can someone tell me the value of this card? how many mythics could I get for it?

  1. Honestly probably none, ignoring the stats it's literally the lowest rarity in the game so it's not hard to roll in packs. But who knows you could find someone who really wants it.

  2. Wtf are you saying? It's the MOST valuable card in the game. The fact that is a base basic is only a placeholder for when cue will add the rarity limited mythic, so hoard them till you can.

  3. Seeing as it can outdamage Dutchman, Iā€™d trade that for this. This is honestly a broken card and should be nerfed. But you could easily get Dutchman with it.

  4. Sweet, thanks! Any chance I could get an archangel too? I feel like I would be shorting myself if I traded for only 1 mythic šŸ˜¬

  5. Are you sure? It gets +90, which is already making it strictly better than Pandora's box. At least 1 mythic seems reasonable to me?

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