Best Quarter Pounder I have bought to date. So worth 40 gems!

  1. I've had absolutely abysmal luck with everything for about a month. Bad card packs, bad card rotation, might have won 5 out of 50 matches, can not get any decent trades or trade offers. Have pretty much just been trying to weather the storm and hoping for a break soon.

  2. Noice! I haven't had great luck this week, but generally I think quartet pounder is a good buy. Dunno why, but it gives good cards

  3. I agree - I usually dump a fair few gems on Quarter Pounders but this week I am rebuilding my gem collection. Glad to see someone is having good luck!

  4. I dunno, I once visited my brother in LA and he took me to a Mexican food truck that sold some real delicious quarter pounders. Made me contemplate all the wonderful burgers I’ve ever had, and there were many. So I’m sure the same could be said of most people.

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