So cute

  1. So cute; should take her to visit people in nursing homes; that’s always a happy but little sad moment; you can tell they are remembering their grand kids when they were young

  2. When I was a toddler, my mother worked in hospital for a little while, she'd take me with her - I believe she even took me in for Halloween dressed as a Dalmatian. She told me that it brought so much joy to the older folks.

  3. Remember folks, hate is taught! Humans are inherently compassionate regardless of color. . Just the sweetest little one and it just warms my heart to see this.

  4. Humans may be inherently compassionate, but we are also inherently selfish as well. The idea that humans are naturally good is a dangerous thing to teach, because if humans are good by nature, then those who lack compassion are basically subhuman by default. We humans are products of our environment. Nobody born good, nor born evil. We're just molded into a good or bad person based on our environment and what we're taught.

  5. THATS SO CUUUTTTTTEEEE apprently when i was 4 MONTHS OLD i learned to talk. i could only say like hi hello hug and some other random words but i would go around say "hi, hug." to random people. like literally everone i saw. apperently i said it to a cashier once and she straight up came around the side to give this tiny 5 month old child a hug.

  6. I find this a little concerning because it reminds me so much of the hart family murders. They had their adopted little black boy wearing signs for free hugs at festivals and they ended up being narcissists who drove all their kids off a cliff.

  7. Jesus! Those poor kids! They reached out so many times for help. So many times. Ugh. The foster care system really needs some reworking. Like, how the hell were these women allowed to adopt when they just dropped their foster kid off at her therapist's?

  8. She is Adorable, love this and love how Mama let's her be friendly, but stays close(good job mom), they should be very proud, that little girl is a Doll..

  9. This made my night. So sweet. Just shows you love and the ability to share it is unconditional, and comes naturally. Hate does not. it is learned and only comes when taught. I hope her parents continue to cultivate nourish her loving spirit.

  10. I rarely want to be around people and never crave a crowd. But man I wish I was there if only to get one of those hugs. 🥺

  11. Is this something that only people with kids don't find weird? The kid's cute but I don't want anybody coming up to me basically expecting a hug while somebody else sticks a camera on me. Am I missing some audio or something that makes this make sense?

  12. This is so cute yet scary at the same time. She’s not afraid to go up to strangers. I listen to toooo much true crime. And grew up hearing about stranger danger.

  13. All this does is bring on the good feelings for everyone. Sometimes you just need a hug from a tiny person to get through.

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