Open your eyes smh

  1. His chin looks like an evolutionary defense mechanism to fight predators. You could impale a tiger on that thing.

  2. Why does every pic I see of this guy has him facing only that angle? It's like he's trying his darnest to look good by only filming himself on that side of his face 💀💀💀

  3. Why he gotta look like that at the camera? Lol. To show his jawline? He can just literally look in front instead of looking like a crescent moon.

  4. Hi I’m Dream and today we’re going to be debunking how Vaporeon managed to turn a brick into a bomb and wiped out all of humanity leaving only Eevees behind. But that’s just a theory. A GAME THEORY

  5. You should check out Meat Canyon’s video on the reveal. It really bothered me and even started to make my neck uncomfortable that he wouldn’t move his neck the entire time

  6. Y’all keep saying he’s ugly but did you really expect a Minecraft youtuber for 12 year olds to look like giga chad?

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