CDPJ hinted that there are ”secrets to be found” related to the Edgerunners Anime series. Have you guys found anything besides the jacket you get from the tie in quest?

  1. Has anyone managed to find Lucy's apartment, I feel like it should be in the same block as Cloud but unable to trace it down yet.

  2. It looks like the same apartment complex Judy lives in, has the same structure and graffiti. Also her apartment is literally right next to Judy's. Trust me, I've been there enough times.

  3. I feel that based on how this show seems to take place before 2077 starts, her apartment got cleaned out and someone else is now living in it.

  4. I always wonder is it possible to get Lucy's outfit for our characters. Not necessary for the exact same one, a similar one will do

  5. Exactly after watching the show, it's disappointing how there are no things, maybe because they didn't want to spoil the show. I hope they add them in update 1.7

  6. I see a lot of people theorising that David's bike might be findable, isn't it just a normal Yaiba Kusanagi in red? like the one we already have (makes a lot of sense for it to be since its an Akira reference)

  7. In the last episode theres also a scene where David switches back to his old self and you can see him walking around the same streets he walked around at the beginning. Theres one scene in particular where he's standing on an empty street in the dark and suddenly it turns to daylight. I am pretty sure that was also the same street where that famous day/nighttime switching bug came from no?

  8. A secret that was added in Patch 1.5 was a location in episode 4. We found a key there for someone, I wonder if anything has changed there since.

  9. I thought it was the dumpsters at the start of the Space Oddity mission? I checked today but didn't find anything about Kiwi.

  10. Far too lazy to read the thread, but found 2 "new" shards. One about Arasaka Academy, and one on how not to have shards pickpocketed...

  11. Not 100% sure, but David's apartment (the big and luxurious one, the one where he lived with Lucy) seems to be V's apartment in the ending with Rogue (or the secret ending).

  12. By the time I got to Adam in the game (Around time of release), I basically punched him to death with the Gorilla Arms. Good way to end the boss now having seen what he did to Rebecca and David in the anime.

  13. I believe one of the developers said there are 2 secrets in the show clip featured in the BD found in-game.

  14. I wish you could find David's sandevistan, I get it was just supposed to be a regular military grade one but it would have been sick if you could find it and it was iconic, like maybe in smashers private room.

  15. I hop in the future updates cdpr adds more things from edgerunners, because after watching the show and comparing with the game, there is extremely few things.

  16. You find the XBD in trash can next to a mega building in Arroyo and watch it. It will start a quest to get the jacket. The jacket will be close to El Capitan on the wall behind him.

  17. The jacket Becca’s shotty Messages from falco And here to hoping there’s more I’m noting major battle locations from the show and going there in game to see if there’s anything tucked away

  18. Yes, but unless there are new clues in the anime for it I don't think they're connected. The ARG had been ongoing for years.

  19. Not really any actual Easter eggs, but pretty sure David lived in mega building 04. Accidentally found the subway station he uses. Also a few other random locations in the show were really recognizable. Animators definitely traced Screen caps from the game and I love it

  20. I think this is just a complete coincidence, but in one of the side gigs there was a character who stalks one of the Us Cracks girls who's last name is Martinez. I played the mission before the anime so I'm not really sure if she's a relative of david and gloria or just a random person with a common name.

  21. Since the show has been extremely well recieved (Currently a whopping 100% on rotten tomatoes). I’m sure they will be adding more easter eggs/content relating to the show in future updates.

  22. I just found a BD a little while earlier and it was of the anime and cyberpsycho David Martinez. Haven't watched it yet but the BD was pretty cool and it started a quest. It was up north in the docks area, by the monk with upgrades. Sorry I also don't know of a lot of this is old news or what but just thought I would post my findings just in case.

  23. Well i just spent 90 minutes looking all over where david and becca died and couldnt find one little thing of a memorial type thing. Kinda lame you think they would have at least put a carving into one of the trees with their initals or something. Yeah her shotgun is on top in a bush but its just not the same. I wanted to drop some beer on the ground for my homies😭

  24. Anyone have a chance to check out the kiddie snuff BD site (I think the gig was called Dirty Biz)? Location is featured is episode 5 and the other known quest is triggered by watching a BD.

  25. I found the body of one of the characters from the series on a balcony in Japantown, however that was months ago. Also, there is a drink in the Afterlife named after David Martinez I found. That's all I've seen so far that I connected the dots on though, and prior to patch 1.6 also. Haven't found any Edgerunners specific stuff in 1.6 yet, but just started a 3rd playthrough so I'll likely discover some things eventually. :)

  26. Found the green spray on the back of the jacket on a wall. when i looked at it the trailer for the show played.

  27. I'm pretty sure all the songs in Edgerunners is already in the game and have been. Only the Intro and Outro songs are new.

  28. A huge expansion Phantom city is coming out in 2023 😎🤙 it will be next gen only tho along with all other updates and dlc's to come.. so they can give us all the things they initially wanted to and more before the initial launch in 2020.. they learned from there mistake of releasing it on last gen and with this expansion we are going to see alot of new and exciting things, 2 things they said are a complete rehaul of the police ai and public ai and they are also adding vehicle combat and that's just the tip of the iceberg of what we'll be getting let alone the story continuation that will be the expansion obviously lol

  29. i found a "braindance" on some trash can in an alley, but it was just a cinematic, no interaction, just watch it.

  30. You need to do the quest where you watch a clip from the anime. After that you’ll receive a message about a gift and if you go to the specified location you’ll find a jacket there. The jacket is a reward for doing this new quest.

  31. The place where they take Gloria Martinez after the accident is in the game. It’s a side mission, don’t remember witch one.

  32. So in what year does Edgerunner take place? By any chance can we have a side mission involved Lucy in the future?

  33. I found a piece of graffiti that had a bd clip near it I think, or maybe ot was just viewing the graffiti, but it played a clip from a character in the show and opened up a new quest where I'm supposed to find the guy. Led to a phone call where they pretty much told me to stop looking for the guy. I apologize I'm not right in front of the game to see name of quest nor did I write down the area. I found it the day after the patch so I assumed it was common knowledge, judging by this thread I guess not.

  34. Went to the hotel from episode 6, which I think also has a mission at it esrlier in the game and no reference what so ever. Also were max tac kills the cyberpsycho nothing and same at the scav haunt as well.

  35. i looked at this picture wrong and thought it was a pokemon at first, to be fair i have a few pokemon posts above this on home

  36. Hey look around Megabuilding H4! I just found a random BD in the trash that was a 5ish minute video from Edgerunners about a cyberpsycho!

  37. I was watching the TV news channel 54 in Vs room and some guy took over the TV with like a morphing skull head and started spouting some pretty crazy stuff. Can't remember if that's part of the original story or not, also haven't seen the anime yet but I just don't remember that.

  38. Haven't done a new playthrough yet, but I had been hoping for David- and Lucy-like character customization options. Anything like that there? Lucy's rainbow hair and makeup is dope.

  39. Not a secret, but remember that side with Kerry outside nc? When you hide behind a bus stop with him. During episode 10 you can see the exact same location with the same bus stop. Cool detail

  40. I thought it was entertaining to see the runner living in what becomes V's apartment. The first one, that is. Completely same internal layout. Hell, looked like the same furniture and decor.

  41. I found the place where the BD artist was doing his stuff, and there was 2 BD editor there one of them teaching the other how to edit i think it was an NCPD mission

  42. David lived in Megabuilding H4. The xBD you find is david’s old wreath, with the JK xBD inside it. You also find the wreath outside of Megabuilding H4 in the garbage. It’s the same xBD that David watches in episode one with the cyber psycho that has the Sandevistan, essentially setting off the chain of events in Edgerunners.

  43. I’m only, I think, about 30-50% of the way through the CP77 campaign, do you guys think I should watch edgerunners now or wait til after? I don’t want spoilers but I guess if I run into edgerunners stuff now now knowing what it is maybe that takes the value away from it if you see what I’m saying

  44. The Anime? Don’t know the exact year but it’s before V comes back to night city. 1-2 yrs before maybe?

  45. Hello . May I ask somebody who reads it if they could possibly sacrifice their time to take this pic and remove the cyberpunk edge runners text from it? I do love to have this pic but clean.

  46. You can watch the very first scene of the Anime if you can find the BD. I can't remember where exactly it was, but close to one of the mega buildings in the south east of the city. Basically next to the entrance you can find an edge runner graffiti, with the BD next to it

  47. If you go around konpeki plaza (near the 3 people who are kneeling) you can find Becca's shotgun! Lemme know if you find something else chums!

  48. I have visited his room on the boat and unfortunately there where no easter eggs in there :/ (or at least i didn’t find any)

  49. Oh my God I came on here to get some legit information from like minded gamers that are more intelligent than me and all I fucking see is no. Stop dribble about if the apartment is Judy’s apartment just no stop …. Are fucking serious . Like we can’t even get past the smallest shot anymore without having a major fucking debate about it good God guys get off of it who gives a shit!!!!! Fuck yes it’s her apartment let’s move the fuck on

  50. You can go to the spot where Rebecca died and get her shotgun.. its called guts 😎🤙 its in between the araska and militech buying right where Adam smasher came crashing down

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