Is the game good now?

  1. Can you have a good time playing this game with a melee/guns build? I’d love to try this game but I don’t have the attention span for all the tech part of it. Can you pleat through and have a good time just roughhousing it like Fallout?

  2. 100% the systems aren’t as complicated as it seems. The skill trees are pretty self explanatory and it’s easy to stick to what you want to do. This run I’m doing a Body/Technical run and only running blunt weapons and all sorts of guns but there’s also a bladed weapon skill tree and skill trees for specific gun types. There’s plenty of ways to play I’m planning on doing at least 3 runs I’m on my second one now and having a blast (except for the crashes.) definitely worth playing imo. Might have to recommend console version a little more than pc version just because the game wouldn’t crash every time I upgraded something or simply closed the map menu.

  3. I saw the ending where Johnny leaves night city in your body after inspiring someone to be a musician - how does that work if your character is female? I mean, the kid wouldn't say "You couldn't possibly be Johnny Silverhand" - if you're not male?

  4. Even after almost 2 years of owning this game, after countless updates, there’s still one fucking vehicle that I wanna buy but I can’t cause it’s still glitched under the fucking floor. Story is still better than any marvel movie ever made tho.

  5. In Terms of builds, This game isn’t grim dawn or POE, but neither are most rpgs. Especially if they aren’t squarely focused on combat. For a game with so much focus on story, open world, role play stuff, I think the build variety is at least decent.

  6. After upgrading to 1.61, my main save from 1.6 that is in act2 always crashes during load, My alt nomad test save from 1.6 that was still in the prologue can be loaded.

  7. If you leave the ‘linear path’ of the story is a mess. The open world is empty and the generic NPCs, gangs, police are still dumb. The main story is good, but still buggy.

  8. I find my self in a GTA vibe when I'm just driving on the highway, no destination in mind, listening to music(a mix btw my music and the games soundtrack), and loving the scenery. The game is such a vibe✌🏿

  9. My only option at the point of no return is Hanako, how far back in hours of gameplay do I need to go in order to get the other choices? Is the gameplay for different choices only worth watching the other endings on youtube?

  10. before you enter to talk to hanako you get do everything for the alt endings. you just need to know what you should do for alt endings.

  11. How far into the game are you by the time you're taught about all the game mechanics? Cyberware, ripperdoc, weapon function, hacking etc.

  12. The game teaches you all of the meaningful mechanics long before act 1 finishes, when the story and world really open up to explore.

  13. Worth picking up on Xbox series S? I'm not the kind of person worries about frame rates etc just want to know it performs ok before purchase. Ta

  14. Yes, I play on the series S and it’s good in performance mode and quality mode. I’m 25 hours into my play through and I’ve had to re-load a save twice I think because something messed up, but I keep the game on quick resume so that could be what caused that.

  15. Rather than asking about the performance, I wanted to know if there’s still a mountain of promised features lacking that still hasn’t been added to the game or if it has. Basically have they’ve been able to do a “No Man’s Sky” or is the current Cyberpunk 2077 not even remotely close to the one promised pre-release?

  16. Hey I went in blind, didn't know all the drama beforehand, I bought the game 2 months ago and depends on what you're looking for after the main story. There are tons of quests and cyberware to unlock bc you have to be certain levels in areas to equip certain gear which is a bit of a grind and scavenger hunt bc certain RipDocs have different wares. I'm playing on XBSX and I love it but like I said I didnt follow all the drama at release, just didn't care bc it's nothing new with games, it really isnt. Basically the fanbase is split. You either forgave them and play it or ppl keep whining about what's not in the game🤷🏿‍♂️.. its been almost 2 years..which is pointless, the games doing really well now. It is what it is. It's fun and entertaining that's all that matters to me. Also last gen was holding the game back, all updates from now on are only PC and next gen so I wanna believe those promises will get fulfilled.

  17. the open world is still empty, after you finish the story and the significant characters' sidequests, and that one sidequest with the 'cyberpsychos', there's nothing left to do. The story does pack quite a punch tho, it's a good "movie game" with some fps action

  18. Had the game for a year on ps4 (I know, but I can’t get a ps5 nor do I have the budget for a good enough pc). I got locked out of the voodoo boys main story quest by a bug, and dropped the game till last week. My god, this is a contender for my favorite game.

  19. Dumped 250 hours this last few weeks into it completed 3 separate endings and 100% the world. Yes, game is fire now.

  20. Been loving it since launch (even on Console PS4 then, now Xbox series S) there were some bugs and there still are but god damn do I adore this game and its setting

  21. I started playing it again after launch and it now works very well and i am enjoying it. Quite unfortunate that it took me 2 years to start enjoying it after pre ordering :D

  22. I just got the game on PC thanks to the steam sale and I've been having a blast and there are very few bugs. I've seen more bugs in vanilla Skyrim. But it's still only barely playable for me. For some reason the game is locked to maybe 30 to 40 fps even in menus. Neither the cpu nor gpu are pegged at they're max, not even close. It's bizzare.

  23. Try these things. Properties of the exe and disable full screen optimization. Update GPU drivers. If you have gsync or freesync turn off vsync in game and cap fps to your max refresh rate. Try full-screen vs borderless windowed to see if that changes. I had to do a lot of tweaking to get the game running smooth

  24. Playing it for the first time now Nov 2022 (PS5) and it is buggy as absolute fuck. I’ve encountered game breaking bugs (reload earlier save or delete save altogether) 3 times and it has crashed half a dozen times all in the space of the 5 hour trial on PSPlus.

  25. Yes. After a year of patches, the game runs smoothly on my PS5. I had a blast playing the game and to be honest, the story is REALLY GOOD! Props to CDPR for fixing the game and giving players what they deserve.

  26. So, I’ve been really interested in Cyberpunk since pre-launch, but I didn’t end up buying it then because I read about all the glitches and stuff. And while I did buy it like last year, I ended up refunding it because I couldn’t help but feel like something was wrong with the brightness, I couldn’t really grasp exactly what it was, but it didn’t seem like something that was naturally meant to be the case, and was just a glitch.

  27. Depends that had fixed w some patch but still these some glitch I play on ps4(2013) and it handles it, but the cpc character can walk through the walls that’s a recurring bug for me for rest it’s good.

  28. It’s an amazing game but I doubt it’s worth it on the one S if it runs it wouldn’t run well but it’s mostly bug free and I’ve never encountered anything game breaking after about 200 hours so far

  29. On PS4Pro. Updated to the current patch after beating it on 1.2. Game crashes randomly even more now, but there are some good quality of life changes like being able to transmog outfits and the economy getting a couple of beneficial tweaks.

  30. I'm also on ps4 pro and I can't play for more than a few hours without the game crashing randomly, also the frame rate seems much more inconsistent. I agree that the quality of life improvements are great but I'm still experiencing an intrusive amount of bugs, like sandevistan having no clear parameters and often not working at all, laptops going blank and becoming inaccessible, and melee finishers cancelling sandevistan/kerenzikov immediately. My biggest issue with cyberpunk 2077 is still counterintuitive quest design and badly scripted events, and unfortunately, as far as I can tell, these haven't been noticeably changed, if at all.

  31. Bought the game yesterday on sale, played for the first time today. Looks awesome so far with fun gameplay but I encountered a few bugs very early on with some of them being really annoying.

  32. I just recently fired it up for my first real playthrough in the last couple weeks. Great game. Incredible atmosphere that just pulls you into the story. Beautiful vertically built world that encourages you to get out of your car and parkour around. If they took the Witcher 3 map and cut it into four equal pieces and stacked them on top of each other, that's how Night City feels size-wise for me. It's a little Witcher/Elder Scrolls and a little GTA/Red Dead. If those genera are your bag there's no way you can't have fun with Cyberpunk.

  33. I think it's great. Haven't run into any bugs. Fun storyline. I'm not an avid gamer and this is the first game I've played that was released post circa 2016 other than a random session on a friend's console here and there so getting to see how far games have come while I've been away is super cool.

  34. Good game enough for me. It delivered what it was promised. A solid RPG game set in the bleak future of Cyberpunk.

  35. Just started playing on PC, I'm about 30 hours in and haven't found a single bug or glitch or anything. Might be your PC

  36. I was thinking of asking the same thing. I also bought it at lunch day and refunded it. What bothered me the most was the lack of detail. Lately I been playing red dead redemption 2 (again) and it just crazy the amount of detail in the Rockstar games. The world feels alive. A feeling I never got from cyberpunk. Since it is currently on sale, I thought giving another go.. but now it might not be worth the hassle?

  37. Hi, i also bought the game on launch and refunded it shortly after. Then i saw RTgame playing it and bought it again played it for a bit stoped playing. Then 1 or 2 months ago i got my Steamdeck installed cyberpunk. Now its one of my favourite games on the steamdeck (whit a bit of changing the settings it doesent look bad and rund on a stabel 30 fps wich is good). The game is not bugfree but most of the bugs are minor and i didnt find any gamebreaking ones yet. So if you dont mind the ocsional bug (most are also pretty funny) i would recommend it. The guns are good and some pretty funny(like the dildo sword/knife wich vibrates the whole time)and most of the cars are pretty fun to drive (especialy the Motorcykles)

  38. I understand that the non-bug-related issues with the game (the puddle-depth "open world", stupid AI and NPC spawning system, &c.) are basically unchanged from launch.

  39. I got the platinum in 1.5. The only annoying part is sometimes the fixer messages for purchaseable cars don't pop and you have to go into and out of the zone and skip a few days time to make it happen. That would prevent you from buying all cars.

  40. I love the game and think it's in a better state than at launch, but there are still a lot of things busted in it (Athletics skill XP, about 100 things wrong with the crafting system). I also think the weapon and armor systems are just totally mismatched for the setting/atmosphere. It's a weird ludonarrative dissonance where everything is customizable in the setting, but only mildly so in the game's mechanics. But despite its flaws, it's still one of my favorite games of all time and worth a play-through if you 're into the cyberpunk setting or games with compelling stories.

  41. I think it’s been good from day 1, sure there were a lot of bugs and glitches but I’ve never found a better game where you can just explore and get so involved and invested with the characters and story

  42. Started playing it yesterday and yes the game is really fun! There are some bugs here and there but otherwise it’s really good.

  43. Once you get past the first act, most gigs and side jobs will be available. There are a few side jobs tied to the main story quests, but they’re close to the end of the game.

  44. How good is the Combat? I’m really considering getting it but I’m worried that the combat might get complicated as the game goes on or if it just doesn’t feel good at all.

  45. IMO it’s fun, but the AI is bad. They feel like shitty robotic killers. Still, because the game offers an inmense variety of playstyles, it’s quite fun

  46. So first off I'll say the game's story is well worth the money even if the combat was horrible. With that said I remember watching videos of the pre-released game and thinking "oh I won't like this" because the combat looked too goofy to me with the hit counter score and movements...I could not have been more wrong. It definitely doesn't play like call of duty...meaning its not bad but its just different...but I enjoy it a lot. Once you get used to the mechanics you can really kick ass. As mentioned prior a lot also depends on your character build.

  47. The combat has a lot of variation on what you want to do as a player. It boils down to what your play style is and if you're using cyberdecks/Sandevistan/berserk. I found that before lvl 15, if you're playing on high or higher difficulty, the game is especially hard. Then you snowball as you get perks and items. One thing that will probably remain is you're gonna be pretty frail no matter the armor you wear especially with the latest update reducing the clothing mods you can have on a clothing and restricting where some mods go.

  48. being a day 1 player i can say the combat is fun and has come a long way bug wise, it can be complicated for a short time but i always find myself having fun in gun fights and fist fights. all tho even though i’ve never played the game on controller only mouse and keyboard the game all around feels like it would be much better on controller

  49. anyone play on series S? what’s performance like? worth picking it up? i’m still scarred from playing the PS4 version

  50. I've been played on the Series S for about 6 hours now and it's fine so far, smooth 60fps with hardly any dips even in the major city areas, it still has some poor quality textures here and there, it doesn't LOOK much better than the PS4 version but definitely FEELS better with the 60fps, faster loading and better asset steaming, meaning the game doesn't have to pause to load if you're driving too fast.

  51. I'm just started playing it on series X, and with ray tracing on its not good. Lots of frame drops and stuttering. To be honest, the graphics are nice but a bit underwhelming for next gen. But it runs fine on performance mode...

  52. I got it on PS5 two weeks ago and it’s ran fine for me. Only issue is some random crashes sporadically

  53. I had bought it on PS4 and it barely even ran. I couldn’t shoot guns or get into a car without everything going haywire.

  54. If you haven't played since launch, would old saves be compatible with the current version, or would it be better to just start a new campaign?

  55. Yes, they will work, but if you don't play since launch, and you played just a few hours (my case) I'd recommend you to start over, the story is great, and you could miss some details by coming back almost two years later, but of course, it's up to you :)

  56. I played 25h at the release and got back now. Loaded m save had no idea how far I progressed in the story, what I have done and decided to start a new game. It was a good choice I'm 5h in and having a blast.

  57. Anyone who says this games story sucks needs to get a grip. The story is great and I’m only 10 percent into the game.

  58. Whats with the horrible PC performance with the newest patch? Before 1.61 I was getting 50 - 60 FPS with ray tracing ultra, now Im getting 40 - 50.

  59. Weird you say that because I felt like it got a performance boost with my ray tracing. I'm getting 10-15 more frames average than 1.6

  60. Is the game as good as people say it is now? I know I'm definitely going to buy the game because I love the concept of Cyberpunk and its beautiful grahpics but i wanna know if the gameplay is fun and the story is good (no spoilers please). Also are there going to be story expansions or anymore crazy updates coming soon like adding things they actually promised before the rough game launch?

  61. If you take the main story slow, the game is fantastic. The main story is short, but it's meant to be played slowly, with side quests in between main story quests.

  62. The story is definitely good. It has some pacing issues, mostly the urgency of the story vs actual gameplay, but the characters, their personal arcs, and the overall story itself is one of the best I’ve experienced in a game.

  63. I feel like it's a really cool world and story but you have to get it on next gen to even enjoy it. Also it sounds like progression is real messed up so u have to govern yourself or u will end up unstoppable.

  64. the game is very amazing now,the bugs are mostly fixed however there are still very minor bugs but it doesnt affect that much to your gameplay + its replayable ive played and finish the game 6 times in diffrent save and there are still some new things for me,there will be a dlc (entire new story) coming up january next year also there will be a new cyverpunk game called cyberpunk orion,it would be coming in 2023 or 2024,the 1.7 patch is rumoured to be the biggest patch of the game coming this or next month,the gameplay are just amazing there are 3 ways you can defeat the enemies for example:quick hack,kill them with weapons or stealth,there are lots of side quests that has depths in it for conclusions the game is very good to play,there would be new dlc,patches,game the gameplay is good, there are some minor bugs need to be fixed the story is fascinating (btw sorry for my english i know its bad)

  65. Forget what people say about the story, Its amazing. The game still needs some work (PC performance issues, still a bit buggy), but if you can put up with that the game is great.

  66. I've been playing for the first time since I saw edgerunners, and man am I enjoyjng the hell out of it. Im glad I waited but now definetly recommend, and am sad there won't be more than one dlc

  67. At least an entirely new game is already confirmed, we will have to wait, but I hope that the wait won't be too long :)

  68. Idk how anybody can disagree with this, you're spot on. I remember a few months ago I saw someone post a video of them completing a side-hustle using sandevistan and a sword. They literally wiped out 15 enemies in 15 seconds and completed the mission, and not a single enemy even noticed they were there. The title was describing how cool the "combat" was. IMO it showed the total opposite and, as you describe, the enemies in this game are like ants compared to any mid-game build.

  69. Do you play on normal? I found the game to be a nice challenge on hard until i got my sandevistan, even now if i fuck about i can easily end up dead

  70. If you play the game on Very Hard, the early game can be fairly challenging. And the combat is fun and versatile.

  71. I just started edgerunner and really enjoying it. I’m one of those people that opted for that PS4 refund and wondering how it runs on base PS4 now.

  72. I'd recommend you to play it on a PC or in a current gen console if it's possible, because the expansion that will come out sometime during next year won't be available for the previous gen consoles

  73. Yes. It is good now. I didn't like it at launch. I got a lot better once I got a new desktop and some patches went by so the framerate doesn't make me seasick.

  74. I absolutely think so. I think Edgerunner came out at the right time for the renewed interest. I've only had one bug that stopped me in my tracks, and I needed to cheat my way through. Yet another reason why I wouldn't recommend this on any platform other than PC, just in case. As it is, many bugs are funny or even charming. Like the fun stuff from the endlessly broken GTA and Fallout. I had 3 or 4 crashes in total in about 80 hours of gameplay.

  75. Just purchase this game for PS5 since it was 50% off. I have the highest resolution monitors the PS5 can handle for games right now so curious if anyone can let me know what graphics settings I should go with. Things I can keep on and other things I should definitely turn off, specifically for a better gameplay aspect more than best possible graphics.

  76. Without reading thousands of posts, would someone please advise if the game is worth getting on PS4? I am not ready for a PS5 until I get a new TV.

  77. I'd recommend you to play it on a PC or in a current gen console (PS5 in your case) if it's possible, because the expansion that will come out sometime during next year won't be available for the previous gen consoles, sooner or later you WILL play this game and you will enjoy it a lot for sure

  78. I played it on Xbox One S. The rendering was pretty slow and got annoying, and the load times is also slow. If you're expecting to get a PS5 soon, I'd recommend you wait so you can fully enjoy the game.

  79. I'm planning on getting the game soon. been excited for it since the release but chose to wait after seeing the state it came out in but now for the past 3 months i have been looking up and researching the game, i just want to know if the game is fully functional on the ps4 because I've been torn about if i should buy it or not because most say it works and there is others I've heard from saying it was a waste of time and money and not worth it at all. So does it work on the ps4 and is it worth it as a game besides the bugs and the glitches?

  80. I had a wonderful experience playing it on the PS4 (I preordered and didn't return, so I have been with it from the beginning and have seen the progression of bug fixes & patches) but I would say that, given how many people have had bad experiences on it, I would wait until you had a next gen console or could get it on PC. Less risk involved, unless you're willing to either return it, or waste $50 if it doesn't work.

  81. in my limited opinion, the bugs are ignorable and usually somewhat funny, but as a gameplay standpoint i'd say that it's definitely a replayable and worth a buy if you can handle a lot of talking before action. (again, limited experience, don't let this make your final decision if you don't really want the game)

  82. I'm on edge about buying it. I play on a xbox series S and curious if glitches are common or my console will turn into the sun when I play this game

  83. I just bought and played through over a week, straight binging the game for hours straight. I experienced about 5 glitches where I had to just save at that spot then reload to reactivate small things like computers. I only had one occurrence of a straight crash to home screen. Overall I'd say it performs really well and I had a worse time with Halo Infinite and RDR2 actually.

  84. This. My bro said he hated it when he had an XOne, then got a Series X and loved it. Within the span of the first month it came out.

  85. Playing it on ps5, ran into more mission breaking bugs the closer I got to finishing the main story. Also had to lower its graphics settings sonitd stop overheating my system.

  86. Did they ever fix previously earned trophies not popping? I uploaded my save where I was 60-70% thru the game and stopped playing once I realized that happened

  87. This is a good game, but holy shit the number of times you have to slowly follow someone or sit through unskippable scenes or animations is BRUTAL. Actively discourages me from attempting side jobs or missions.

  88. I like that part of the game actually, single players are mostly a cinematographyc experience than multiplayers so for me the cutscenes were pretty delightful

  89. Story took me about as much time to complete as a VR game would. Way too short for the cost. Should have spent less time on world building and more time making it a rich space to inhabit story wise

  90. Gotta disagree here. Yes, you could probably speed run the story in maybe 20 hours if you tried, but you miss out on so much if you do. This game still has 10 times the amount of main story content as any other recent triple A titles *cough* MWII *cough*. I just finished my second 100+ hour playthrough and still found new side stories I missed the first time.

  91. Not sure if this is the spot to ask this, but I run a 1660TI with a Ryzen 5 2600 and 16GB RAM and also own a Series S. Would it be better for me to buy the game on PC or Series S at the moment? Edgerunners got me extremely interested but I'm not sure which platform to play on.

  92. Late to this, but I bought and played the game at launch on a 6700K with a GTX 1070, loved it. It has only gotten more optimized over the past few years. If you’re planning on upgrading your PC eventually at least you’ll have it already. You can always use your Xbox controller on PC too. Plus, mod support if you’re into that. I have a few installed after my first playthrough. Enjoy!

  93. I’ve got similar pc specs, including a 1660ti, and had a good time playing it on release, mostly bug free. Recently started another play through and it’s running fine for me now. Can’t speak for the XBSS.

  94. I played the game with almost similar PC specs as yours back when the game was released. I would say that game was playable but hiccups and stutters occurred often and I was able to finish the game but didn't do much exploring as I didn't enjoy the frame drops. But what I thought of was that I'll be upgrading my PC anyway and that I'll be able to revisit and enjoy better settings at better frame rates. Which became worth it for me as I did upgrade my system and still enjoying the game today. Hope this helps even if I have no input with the Xbox series S.

  95. Sorry if this has been asked but is the game worth buying on Xbox One S? I know console players used to have the most problems and I heard they were dropping support on the Xbox one in favor of later Gen consoles, but after watching edgerunners I really wanna give the game a shot 😭

  96. I originally played on ps4 and personally didn’t have too many issues, I believe with the later patches they have sorted a lot of the stability on the older gen consoles although that has come at a price of some performance areas.

  97. Honestly the only problems I’ve had playing for 9 hours is it crAshed once (borderlands 3 crashes more often on ps4) and a npc was sat on a invisible chair. Overall it has been less buggy than Skyrim/fallout and those games have been out for years.

  98. I'm on PS5 — Just a couple crashes so far. Encountered a crazy bug during the Delamain fetch quest where cars would spontaneously spawn in a random place, with hilarious results.

  99. I’d hope so bc they’ve been on damage control for 2 years, Skyrim and older fallouts haven’t had an active patch in damn near almost a decade

  100. I need some help with the str8 menu mod for pc, I've asked in the mods sub but it seems to be dead. Every keypress gets detected as two. I try to turn on click gui but that makes the menu too small to see any options. Strangely, if I hold down a key and press other keys, the double press doesn't happen - but you still can't really use the menu. With the click gui, I can't resize the menu either. And it has this weird thing where the menu will end up wide and shrink back to its' original size. I've tried removing everything but CET which, iirc the menu requires in order to work.

  101. Just beat my first play through. It’s my new favorite game beating out the fallout series in terms of RPGs. Fallout like gameplay but with exceptional story/writing. Haven’t felt so immersed and actually emotionally invested in certain characters and quest lines in a long time.

  102. Curious if I should play it yet or wait and let it bake some more, get more patches and dlcs. I have bunches of other games I haven't touched yet, so waiting another year or 2 to play this would not bother me. I never play a video game twice, so if they made some groundbreaking patch/update after I finished I would never touch it.

  103. If it were released today, people wouldn't so much bat an eye at the lack of polish. It's what we can expect from open world games and certainly not one of the worst offenders. It feels like it's one or two proper patches in a modern game release.

  104. I just started after putting it off for two years, and it's good enough, but if you're up for waiting another year I'd go ahead and do that.

  105. It's exactly the same game from before, but your PC has gotten better, and they have done some bug fixes (and minor content stuff, but not ground breaking)

  106. If you enjoy a good story, and pretty good writing, good main quest story and some cool side missions, then yes, the game is good and it was good at launch too for that reason

  107. Started playing recently and enjoy it. However, it’s still buggy as hell. I’m currently stuck in a dialogue loop that I can’t escape. Basically going to have to start the game over 35 hours in unless there’s some other solution I can’t think of.

  108. Not sure if this is the place to ask this if not please let me know. Finished the game awhile ago 115hrs PS4/5. What are peoples thoughts on a NG+, is actually going to happen or just something else on the cutting room floor. The only thing I want to transfer over specs, with hope for skill progression. What is the community take on this if you don't mind me asking?

  109. How much side content is there compared to gta v, the witcher 3 and skyrim? Also is the extra content in the collectors' guide worth it? Is it available anywhere online? I ordered the normal guide because the special one would have been coming from overseas, and "the world of" book.

  110. Been replaying it for a few days because I wanted to get a good build. Noticed that shops stopped selling mods. Digging around a bit let me know that the devs are so disconnected from reality that they think that removing mods so that people won't just go for a meta is an acceptable thing to do in a bloody PvE. Really feel like deleting it again. What a waste of time. "Please, keep playing and grinding for items on our non-live service single player game". Talk about reeking of desperation. Wow.

  111. It's much more fun and rewarding experience playing throughout the game and finding the stuff yourself, fx an awesome mod. Like you also don't go to work and buy yourself a promotion...

  112. Okay… so revising my negative comments about the game. I started playing a week ago and was pretty underwhelmed by the story and gameplay.

  113. I don't know how could anyone say it's bad writing - literally every time I play this game, I discover new layer of "what ifs"- what can be or cannot be happening in some character's head, what their motivations could be, if they are speaking the truth or lying; quests are not giving simple answers for questions about what is good and what is evil, since there is no goodies and baddies in Night City - it's amazing how lore fits with the map and game's atmosphere and how much fucked up the stories are. And yes, it's sad that it become more action game with RPG elements than just RPG - it would be my 10/10 game if it only had more RPG in RPG. I get that it may be not your kind of story tho, everyone lookin' for different kind of joy. But sure, it's pretty fun pew-pew, vrooom, kaboom game.

  114. This game is so so so so much better than it was 2 years ago. Does it stand on its own now? Absolutely. Is it the gold standard on rpgs? Hell no. But they have a lot of good shit in there that didn’t start shining until the bugs were gone and content was added. Game is fun right now.

  115. I just got the game and started playing it when 1.61 dropped, I've just made it to the first part of the game where you go to your apartment. Where I learned that aiming your weapon in a place where no npcs can see you will trigger the npcs to run away screaming. I watched npcs run into my home, which is presumably locked? I also watched npcs clip through the broken gate they were just standing in front of and complaining about it being broken. Cops came, I ran into my home and went to sleep. Got up and the police npc are still just standing at my door and just...standing. I attack them and run back in my apartment and back out and its like nothing ever happened, they're just standing there doing nothing. Kill one and run back in and back out and it's like nothing happened. Oh, also learned npcs can go into my home and kill me and I can't use my weapon, health pack, or see my health in my home. Cool too.

  116. God this game is such an utter failure lol I’ve played through it 2 times now. Both times I came away feeling like this was one of the biggest letdowns of gaming history lol

  117. This game is Cyberpunk incarnate. If your PC can handle it, you are in for a treat. One of the best looking games with lots of nice looking locations for every mood. Cyberpunk city atmosphere is top notch. Gunplay is smooth and fun and there are nice variety of options to choose from. Conversations with NPCs had never been better!

  118. I'm on Orig Xbox one the only problems I have are if I talk then sleep at Judy's I get locked out of my inventory till I restart and until 1.61 ncpd missions were not completing because I didn't know spamming the collection glitches it. Besides that Night City even on this ancient thing is absolutely Stunning I be getting more mad they keep blocking off high points to overlook the city than any glitch.

  119. Just let me climb the ladder or get on top of that skyscraper lol wasting time blocking off that radio tower then adding a photo mode...stop it just let me waste time climbing up to the top. Also it is rendered as a solid object cuz I've launched my bike at a few and got a solid smack to the side lol.

  120. Original Xbox One player...Idk about everyone else but compared to how it was on release the game is actually enjoyable. I REALLY loved this play through, imma bout to start my third as soon as I can figure how to get ncpd search reds stash to complete after 1.61 without having to go back 80 hrs lol but eff-it ill do another playthrough next week.

  121. It was very very bad when I newly bought the game. But after all these updates I can say most of bugs have gone. Still there are some glitches and bugs. Yesterday the game frozen on main menu. I play on ps4 btw. If rockstar company could make this game, it would be the best I guess. The idea is very good: free city, almost open world, conscious for all bots etc… But this game needs a remake.

  122. Hey man im on Orig xbox one it still way better than 360 games used to look like but I digress, if you play on series X/s Ps5 or Pc (even w/out mods) its almost GTA status. I kinda like it really it has good graphics to the point I can see the latex paint texture on concrete surface thats Destiny 2 status right there, but with the retro animation look...Preem!

  123. Your attitude is broke at a core level haha. Seriously, if you go into a game looking to hate it because you joined a review bomb mob on some online forum, you're never going to like. I think it's great. It's not as polished as some games but I love the world and a lot of the missions and side missions. I grew up on bethesda games and other rpgs in the early 2000s and they all had bugs and you learned to love them and the bugs are even charming at times. Most games are more polished now but there have been huge improvements since launch and it is good now.

  124. I'm enjoying it despite the controversy around it. To me, it totally brings that cyberpunk vibe I was looking for. You can criticise it for lacking features and "being broken on a core level", but I think it's not broken, rather just different from what we expected. This is what we got. I love the cyberpunk genre so I try getting the most out of the game. No point in bitching, the game's definitely worth a shot if you ask me. Didn't pay for the experience tho...

  125. What core level is that? The game is a pretty good what it is. It's just a terrible what everyone imagined it to be. It's a great FPS with rpg elements. It's not a fully fledged RPG with meaningful choices or an immersive sim like people wanted it to be.

  126. I completed the story upon launch with street kid, should I do a second playthrough (Where I'll discover everything instead of hammering away at the story) as nomad or corpo?

  127. It barely matters. I suggest doing Corpo because it introduces some more conversation options from the jump and gives you a slight edge in a few situations. But basically… you're playing the exact same game save your first 20-30 min. There's virtually no difference between the 3 paths.

  128. The other backgrounds do not substantially change the game, so if you want to do a second playthrough then do so because you want to experience the side content with a new character, not because you expect anything to be different due to your background.

  129. I got the game for $10 when it was on sale at Best Buy a while back. I just started playing it on PS5. I’ve had two major bugs, one that was preventing me from progressing, but other than those I’ve had a pretty good experience so far!

  130. Just finished the game. Solid 7 out of 10 for me, enjoyed the main storyline although the pacing can be affected if you don't do certain quests before others. Night City's design and its world-building are on another level, even though it is empty once you finish all side content. The art direction/department is beautiful, not a single miss there. Will surely replay it when the DLC comes out.

  131. Wanted to play this since it was announced but massively put off by launch woes, now seeing edgerunners has reignited my interest, but before shelling out have a few questions. Could I get some balanced "non ranty" responses if possible.

  132. Currently playing on the Xbox Series X. Runs pretty good, no real issues here, aside from an occasional crash, audio glitch, or visual glitch. But that’s all pretty rare tbh.

  133. I play on series X, it’s a great experience so far and it looks and runs amazingly. I played it first on Xbox one so this is totally night and day.

  134. I don’t play on series X I play on ps5 but the game still runs really smoothly for me and your console is stronger than mine so it should run perfectly fine for you.

  135. Xbox one S - I just finished it for a third run and it runs pretty solidly. There are still bugs and glitches here and there though. At worst, I can’t interact with anything because of an infinite save screen and if some items are not interactable even though it shows up as an x on the map. Also sometimes you’ll get the sound of clinking glass at all times while you move and that’s annoying af. The most egregious thing though is that my sandy sometimes doesn’t trigger and I am unable to use it. I drew a weapon on the vb and I was unable to use it and it was so frustrating lol

  136. I've finished the game and gone through two of the three endings, with most of the side content completed. The game feels unfinished in terms of story. The whole story is about a ticking clock, but the end is super abrupt. I was expecting the meeting with the Arasakas to be the mid point of the story where you lock in your chosen path, collect a tool to slow the progression of the biochip as a show of good faith in exchange for help, then you have... more. The game is beatable in a weekend, which I would not expect for an open world game. I'm not bothered by the bugs for the most part, nothing I wasn't expecting. But the story was a pretty big let down, it felt like a "And then the story was resolved. The end." type ending. I don't have an issue with stories that are short because they don't need to be longer. That's commendable to know when you don't need anything more for the story. This needed more. I feel like I played half a story.

  137. I just finished the game, did my entire playthrough on steam deck. The bugs were manageable, no worse than Skyrim, performance was good for the most part, with a few really graphically intense areas having lower framerates. I personally really enjoyed the story and worldbuilding, but I can totally understand how someone with pickier tastes would think otherwise.

  138. If you play it on the Classic PS4 its debatable. So far it doesn't have game breaking bugs but yet it still has loading issues and small bugs here and there. And unfortunately i learned driving bikes in this is game is not so much of a good idea, Since you're toooo fast your game starts freaking out cause your hardware wont load everything in those short few frames. When it comes down to combat your FPS drops if your in a fight with multiple enemies. So far everything else has been great i love this game so far just wished i had a better console/PC to play this nice game.

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