What did you say to get this reaction?

  1. I feel like Lucy just left for the moon alone no personal items if she wanted the jacket she would've took it with her

  2. "The whole Cyberpunk storyline was meant to be the Corpo Lifepath Storyline and they didn't get to the Street Kid and Nomad Lifepaths. That's why Saburo is the only Legend mentioned in the game and Johnny was just tossed in last minute and changed to fit."

  3. "Oh hey Lucy look outside, the nudist is back in front of his window again. Dude! Put on some shorts, don't need to see that crap! Trying to drink my fucking coffee over here! For real, don't you have one towel in your entire apartment? You fucking crazy asshole."

  4. "Oh shit man that's fucking plastic! You chromed your dick? That had to hurt. Gives new meanig to the phrase hard as iro..."

  5. "I have commmited untold acts of tax evasion and stole no less then half of the Arasaka tech in the city. Adam Smashser is outside and I plan to steal his fuckable meat for legal reasons. I assure you my psychosis is perfectly organic."

  6. I think that’s the point. It’s supposed to be kinda funny I think… it’s honestly perfect for Adam Smasher.?

  7. Probably screeching a guitar like a total gonk thinking I’m the next Johny silverhand, while I’m just wearing my underwears and be like: “Hoi Choombah!”

  8. If David hadn't been such an emotional mess, he might have used the cyberskeleton better. That's probably your fault.

  9. Basically anything said by people who dismissed Edgerunners, wrote it off or avoided it like it was the plague and say CDPR’s attempt to release it since they lost too much money to cancel it.

  10. "niiice. How much?.... I meant for me to get a pair of kiroshis like that for myself. Well, fuck. This is awkward. I'm Dingo. How about I buy you an apology?"

  11. MFW some of the newbs to this sub say: “She’s not a lolli, she’s 18, so it’s fine I’m over 20 and have saved 3,000 Rebecca pics.”

  12. Edge runners wasn’t a good anime. The voice acting was sub-par and consequently the characters (with the exception of Becky RIP you hilarious gunhead) felt flat and insincere.

  13. Lucy, smash kill David. Yeah about that soul killer because of him he’s in arasaka I don’t think I can get David back because Adam smasher is guarding him and he made me destroy his jacket

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