1. Your organs only regenerate from inside your dick, and must come out from your pee hole, over a week long extremely slow and painful process. That will heal a day later so you have to rip it open every time. It is uncontrollable, and happens regularly.

  2. You should check out the movie orgasmo. Basically he is a super hero with that as his power. Also it's got Matt Stone and Trey Parker in it the creators of Southpark.

  3. a chicken teleports to your location, it is the same chicken, it doesnt try to kill you, but every 15 minutes the chicken teleports to you

  4. I kept upvoting and tapping on Alice_D_Wonderland's comment to make it expand not realizing it was the goddamn meme.

  5. Alright here me out you can't orgasm anymore instantly losing the ability to do that you will never be made fun of to not be able to last more than 10 seconds

  6. The steel fragments fly in all directions, giving you several dick piercings. Hey, at least you don't have to pay for it like others do.

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