid design choice for this game and so many others lol. Getting the unlimited carry weight mod/console command and the one the changes the sell price of guns to 5x value actually makes the game so much better (economy is bad otherwise IMO).

  3. yeah I'm super sad how even though the launcher takes only one arm you can't replace the other arm with a mantis claw

  4. You have an angry little rocker boy in your head, commenting on everything you do, sure thing you are not psychotic…. ;)

  5. Johnny: I was wrong earlier, V. You do have the charisma and impressive cock. Now we'll use that cock to smack the fuck out of Arasaka.

  6. Considering the post by Mike, if you're all good in the head before the chrome, you should be fine with the chrome.

  7. Every V is a career criminal with a suicidal dream and later with another person in their head who's definitely insane, that ship sailed before he became a cyberpunk.

  8. even worse two of those subdermals are actively making him worse, conductor outclasses grounding plating while being made useless by it, same for heat converter and fireproof coating as well

  9. They should've managed Cyberware better, like having a humanity stat and most of the modifications decreasing the humanity to the point of getting cyberpsychosis checks (same as Bloodlines with Frenzy checks) so you have to balance it and sometimes release yourself at moments where you can afford it. The PnP Cyberpunk has it, so it's just another mechanic thrown on the pile of plenty...

  10. Technically the pnp rulebook also says that not every cyberpsycho is a raging pyschopath, some can more or less function normally in society without rage-murdering everyone in their way. There are symptons that shows though. Sadistic behaviour, kleptomania, etc. Cant remember all. Players usually show half of these anyway.

  11. Maybe before the Relic made a latticed disaster outta their brain. After that, V is just a walking, talking chip-bank with a time limit.

  12. I wish the game actually had a cyberpsycho system, so that like the more chrome you get the more your general status starts getting affected. Maybe cops could be more sensitive and you’d be just generally weaker.

  13. Randomly blinking to new locations (losing time), maybe sometimes covered in blood (make the showers useful!) and dead bodies. Shooting at enemies that aren’t really there. Shooting at enemies that are actually civilians.

  14. bro i love the second heart it so cool to revive to full health after diying once it make's your feel like you are a anime character

  15. Last time I fought smasher with a level scaling mod he clipped me with a rocket and I went down hard. Good thing for the second heart!

  16. I thought I was rich and considered a high class citizen with my 4.1million Eurodollars and here you are with 34 million🫠 how did you even get that much?

  17. Some Chad of a modder needs to create a weaponized Mr. Stud. Just imagine the fun you could have laying waste to the Tyger Claws with V's hip thrust animation. Not to mention the justice you could pour upon Adam Smasher.

  18. At least for the subdermal components, it's possible most layers are extremely thin. You could probably get away with something like the electricity- and heat- immunity weaves by piping their respective energies through dedicated conduits in the armor plating, for example.

  19. After going to such lengths to pack your character with so many features I'm kinda shocked you didn't go for the Epic version of the Fortified Ankles.

  20. Would that actually be a good or bad thing to add to the game, the more implants you have the higher the risk for cyber sycosis?

  21. For those who actually rock this mod do remember to only put one of the melee arms in. The second slot is for the projectile launcher. Putting two melees in causes the game to glitch

  22. With all the talk of cyberpsychosis and the dangers of over-cyberization, I figured there would eventually be a mechanic in the game related to it, but no. You can fill every slot with no consequences.

  23. Nah just lie to yourself that you’re special (like a certain someone did) then proceed to go psycho because you’re not in fact, special.

  24. grounding plating cancels out inductor's effect and inductor also does what grounding plating does and more

  25. What attributes have you invested in because something isnt adding up. Atleast 18 int to get the int cyberware. Atleast 20 body to get the legendary skeleton. Atleast 18 reflex to get legendary kerenzikov and Atleast 18 cool (i think) to get the legendary all resistance cyberware. To get that 77 attribute points is reqired and 71 is the highest possible to get

  26. That is neat! I'd like to platinum this game on ps5 and I'm worried about buying all cars, so I'm not buying anything in the game. If you don't mind me ask, how could I farm so much money like you?

  27. all me crazy but I distinctly remember that in one interview they talked about how they will put a mechanic in the game where you'd have to balance out cyberware or you'll get negative effects that get worse over time until psychosis or something

  28. This is one of the things that I was disappointed with. In pre-release materials there was a lot about cybepsychosis and the dangers of using cyberware especially from unknown or street sources.

  29. Such a shame they never did anything with cyberpsychosis in the game. After seeing edgerunners and how using the sandevistan more than twice is dangerous, I really wish they had something like that in the game.

  30. I'd be cool if there were a mod or dare I say cdpr make cyberpsychosis a thing ... but that's just wishful thinking

  31. I don't know if I'm playing the game right, but I just finished the quest to talk to Brigitte and I have the least possible modded V. I've done a few side quests, but quests requiring money keep me from buying mods.

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