I want to make ducks to hide on my next cruise. Which duck would you most like to find?

  1. tbh I’d be delighted to find any of them! I agree with comments saying wings, they add a bit more of detail that I like. But smaller = more!! Ahh good luck with that decision lol. Is there a way to attach a note that’s like “take me home” ?bc there’s this part of me that would think its owner lost it if I stumbled upon it

  2. Found ducks on cruises typically have tags attached that say something like “You found me. Keep or hide you decide.” Plus the name of the person/family that hid the duck and where they live too.

  3. I love the fourth one, it looks so wonky and cute plus you can make a couple more to hide around! I know I’d love to snatch one of those to keep in my purse as a keepsake of the cruise.

  4. Do you leave little notes with them that say "you found me!" or something so people will know it's a game? If I found one of these I would likely turn it into lost and found thinking a child was looking for it (they're so cute!)

  5. 2 (for the wings and size combo) - I agree with others, a note would be great so people know they found a treasure to keep, not something to turn into lost and found.

  6. One of my duck patterns was from a book, one free on the internet, one I paid for, and one pattern I adapted to make a size I like better.

  7. I think in the end it depends on how many ducks you want to hide. A rare, random surprise? 1 or 2. A plethora of hidden duck happiness? 3 or 4

  8. It’s a known thing on the cruise ships. There are whole webpages dedicated to it. Ship crew collects them too, including one or two of the captains. It’s unofficial, but the ships even get in on the fun. I went on a cruise where the activity people hid duck printouts all over for people to find.

  9. 3...but if you made them shorter?? Or 1 because they look adorable but a lil big to make alot of and hide them in places

  10. Can you add wings to 4? I think it would be absolutely perfect that way!! Especially the wonky factor I love it

  11. 2!! Edit: you may want to attach small ‘congrats on finding your new friend!’ tags or something so that a nice person doesn’t turn it in to lost & found!

  12. I just learned about this recently too! I was on a cruise a few weeks ago and was so disappointed that I didn’t find any. That’s why I want to make them, hide them, and give them to crew members too.

  13. I love all of them, but am leaning towards 2 because it has all of the little details like wings, but is small enough that it’s pocket-sized. Also, depending on how many you’re planning to make, smaller may be better in this case because it can be finished more quickly.

  14. These are so cute! And hiding them on a cruise for people to find is an awesome idea! I like 1 and 2, because of the wings, like others are saying. Gives them more fullness and realism.

  15. 1 I made from a pattern I bought. The patterns I used are posted in a comment near the top. 2 pattern I modified 1 pattern to make it smaller and used a larger hook.

  16. While 1 has the most kind and reassuring face that I most certainly need right now, 3 and 4 are shaped like peanuts and that is very silly to me

  17. I like 2 but 4 is the one id most likely think it was meant to be found and kept. The rest I would assume it was a game and I would just put it back after finding it.

  18. I just got off a cruise, and saw a rubber duck on top of a door. I thought some kids put it there, had no idea this was a thing.

  19. All are wonderful. The size of number 3 seams just right. I can see the fun of hiding them to see who finds them. Best wishes!

  20. They’re all so cute, would be happy with any! I do love the wings, and I have to say there is something uber cute about #1. But any of them with the little wing detail = pure happiness at finding!!

  21. It is just for fun. You can keep or hide. You decide! It may have started in 2018 when Abby a 10 year old first hid ducks on a ship.

  22. Not sure but my kids had a series of Usborne books where there was a duck hidden on every page so maybe it grew from that?

  23. Omg, I'm currently making a ton of ducks to hide on my next cruise!! I'm making a variety of sizes, so I think any of those would be great :)

  24. I definitely will have a wonderful time ducking it up! I won’t be listening to those nay sayers. Who throws nice things overboard?

  25. 1 imo, i think whoever finds it will be so happy to have a new little companion—It’s so sweet what you’re doing. Also this is awesome—I love that they all look different despite them being a family.

  26. While I love 1 & 2, depending on how many ducks you want to hide (if a lot), #3 would be great if lil wings were added to it - if you want to do just a few, I think #2 is the happy medium.

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