1. Born on Greenland here. Everyone knows at least 2 people who’s not only attempted suicide, but actually have gone through with it.

  2. Friend of mine lives in Greenland due to work. The winters that are totally dark is horrid for mental health, he has speciel lights that mimic sunlight but not everyone is as fortunate. It's not the only reason for this sad statistic but it plays a part

  3. I remember reading this stat before and Greenland is just heavily skewed due to the extremely low population. I believe like 1 or 2 people committed suicide within the last 20 years I believe?

  4. So Indonesia, Algeria, Peru, turkey, Syria, jordania, Philippines, honduras, Guyana and Lebanon are the countries with the lowest suicide rate, kind of weird

  5. Filipino here. Raised Catholic. Some cases don't get reported as suicides because then the Church would refuse to conduct the burial ceremony.

  6. people have terrible mental health in the philippines, just not addressed while suicide is highly frowned upon by the populace being a catholic country and all. fucking crazy how miserable people are, even the non-catholic mentally aware people bc they are outcasted and shit. i know a guy that told his parents that he wants to kill himself, the response was that he finishes school before doing it lmao

  7. Yeah that surprises me too because lots of people here in Turkey commit suicide. A guy wearing a grim reaper costume burned himself to death 3 weeks ago in Istanbul. So either this statistics are wrong or our shady goverment report them as accidental

  8. I'm from Turkey and I can clearly confirn there is lots of suicides here most of them Being because of the economy and domestic violence. But Our perfect goverment and Retardogan really likes to hide their mistakes.Since Retardogan owns most of the Media in Turkey there is not that much of suicide news here there is still some but not that many

  9. Dude Turkey probably has like the highest suicide rate but you know people cover it up stating they're all accidents or just homicide. The amount of depressed people in this country is no joke anymore and no one tries to stop this shit. My 5 friends committed suicide before and the fifth one miraculously is alive rn, I also know a lot of people like that too. I don't believe this picture is real cause there's literally no way.

  10. I'm from Jordan and I'm surprised that suicide rates aren't high tho we do hear about some people jumping of a bridge every once in a while

  11. If Disney made a country it would have 0 deaths. They'd yeet the corpse out of the country before pronouncing them as deceased

  12. If this is true, then what is causing all the deaths there? I’ve never paid any attention to Greenland as it’s nowhere near my country but surely there has to be something messed up going on there to cause that high a rate?

  13. As a Dane I will have to note this is something we stopped doing in the 1950’s or 60’s, now that does not make me less sad that we did it nor does it help the people of Greenland.

  14. Greenland also only has a population of about 50k, amplifying the effect of variation in the data. Statistically, with a population of 50k and a suicide rate of 80/100k, the 95% confidence interval for the true rate is about 60-100.

  15. Seriously NPR, who thought it was a good idea to adorne an article about suicide with a photo of somebody jumping off a roof?

  16. China too, especially with all the "suicides" they've caused in their country along with Taiwan and Hong Kong

  17. Yup! I knew a russian dude. He was my roommate. He was actually a targetted politician and he's staying in the USA for protection. He has more guns than your average American from the south.

  18. Russia is the first country for male suicide. 48.3 suicides for every 100k. In 2019, 17192 died from suicides, 14299 males, 2893 females.

  19. Suicide rates been going down the last 20 years in Japan. Went from 23.9/100,000 to 15.3 from 2000 to 2019 while US went from 11.00 to 16.10. "Suicide forest" doesn't really mean anything, pretty much the same as a "suicide bridge" or "suicide cliff", places to kill yourself. Any country has those. Work has improved is on par with most countries.

  20. Lmao sure the facts are wrong, or maybe you actually just have no fucking idea what you're talking about, ever thought about that?

  21. Living someplace where the temperatures are so low that when your semen freezes instantly when masturbating will drive anyone to self termination.

  22. Suicide is a crime against the regime in North Korea, and your family will pay the price for your removal of a perfectly good worker. You work yourself to death or die of starvation there, not suicide. Low class North Koreans probably don't have access to guns or pills, so ease of suicide is harder to come by. Also I bet the numbers reported are in part a lie. It was a terrible accident, not an intentional walking off of the bridge into the river.

  23. I sometimes listen to a podcast where they refer to suicide as "Going to Greenland", and I missed the content of why they did that. This random post got me that context!

  24. Good for you, Turkey! I love seeing posts that are meant to be about one thing but I can still find something else that catches my eye from them.

  25. There's a correlation between average sunlight hours and suicide rate; looking at whole countries kind of dampens that geographical effect. If you divided Canada into provinces, for example, some places would look a lot worse, I'm sure.

  26. The high suicide rate in the US may be because of the guns. Roughly 75% of gun deaths in the US are suicides. This is why more men commit suicide in the US than women. More women attempt, but more men use guns, and are therefore much more successful at dying.

  27. You would be right. We have high gun suicide rates because we have a lot of guns. As I'm sure all or most of us know by now we have more guns than people.

  28. Perhaps there were no countries that would satisfy that condition. One of the main cartographical principals we were taught at school is that you shall never include information in the legend that doesn't occur on the map.

  29. Source? I recall hearing that South Korea and Japan had the highest suicide rates in the world. This would seem to suggest that many, many countries have a higher rate than Japan.

  30. I remember during my foreign exchange program a met a girl from Alaska who said her town had the highest rate of suicide due to seasons where they had weeks/months without sunlight it just made people go nuts. Wonder if Greenland has a similar situation going on.

  31. What's also interesting is that in almost all countries, more men die by suicide than women, but I haven't seen any social justice warriors demanding equality on that front.

  32. The only reason why Japan’s isn’t the top in the world is because they have no time for extracurricular activities like suicide due to work hours.

  33. The reason all those countries are white is because they can’t afford suicide, also props to Lesotho for also being black (not because they are in Africa you racist cunts)

  34. Mexico is yellow cause they don’t have time to think about if they want too or not cause they’re already 💀 lmao

  35. If you choose to migrate to a place where you are not prepeared to physically and mentally survive in... would that be attempted suicide?

  36. Egypt is just a straight up lie lol the amount of suicides happening in schools and colleges is astronomical especially in more rural areas but it's huge population maybe skewing with the data

  37. Does anyone have a map of this for just the states? I live in Montana and since we have a suicide rate over double the nation average, I wanna see how this compares to the rest of the country

  38. That’s not that crazy of a suicide rate for a place with so few people. Greenland has 56,367 people, if you do (1/56,367)*100,000 you find that one suicide is equivalent to about 1.774 suicides per 100,00 people. So assuming that the highest number of possible people killed themselves for this statistic to work you would do 90/1.774 which equals 50.73, which you need to round down to 50 for the stat to work. All of this leads to two pieces of information with either about 50 people died of suicide in Greenland which isn’t that many, or the person making the map probably found somewhere online that about 50 people died to suicide in Greenland and used that as a source when differences of just a couple deaths changes how Greenland looks.

  39. I remember mentioning the low rates in authoritarian countries to friends. One of them said something along the lines of “It’s not suicide if the government does it”

  40. One of the most annoying things in Plague Inc is when Greenland closes its borders and you can’t get your disease thru so they cure you.

  41. What about Russia? They may be #2 but try harder. Perhaps, they should use an AK47 when playing their roulette.

  42. Just in case anyone is wondering; The percentage rate of suicide in Greenland according to these statistics is 0.08% - 0.09%.

  43. Actually just had a conversation about this when I (mostly) jokingly told him it'd be nice to move to Iceland. Apparently from like mid September through late February ish, the days are like 23 hours of darkness and sometimes less, and the suicide rates almost triple during winter because of that. He works with people from Greenland/Iceland on a regular basis at his work.

  44. Fun fact the reason the suicide rate in Japan tends to be pretty high is partly do to that officers, when they can’t find out the cause of a homocide, label the death as a suicide. Other factors as well but it’s certainly a contributer

  45. In our culture if someone commits suicide they blame him/her for doing it to get attention so no surprise its white. life has no value and this is known kinda thing

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