Decided to spend 400 gems to get 200k coins and crack some packs

  1. Even though the game says not to chase mythics, I wanted to last night. So, I did the math. If you trade 400 gems for 200k coins, the 4,500 coin pack is equivalent to spending 9 gems on the pack. Now, sure you don't get limited rares+ in that pack, but you get fusion items, and bulk rares+ that allow for fusion, trade fodder, and crafting.

  2. I had a rough day at work, had some spare gems, did the math and figured the 4,500 coin pack for 8 cards yeilded most cards for least cost. So glad I decided to burn the 200k in coins.

  3. The other upside to opening those packs even though you'll never see a limited is you get legendary cards to use in crafting... 7 legendary 2 common will get you a random limited. The only downside to crafting is it could be anything from a limited common to limited legendary lol.

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