Shooting a potato canon

  1. Ugh but you use your ass for fun stuff, like sitting and sex - your spine is just for boring stuff like maintaining your entire body structure

  2. Imagine being responsible for murder or manslaughter. What happened? Oh we shot our buddy with a potato gun.

  3. Healed pretty well ended up with this circle of scar tissue right in the middle of my back. Actually a pretty good conversation starter always gets a good laugh. No long term problems or even short term problems. Pretty much stuck a bandage on it and it was fine in a few weeks.

  4. If you allow yourself to subjected to shit like this for the amusement of your friends, find new friends.

  5. Its called a potato cannon, not a nerf gun. A soft but hard potato at high velocity being shot at something is most definitely gonna damage either the potato or the thing it hit.

  6. Hey dip shit! I don’t know if you know yet that your back has this thing in it called your spinal cord! These fucking kids will do anything for like’s!

  7. Hey dip shit if you knew anything about physics you’d know that it wasn’t a potato. If you knew how to calculate the force of an elastic collision you’d know that a ping-pong ball would have to be going hundreds of mph to have any sort of significant force capable of causing damage to a spinal cord. The injury shown in the video is the result of the ball breaking apart and impaling the soft tissue, not from the force of the impact.

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