Los Santos in GTA V is a more living open-world than Night City in Cyberpunk. There’s mini-games, you can hang out with story characters, NPCs respond dynamically depending on location & who you’re using, you can get haircuts, tattoos, and go shopping.

  1. With style and fashion being such a big part of cyberpunk, not being able to change hair, get more tattoos, or even change makeup is weird.

  2. It makes me think what even was the point of those trailers showing off the "kitsch, neokitsch, militarism and entropism" fashion styles of Night City?

  3. The Saints Row character creator was x1000 better. Why? Color Swatches, and Body Sliders. There’s more creation options but these two are main issues for me.

  4. Craziest thing is that a game like NBA 2k has figured out the hair and tattoo thing for years but cyberpunk can’t even implement it lmao

  5. Yep.... for a game that’s all about modifying your body, you can’t do shit if you decide you want to get a haircut. Once you exit the character creator screen, you better like how you look for the rest of the game

  6. Well that sucks, I accidently put nail polish on my character but figured I could change little things like that later. I'm sure they'll add an update to change your hair and makeup eventually

  7. They praise the cyberware and cybernetics, we can’t even change the style of them, no superskin no nothing 🤦🏼‍♂️ the only thing who save this game is the story

  8. Yes you can. My character had a nice haircut, which I've picked up during character creation. Then, after wearing baseball cap, that I found somewhere when doing some quest, my character gone bald.

  9. You better believe one of those free dlcs will be the barber/tattoo/skin shops that they took out before release... I mean, finally got around to making....

  10. I'm loving CP2077 so far, but the more I play the more respect I get for GTA V and RDR2, they are the bar when it comes to open world games and it really shows

  11. Yeah, Rockstar set the bar so high for open world games it’s going to be almost impossible for other companies to catch up.

  12. They created the bar in open world games, but i still feel like the mission structure in Rockstar games are really boring and outdated. But yeah, the world feels way more lively than cyberpunk does. The thing that cyberpunk does well is just the enviorments are very pleasing to look at and everything is very convincing, but when you start analizing thays when everything fades, sadly.

  13. You are definitly right about Rockstar being the masters of open world game design but my GOD their quest/mission design is so outdated

  14. I agree somewhat - though I don’t think either of them hold a candle to Cyberpunk in terms of style or the world itself.

  15. This is true. But it’s a lot easier to make a sequel and upgrade established systems and engine than have to make whole one. Especially when those games have a lot less gameplay systems overall so they can focus on other stuff.

  16. In retrospect, Witcher 3's greatness really shines through mainly through its stories littered throughout the world. CDPR are just really good writers and they do it really well on an open world setting. Probably surpasses rocksteady on this. So i think a lot of us overlooked just how lacking the open world mechanics are (not that they're bad, they're very good in fact)

  17. Let's not forget the outfits... In Night City looks are everything, but you DEFINITELY cannot customize your outfit for looks without ignoring the stats... My V is dressed like a circus clown :p

  18. I made him wore a corpo metallic skirt with ridiculous armor buffs.. Now i look like dogshit but playing on hard gotta get that armor lol

  19. The thing that confused me is how all the NPC's that you see walking around the city, have more style and clothing options than we do, they get multicoloured cybernetics, gloves, bandanas, backpacks, watches, rings, necklaces, collars, scarves all sorts, but we just get hat, top, coat, trousers, shoes.

  20. RDR2 let’s you interact with NPC’s. Wanna say hi? Go for it. Wanna antagonize? Have fun. Not only that, but also the world in RDR2 also felt like a living breathing world. Night City has the style but lacks all the substance.

  21. Main Problem for me is that CDPR marketing team did a fantastic job of hyping it up. "Welcome to the next generation of open World" they said.

  22. While I agree, keep in mind scale. RDR2 is a massive world, but 90% of it is quite literally empty space, with a few camps scattered around. The towns are populated, but not heavily. Outside of Saint Denis each town has, like, 10-20 people outside.

  23. RDR2 might be the more polished and beautiful game but overall The Witcher 3 is much more interesting.

  24. Even that is underselling RDR2. You can say insult someone, apologise, and then insult them again. And the whole conversation would flow and make sense.

  25. You beat me to it. I’m not even much of a Rockstar fan — for, uh, other reasons — but holy hell RDR2 is on an entire other level as far as simulating a living, breathing world goes.

  26. GTA has been such a stretched out mainstay in the lives of those who play games for years now to the point where it’s forgotten how many things it gets better than any other open world game. It’s understandable to think that GTA is the standard, and Cyberpunk should be following in a lot of its footsteps. But in general I wonder if this will make people appreciate how well executed GTA V really was - I feel like the over-saturation of GTA: Online has soured a lot of people’s memories.

  27. I remember playing GTA and GTA2 circa 1998-2000 and those games absolutely blew my mind. I could just spend days driving around not doing missions even as a kid. I remember having dreams about a 3rd person shooter for a game like that instead of the top down design and then GTA3 came out and my mind was blown.

  28. Yeah but like, some of the stuff OP mentions was in GTA IV and even GTA: SAN ANDREAS. Which came out in 2004!!

  29. GTA V is a 7 year old game, and I played it for the first time earlier this year when it was free on Epic Games Launcher.

  30. People love to shit on gta online but theres a reason its still on of the most played and streamed games around.

  31. Tbh I dislike GTA V. For everything it did right, it got three things wrong. The AI were basically omnipotent and Dead-Eyes with their aim. The Police likewise. The world was only nice in the city, everywhere else was barren.

  32. Rockstar are just gangsters though, they sit in silence for 6 years, pop out of nowhere tell you about the game they're releasing next year. Release it. Stick around for about a year still doing hype ups and shit, then rinse and repeat.

  33. I feel like Rockstar also doesn’t announce any of their games until they’ve been practically beta tested to the max and they only have a few months left to really get orders ready.

  34. They literally create hype with nothing but 2-3 trailers and then there CDPR making shitty ass adidas shoes

  35. And their games are polished to death when they release. I’m still astounded they got RDR2 to run on consoles so well.

  36. Whats actually wrong with that tho? Least they don't announce a game too early and get everyone hyped up to release an unfinished version

  37. Not gonna lie, this triggered me slightly. Felt nice to have that quite moment, watch TV, go have a shower then get tucked in all nice and comfort....SIDEWAYS?!

  38. What’s funny is the AI in this game is worse than in the Witcher 3. If you attacked someone, people at least ran away

  39. Cyberpunk just makes me appreciate Dues Ex Mankind Divided. They didn’t go for the big open world but instead a small, extremely dense and detailed world.

  40. Picked it up to beat the blues after deciding that I’m not gonna play cyberpunk on my ps4.

  41. I really liked Deus Ex: MD - do you have a recommendation for a similar title with equivalent quality?

  42. rockstar has its issues but imo theyre the masters of open world gameplay. it never made sense to me that people would shit on gta v of all games. its open world is probably a little dated now but its still exceptional

  43. GTA V is a great great game but it sucks they bailed on single player content because Online is not particularly fun and super predatory and it has completely changed how R* focuses their development

  44. The customizable genitalia is such a random and obnoxious feature and seems more like an attempt to distract from the lack of customization overall. “Wow, no other game lets me customize my foreskin, they’re breaking new ground in gaming!”

  45. Honestly, the reason I love open world RPG is for this reason alone. I want to feel like i’m actually inside this world and have people respond in a manner that seems realistic. I see a ton of backlash on this part alone and it’s honestly straying me away from buying this game. I want to feel like i’m living in a cyberpunk world because who wouldn’t?? Is it even possible they release a patch for this that would heavily improve AI? I don’t get it, everyone was so upset about the delays and got so mad but this game it seems like (if delayed even longer honestly) could’ve been fucking amazing.

  46. Right at the beginning of the game before you meet Jackie at the food cart I get a pop up saying you can do side missions for the police. So I walk up to one and try to talk to them. All of a sudden I have a warrant and they're telling me to put down my weapon when I don't even have any equipped.

  47. yeah all this is very true. it's really fucking crazy to think that they touted mega customization and then don't let you have any post character creation, and let's just talk about how incredibly fucking bad buying cars is, and also yeah cops and ai in general is horrific, and ghost cars on loops that dont actually exist and stuff like that is totally out of control lol

  48. The police are designed terrible in this game, I walked past an investigation they were doing and suddenly all hell broke loose. You can’t even walk past them without raising some type of suspicion

  49. CJ has a fuckton of customization. He's got more clothes than all the GTAV characters combined; more hairstyles; more tattoo options; various ways to wear a hat, and you can change his body.

  50. Saints Row 3 has a better character creator, with more voices, and the ability to get plastic surgery to completely recustomize your character. That came out in 2011. This is embarrassing.

  51. We now live in a world where Assassins Creed has a transmog system, but a presumably “cutting edge” RPG that we’ve been waiting 7 years for doesn’t. I want the stats for wearing a hat without it looking like I have a hat on, dammit!

  52. It bugs me that the loot scales with you.... A vest is a vest, it's got no armour and making it tougher than a massive leather jacket is stupid. Make clothes tiered ffs.

  53. Honestly, I feel like parts of this game are made based on memes. It was really fcking weird to me, choosing between genitals. Felt like Sims 4 with those horny mods, that have no real purpose at all. But I guess it was funny enough for Reddit to say “haha when is Penis 3 coming out?”.

  54. Yep, I just sell all my gear every 5 levels or so and get a new set looting, no point in upgrading until end game.

  55. Honestly, I'm starting to think that the reliance on first person wasn't truly an artistic choice, just a means to cut corners in development.

  56. I’m so confused right now. I don’t know if I’m having a bug or if this is how the game was designed, but the audio for anyone that’s not V or a main NPC is super low. There’s no ambient noise. NPC’s don’t talk to each other only to me.

  57. I think you are bugged, my game is pretty noisy in terms of ambience. Especially when I fall from a roof onto someone.

  58. I don't have issues for low audio but nightcity for me is very quiet in terms of ambient noise

  59. omg I’m having the opposite problem- V sounds a million miles away and everyone else is the right volume! Playing with settings hasn’t fixed it for me.

  60. thats just you, i regularly overhear conversations as im passing, get honked at if i block the road, sworn at if i crash into someone ect

  61. Cyberpunk legitimately feels like a game forgotten in the shadows of Fallout 3 and New Vegas. If I didn't know better, no way I'd believe this was released after GTA V, Fallout 4 and Skyrim, Sleeping Dogs, Red Dead Redemption 2, Detroit Become Human, Outer Worlds, etc. There's just nothing it does best in the genre.

  62. I honestly feel like a crazy person. The gunplay and driving are horrible, but i keep seeing people saying its some of the best theyve ever played. It makes no fucking sense.

  63. I honestly think CP77 would have been so much better if they just dropped the open world and made it a hub type game like mass effect

  64. The Yakuza series is 90% the same district in Tokyo and you have so much fucking stuff to do every damn game.

  65. Can you even ride the roller coaster in cyberpunk? I’ve watched a lot of streamers play and I haven’t seen the roller coaster

  66. I feel like npcs actually have no AI. They have maybe on line of code responsible for ducking when you shoot near them but thats it. They just move along pre determined paths and immediately disappear after some time. Its laughable how bad this is.

  67. This is why in Skyrim every town feels more alive. You can pretty much interact with all Npc. They all have their own personality even with 2-3 lines of dialogs.

  68. I agree 100%, I was playing GTA earlier and I cut this dude off, he slammed on his breaks honked and flipped me off. Sure it’s a 7 year old game, but the NPCs in Cyberpunk wouldn’t do anything remotely close tho that, maybe they’d honk at least.

  69. To this day I find liberty city the most 'real' feeling city in a game. The way that NPC's do things it just feels like real people in a real place. Walk around and watch how NPC's are affected by what goes on around them and what the player does. Or just stand on a street corner and watch how they react to other NPC's. Liberty city feels real. Night city feels plastic.

  70. Watch Dogs 1 is another example of living breathing open world. The NPC’s actually behave realistically. I know the missions were typical Ubisoft but I have to give them credit for getting immersion right.

  71. THIS! What really gets me is that I hardly feel immersed in the world at all. It's missing many of the ingredients that make these games so appealing, at least for me. Even the Witcher 3 had Gwent and Armour set Scavenger hunts which were hugely enjoyable aspects of the game. I know with Cyberpunk 2077 they were trying to achieve something different, but it really does feel like they've taken a step backwards. Hopefully, the continuing support for the game will go some way in helping it achieve its potential.

  72. Just as a counterpoint: I found Gwent to be no fun at all (though I enjoy card games) and the scavenger hunts were one of the parts I hated the most, as they forced you to go over the map to not that interesting locations (with not much story tied to it, except some light reading), because good equipment was behind them and playing Witcher 3 without Witcher gear makes the game just harder and worse (esp. if you already disliked the combat like me).

  73. remember when people here were acting cocky af saying that night city was 100% going to be a better and more interactive open world than los santos in gta 5, and just shitting on gta 5's open world.

  74. Thats because thats what were were told by the marketing. "immersive open world", "interactive systems", "bustling streets". Theres none of that. CDPR straight up lied. If the expecations were managed properly and the marketing didnt lie about the game people wouldnt make assumptions. But hey, it fueled the hype machine and look where were now. Biggest single player launch in history. I bet the marketing and PR team are proud of themselves. Theyre truly masters of their craft. Corpo fuckers.

  75. who ever thought cdpr would build a better city than rockstar the king of ow games must be stupid or drunk, cant even compare it to los santosa copy paste city in assassins creed odyssey looks more liveley and interactive than night city.

  76. Having just finished Yakuza 7 with it's open world full of mini games/activities, Night City is so jarring. It looks gorgeously made, but I just don't feel like there's much to do besides quests and roaming around. Not bad, but I would think the city would have more things to do in itself.

  77. I agree 100%. This game makes me appreciate how good Rockstar is at fleshing out their cities. Having fun with Cyberpunk regardless.

  78. Sometimes when you hit cars in gta sa they would start chasing you trying to run you off the road, these kinds of details aren’t massive or game changing or anything but it does help to flesh out the world

  79. there’s so many street meat vendors why can’t I just buy something from them instead of getting some nonsensical phrase like “I guess it’s time for a pillow fight!”

  80. It makes me uneasy knowing that games in the genre that came out 7-10 years ago feel more immersive than this one.

  81. Again, that's not the problem. The problem is making guarantees and promises and not keeping them. Lying through marketing is a dangerous move legally speaking.

  82. What happened with "Cyberpunk 2077 wont be like GTA" posts pre launnch? now everyone is saying how it isnt like GTA LMAOOO

  83. I'm willing to bet 80% of these mouth-breathers flooded in here post-launch, and weren't even around for the pre-launch expectations discussions.

  84. Cyberpunk being an openworld game was probably line 1 in the design document. That is its identity. It's not like CDPR cant do open world RPGs...they just fucked this one up.

  85. I too am having a blast. But i also understsnd people disappointed, CDPR hyped this as a next gen open world and it just isnt

  86. Yeah I feel this a lot! Like yes it is lacking things to do. But I took it as a killer's RPG from the start. I get to rp an efficient killer. As a killer I wouldn't often go bowling or start shit randomly on the streets. This isn't meant to be a run around fuck around blow shit up game lkke GTA. It could have been ok not being open world but the world does give me a lot more of a vibe that I am traveling to go kill someone and I don't just teleport around the world randomly for every mission. The AI does suck though lol

  87. While I do understand the open world comparison to GTA, I swear that prior to release, this sub made it very clear that the "casuals" should know that "this game is not GTA, do not expect GTA. Be prepared for all of the bitching that this is nothing like GTA. People need to know that this is an RPG first, similar to Deus Ex that happens to be set in an open world mainly as a means to get from point A to point B for your quests/missions, going to shops, the ripper, your apartment, etc. DO NOT EXPECT AN OPEN WORLD GAME LIKE GTA".

  88. Rpg. Role playing game. (ROLE) Playing game. Your telling I shouldn’t be mad that a ROLE playing game cannot do an immersive world better or at least comparable to what’s considered a non ROLE PLAYING game open world action game? Cmon

  89. It's hilarious. Everyone that brings up a Rockstar game complains, everyone that brings up Deus Ex loves it.

  90. I feel like people missed my point because everyone is still saying how a game that focused on being an open world game does open world stuff better than a game that is more focused on being an RPG/narrative with an open world mainly there as a means to get from one point to another. This sub really established and got excited over the fact that it's not going to be a thing like GTA, and is now crucifying it for missing things things from GTA and directly comparing it to that game.

  91. I really think CDPR stretched themselves thin too much with this game. The ambition they had wasn’t compliant with their resources (yes, even triple A studios have a finite amount of resources). Some of the things they forgot are just like... what???

  92. Maybe the reddit was just toxic, I never expected any of that stuff from the released media. Maybe I am a little disappointed in npc responses (They all seem to be doing their own thing, but most of the time their response to a hail is not relatable). The police triggers are also kinda meh, that will be one of the first things I use a mod to change. And maybe ai, too, is quite weak. It is still a dense world and has some great narrative in it. However I have just scratched the surface myself.

  93. I'd rather play in a tiny but stacked open world like Yakuza's than in this huge dumb boring thing that CDPR made.

  94. And i like the way how fan boys make up excuses for the game’s bad performance because of it “immersion” immersion my ass, don’t get me wrong I’m enjoying the game so far and all but this game has nothing THAT special and THAT super advanced to have an excuse for this piss poor performance and visuals

  95. Anyone who would ever shit on Rockstar games is an idiot. They produce games that nobody else can.

  96. Its just a shame I don't like the "real world" aspect of gta games. That's why I was excited for cyberpunk thought was just going to be like rpg gta but dystopian future

  97. We NEED a transmog system. In almost all NCW they kept saying "style is important in night city" again and again, but in the end you can't choose your clothes because you're stuck with stats issues. My character looks like a clown, and it bothers me just to know it. Oh and I would love to see my haircut in mirrors. I go bald everytime there's a mirror around.

  98. This game reminds me of the first watch dogs game. Playable, a bit rough and also a bit lackluster. Hope they manage to make something more out of it.

  99. Its crazy especially since considering having Geralts facial hair grow throughout the Witcher 3 was so innovative.

  100. Why the fuck do the red lights turn green every time I get near one? I wanted to roleplay this shit. Lol

  101. Bruhhhhh you’re telling me I can change Geralts hair twelve ways to Wednesday but CYBERPUNK DOESNT HAVE A BARBER? Nani TF.

  102. Bugs aside, this game and all of it's features are lackluster. It probably has a great story, but what's the point of building a big city like this if it's so static and and non-interactive? Im about 15 hours in and even the story isn't really grabbing me, lots of overly cryptic talk about different factions/people that I forget about instantly. Maybe it gets better, not really invested enough to care if it does yet. There are so many things that aren't fun about the game that just can't be patched out: the police system, the wonky driving, the mediocre combat, the semi-fun hacking, the traffic pathing. Really not happy

  103. Sure there are somethings that need to be added like barber shops, tattoo places and what not, but overall Night City feels much more realistic and alive to me than Los Santos ever did. I always felt that Los Santos In GTA V was kind of empty. I see a lot of people complaining that NPCS don’t seem to do anything in this game, but I’ve seen them doing small things, interacting with the world, like a lot of people say they don’t. Nothing impressive or never seen before, in fact quite similar to how the NPCS in GTA interact with the world. But it’s there.

  104. In gtav I once pointed a gun at a cat sitting on a ledge. The cat got startled and ran away across the street, right into the path of an oncoming car. The car ran over and killed the cat, the driver then got out to look at what happened. That’s not the kind of AI you see in cyberpunk

  105. The entire city feels like it’s on rails mate. It’s made to look alive. Games like gta have actual routines that npcs do throughout the day and dynamic ways they can interact with what’s going on around them. 12 hours in, Night City definitely feels and looks alive at first but under closer scrutiny it falls apart.

  106. Here's something I think a lot of people are forgetting: all GTA V had was tattoos and haircuts and shopping to "upgrade" your character.

  107. You might have forgotten that you could do heists multiple ways, and each time have three characters to choose from during the mission. That alone added a massive variety, definitely was linear was never felt boring. A driver, a shooter and a pyscho. Each way had a different set of pre-missions leading up to the main heist.

  108. GTA doesnt have dialogue paths yet it still has multiple path missions. Also, Cyberpunk isn’t any more reactive to you than GTA is, it doesn’t really “remember” anything outside of quest structures.

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