The Quest Director Mr. Paweł Sasko presents the zooming option in Kiroshi, the feature, that many people actually missed or noticed late. When and how did you find out about zooming option?

  1. People missed this? My Netrunning V does this all the time, how else are you going to upload that Cyberpsychosis, Detonate Grenade or Suicide to the gonks that think they are safe behind cover because they have only 2 pixels worth of chrome exposed?

  2. People miss a lot of obvious shit. That's why they think the game is so deep and immersive, cuz they're oblivious lmfao.

  3. Must third person shooters have a similar mechanic so you will zoom in when you're unarmed, so it wasn't difficult to discover it. Plus, doesn't vic make you zoom in when you get the new eyes?

  4. One of my favorite aspects of Cyberpunk! I guess I could understand how you miss the zoom function if you're a melee character. But otherwise it seems pretty intuitive.

  5. All you gotta do is just aim while your weapons are not equipped. For PC you scroll the wheel to zoom in/out, not sure about controller though.

  6. Fairly certain it's just pressing LT without a gun actively equipped. Not at all the same as in the clip but it zooms in a bit.

  7. Initially I thought I could only zoom in when using the scanner and was disappointed by the green hue. It wasn't until halfway through the game I accidentally found out that I can actually zoom in without using the scanner and had a short "must be going senile" moment

  8. Known about it by a bit of a coincidence, I am used to guns aiming by L2, and when you didn’t have a gun in hand, the game would still let you have a little zoom-like effect. And it happened to be the same in Cyberpunk.

  9. how do people not notice especially on console? Like I need to press all buttons immediately. Also when trying to reassign buttons I saw the "button map" a lot too...

  10. When You get the augment I think vik tells you that you can do it, if it is not him it was probably a text saying it once you got the new eyes. If it wasn't for it I wouldn't have realized about it

  11. Honestly surprised that other games don't have this. After playing Cyberpunk for a few hours, zooming in became second-nature.

  12. I really like this feature!! I would only have liked that the sound doesn't become so "1920's on a small radio" -bad! :( The technology should be better, right? or maybe let us put in a sound enhancing body modification that, if you want it to, can work in tandem with the awesome zoom feature!! I think that would be the best thing with this! And the possibilities are kind of cool when you think about what you would be able to do "spying" on your suspects and hearing really well ;) Love your game!!!! /David from Sweden

  13. I literally was expecting there to be a zoom option and would have been upset if the game let us get cyber eyes and didn’t let us zoom in. How the hell did anyone miss that???

  14. I happened to like, hit one of the bumpers I think? And realized I zoomed in. Now I use it all the time for fun zooming in during convos

  15. I don't know how i missed it but i did, i thought i needed a better Kiroshi implant to be able to zoom more.

  16. Found it out on release. That's like the very first thing I tried when I got the implants since it's kind of like the basic function to have with an artificial high tech optics, atleast for me.

  17. First playthrough when running around to get the tarot cards. Going behind the drive-in you can zoom in and get the tarot.

  18. I kind of automatically use my scroll wheel on the mouse, so I never knew this was an interesting feature. I just assumed it would work and it did.

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