Big N Discussion - June 05, 2022

  1. Hi, Hope you are are doing well. For any current full time SWEs at Google, what team do you work on? Do you feel that you have a good work-life balance? Do you feel that you are making a positive impact? How is the growth culture (in terms of professional and personal growth)? How supportive do you find the managers? Any other insights about the culture of the company or team would be greatly appreciated?

  2. Personally, it's all I've hoped for and more. WL balance is great, no oncall, team and managers are supportive, and I believe I'm making the world a better place compared to from before when I was just improving ad conversion rates.

  3. Hi y'all, just wanted to say that I have my last interview for a Network Support Engineer role at a Cisco owned organization this week. It's a panel interview and will be my first experience doing a panel interview and hopefully my first job outside of managed IT services. Does anyone have any advice for a last-round interview for a Cisco owned organization for someone with just MSP IT experience?

  4. Maybe more of a Big tech vs little company thing, but I've heard that some of these places have crazy long interview processes, saw someone online that said there was 4 months of silence between sending off an app to G and them getting the "lets schedule a call" email.

  5. Hey all! I'm starting at Amazon in just a few weeks and am currently sending in a few apt applications(a bit late, I know).

  6. I have just received an offer for New Graduate Software Engineer at Amazon but it is for the office in Madrid. I currently live in the US and it would be a giant change of lifestyle for me to take this offer and I don't want to make the wrong decision.

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