I can't be the only hooker with dyslexia. Last night I attempted this pattern and just kept frogging because I kept misreading it. Having more success this evening.

  1. It's looking great! Have you considered using a diagram instead of a written pattern? Or would that be challenging at times too? I'm not too familiar with dislexia, so I apologize if I'm giving awful advice 🙈

  2. Thank you! I definitely do better with visual diagrams than written instructions with other things I work on. All the acronyms and numbers in crochet is what kills me the most. But once I have the "feel" of the pattern down I do pretty ok. The visual diagram patterns intrigue me but I haven't quite figured out how to read them. I'm pretty much brand spanking new to this. This pattern has a video tutorial with it but it unfortunately wasn't helping me much either. I think last night I was just too distracted and tired.

  3. Your response to OP is very empathetic and made me smile. Dyslexia is different for each dyslexic. I taught in a middle school resource room. I was constantly surprised by how it affected each kid so uniquely.

  4. People claim crochet is "easier" than knitting. I've knitted whole cable sweaters - right now I'm also making crochet cables and I'm here to tell you it's LOTS harder (because you don't have the row below to show you where the stitches go & the counting can really suck.) Hang in there!

  5. I've always wanted to try knitting! I've told myself no more new hobbies until I finish a stinking project so I chose this blanket sampler I started almost two years ago 😅

  6. Having joined several different types of subReddits, I see all kinds of Post titles on my screen. It's only when I read down to see where it is originating from...

  7. For me it’s ADHD. Trying to follow a pattern with a bunch of different steps in each row is difficult! I always print, convert it into my own vertical shorthand, & mark off each part as I go. Otherwise it’s a long session of counting, recounting, frogging, giving up…

  8. I straight up thought your dogs were bears for a sec?? Also I do not have dyslexia, but I am Very Afraid of crocheted cables and refuse to even try. Irrational? Yes, but you have my endless respect for fighting with this pattern. It looks good!!

  9. Haha that's funny because my husband and I call them bears all the time. Especially the brown one. Her name is Bernadette and she is "brown bear". The other is Winifred and she is "black bear" but they're definitely called bears more than dogs! We have a new puppy that looks more like a Holstein cow than a bear but maybe he will be Cow bear some day. Anyway there's no reason to do anything you don't want to, but I 100% believe you could do them if the desire ever struck.

  10. If anyone is inclined to explain how dyslexia affects reading a crochet pattern, I'd be really interested to read it. I only have a very limited understanding of dyslexia, and I would have (wrongly!) guessed that the relatively few letters used in standard patterns wouldn't cause a problem.

  11. Dyslexia is a reading disorder where people have difficulty processing words and language. It's a little different for everyone. I struggle with words, letters, and numbers that look similar. My brain will switch them up on me and I think I'm reading the correct word when really my brain flipped something. So when a pattern says for example "CSDC, DC in next st, BPDC around 2sts, DC in 2 sts...." There are any number of ways my brain will "interpret" that, last night I kept reading my FPTRs as FPDCs or BPDCs because they look so similar, especially when it's in paragraph form, it's almost impossible for me to read it correctly.

  12. I’m dyslexic too. I don’t do well with the diagrams. When I look at a diagram, the symbols start swimming. So, I have trouble with the patterns that aren’t written out in plain English. I taught myself to crochet using a book called “Teach Yourself Crochet, Visually.” It had lots of pictures, and it showed patterns written in crochet shorthand and plain English.

  13. I'm just here to say that even without dyslexia I seriously struggle with these basket weave patterns. Frog as much as I do right. Go you for getting it!

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