Night City is beautiful but it feels static and lifeless

  1. While driving I saw a group of thugs robbing/killing civilians, so I stopped to kill the bandits and save the others(and btw it is fucking hard to avoid killing random pedestrians with a stray bullet whith those gunfight and spongy enemies).

  2. Yeah, I had that happen to me too. What makes this even worse is that they have exactly one animation for the crouch position. There is something so immersion breaking about seeing a bunch of NPCs next to each other just synched up in the same animation loop.

  3. I saw the NCPD acitvely engaged in a firefight with some random street thugs, so I killed the thugs to help out the cops. The cops didn’t thank me or anything but instead told me to fuck off when I started looting the dead enemies. So I walked over to one of the cop cars and hopped in, got no reaction. Started plowing into the other cop’s car with the cop car I’d now stolen, no reaction. Plowed straight into the cop whose car I stole and smashed him into a wall, he didn’t take damage, didn’t pull out his gun and start shooting, nothing. I guess the cops don’t care if you steal their cars in this game 🤷🏻‍♂️

  4. After saving NCPD I’ve had an officer thank me for my assistance I think this works by one officer out of the bunch is designated a leader who will speak on their behalf and if they are killed no thank you also if that are interrupted mid line by you walking too far ahead or bumping into an object they stop

  5. Yeah this is what the whole game feels like. I'm 7 hours in and I don't really feel motivated to jump back in anymore. I've already lost interest.

  6. Really weird thing is that some people have been reporting seeing NPC interact with one another, some scripted moments as well, random stuff and more lively NPC in general. Seems like the AI does not work at all due to it being buggy. Or it might be that the reports are false.

  7. I think it's the former. I do believe that people have had NPCs thank them for saving them, but it seems buggy to trigger that interaction. It seems super inconsistent.

  8. I noticed a few thugs that appeared to be harassing a woman but I wasn't really sure, when I scanned them it appeared she wasn't affiliated with them. I ran up and sliced them up with a Katana and the lady did thank me and say "I never thought I'd see my kids again"

  9. I see a lot of people having random conversations everywhere. Leaning against walls/talking to vendors etc. It’s weird I didn’t think the game seemed lifeless at all but it seems everybody hates it.

  10. I have seen npcs having real conversations a couple times one I remember was in the braindance place. While I was showing my buddy after the mission.

  11. Idk my feelings are weird with this game. A lot of it gets better after the prologue in terms of upgrades, better cars, lots of side missions, etc. Its sort of a trade off, you get story driven good side missions that are engaging and fun, but outside of that interactions are barely there. I do really enjoy the game the more I play it, but I do wish the police / wanted system was better, as well as the AI. Just expected more with how long it was in development and all the money they made from Witcher 3. Really makes you realize how hard this shit is and how good Rockstar is.

  12. Are the side missions actually story driven and fun? The best part of Witcher was that every mission has a story attached (which they establish immediately with the Find The Pan joke mission), but I've heard a lot of people say that every mission in Cyberpunk is just clearing a room of enemies.

  13. I started a fight with a gang member, ran away next to a police with the gang member shooting straight at me and the cops just stood there like nothing happened. Until my existence alone caused anger in the cops and they started shooting me too and i died.

  14. I shot my gun just outside of my apartment, and literally every single npc on my floor and the floor below were ALL in the crouched/fetal position animation. Literally every one. It just seemed so lazy.

  15. There is something off about the vibe of the city and I can't quite pinpoint it. I don't think it's the static lifeless NPCs.

  16. Exactly this, it doesn't feel alive. And it looks like a regular city at day. It doesn't look that modern too, it just have neons, and rooms looks like a normal gamer room with RGB lighting. I was expecting that there will be lots of holographic ads floating around, or maybe I was just expecting way too much. Blade Runner and Altered Carbon world looks more futuristic than this.

  17. Knowing the modding community that version is bound to happen with the title bladerunner 2077, when is another question of itself, never underestimate the modding community though

  18. sunny punk not cyberpunk I guess. When Gibson himself didn't give the game his blessing, I knew the vibe was off.

  19. I'm having fun too, don't get me wrong, Night City is fun to explore for the spectacle alone I just wish it was as dynamic as it looks from a distance.

  20. Night City really is a beautiful bit of work, I can't wait until someone comes along and makes a game using it.

  21. This is my feeling too. Generally disappointed in the game from the standpoint of an RPG or open-world environment. I have been playing Watchdogs: Legion these past few weeks and Cyberpunk2077 doesn’t hold a candle to watchdogs (even past releases) in terms of the gameplay, AI, and driving. Cyberpunk2077 excels in the story and every visual aspect. I am continuing to play it but with the mindset that it is an action/adventure game. In that category, it excels. The main storyline and missions are excellent. Everything else is bitterly disappointing. I probably won’t be making multiple characters and run-throughs of the game as it apparently makes no difference. When they fix the bugs, this game will still feel static and lifeless.

  22. Exactly, and it sucks that you can’t just go to a bar and have a drink or sit down at a store and grab something to eat when not in a mission, and that fact that when you go to a ripperdoc and there’s no animation for when you get new parts is crazy

  23. Said this in another comment but as a Switch only player (sadly), it's crazy that this isn't getting 5s and 6s across the board. Like I remember GTA3 having more interactive NPCs than this.

  24. I feel like if you ignore any "open world" aspects of the game and only focus on the scripted story content, it's a pretty fun game, even with some of the bugs, it can still be enjoyable. It's just when you try to do any open world interactions or roaming it lacks substance.

  25. The Witcher 3 was the same. The open world had basically nothing beyond horse racing, Gwent and fist fighting. It felt like a backdrop. The devs were not making the next GTA or Red Dead Redemption. Cyberpunk is a role playing game. People should go play the Witcher 2 to get an idea of where the devs are coming from.

  26. I wish my Night City was beautiful. I'm playing on PS5 and it looks like ass. Lighting is awful. Flat textures. Even the screens when you load up the game are blurry.

  27. I’ve had npc cop thanking me after I helped them kill tygar gang, but it was just 1-2lines, after that they stood there either crouched checking victims or were on phones, the animations just in a loop. It feels exactly like you said- lifeless

  28. Yeah every gunfight Ive had had the enemy in cover unless there was none for them to find or they were heavily armored with shotguns. Even shotgun boys took cover sometimes.

  29. But one where they didn't assign the npcs beds, or tag any of the items in the game as owned so nobody cares if you steal from them.

  30. I mean AI is a big and complex thing. I seriously doubt they could just patch it in because it would have an impact on all areas of the game. There are things the game does very well, no doubt, I really enjoy the story, characters and side quest so far but there are unfortunately also a lot of things about it that feel very outdated.

  31. Yeah. If you focus on the missions and just let the city be a backdrop it works very well, and does make things feel quite immersive as long as you don't break the illusion.

  32. I don't really agree, as I go through the city randomly placed police investigating murder scenes or trauma team picking up patients do make the city feel organic. I can hear interesting conversation between NPCs around every corner, sometimes resulting in a shooting. Also news stations and ads screaming from everywhere help a lot. While I think it's not the most that could've been done, especially with the cars AI and scared NPCs dressing after a few shots, it's not entirely dissapointing.

  33. The thing is, while they look kind of cool, those police investigation are just a static part of the environment no different from buildings. It's not an organic or dynamic system. These investigations will happen 24/7, each day every day. No matter the hour these cops will stand there, play the same animation loops forever and ever. It's set dressing and nothing else. Now imagine how incredible it would be if you killed someone and got away, then returned to that spot later and see this kind of investigation happening organically.

  34. The city is not a place where people live, it feels more like a war zone. Compare that to Yakuza, which also has crime and fighting on every corner, but it still feels like a real place with lots of stuff to do other than fighting.

  35. It's like they forgot all the great strides they made with The Witcher 3. If you save people in that game they certainly thank you. You might even see them later and they remember you.

  36. The visuals are nice but the world feels dead the ai they don't even feel or look real the copy and paste of hundreds of same npcs every few meters they all have the same weird reactions. The driving ai is a joke I parked a car near the curb and traffic backs up a mile cuz they don't know how to pass it lmfao, I probably would've liked the game if they made it more linear and put more effort into ai and animations the world just feels like a lifeless sandbox and my character is the only one whos actually alive.

  37. Just so you're aware, we have a bunch of megathreads that may be helpful if you have questions or want to find the right place to post.

  38. Yeah, I have to agree. The world feels more like a mix of dying light, and saints row than it does GTA. The random NPCs are pointless. AI is REALLY bad... I wanna see the good, and there is good....but fucking GTA5 came out in 2013; How is this not at least as good as that world wise? The streets are weird, small, and disproportionate, and it feels like they intended to make a MUCH smaller game but shifted when they got so much attention after Witcher 3. As is the case with most botched PC releases, hopefully a fan patch fixes it up a bit.


  40. Not to mention the cyber surgery is a one time thing. They made ripper docs feel like these important people. But nope. They are just a vening machine

  41. Of course it is, because CDPR has a completely different design decision when it comes to open worlds. Nobody would go to a theatre and complain that the background scenery is too static, because everyone knows that the important part is the story and the actors on the stage and that the role of the scenery is to provide the background that visually helps bringing the story to life, and it's the same with CDPR open worlds. They are not supposed to be sandboxes to fuck around in, but a tool to immerse the players on a different setting in order to more effectively portray their stories and lore. They improved it quite a bit in Cyberpunk btw... Anyone who has played the Witcher 3 remembers hearing that stupid kid's Emhyr song five times during the white orchard prologue because it would trigger every single time you rode through the village.

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