WALL-E Coming This November (?!)

  1. I thought for sure it was a prank to. I had to see it in like 3 different places before it set in. I’m all for it. Love the art.

  2. I'm glad everybody else seems to have been confused, too. Because I opened it up and just could not figure out what the email meant.

  3. umm... wtf!? This is possibly the most bizzare announcement I have read. Plus what does this mean "We’re proud to announce our first collaboration with Disney and Pixar"? So Criterion has officially announced that they have scored the Disney licences to there movies? Does this include Fox? If so that's some pretty earth shattering news for physical media. I would never have thought a Pixar movie would enter the collection though.

  4. I thought decades more in the future Toy Story might just because it’s the first CG animated movie. But that’s it this blew my mind I’m so excited.

  5. https://www.criterion.com/films/33246-wall-e?utm_source=braze&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=title-announcement&utm_content=nov-2022-wall-e

  6. For a second, I honestly thought this was a fan-created cover for a wanted release. Definitely the most shocked I’ve ever been by one of their titles.

  7. I find it interesting that the phrasing is between Criterion and Pixar. Like you though I'm hopeful that this could lead to The Straight Story. Considering how many Lynch films appear in sale hauls and collection posts it'd be foolish not to at least try and negotiate for release rights.

  8. For me, it was when they announced they're gonna release 4K UHD discs. I didn't know they were planning for it for a long time.

  9. I would have thought for sure Ratatouille would be first! Honestly, just put all the Brad Bird animated films in a boxset.

  10. So many people saying Ratatouille is great and it's like the one Pixar I missed because I was in law school at the time. Guess I'll have to watch it soon.

  11. This movie is great and all but I just hope Disney will not try and monopolize the collection after this. Adding all of their already multi (b)million dollar films. The smaller and less financially fortunate films need more attention.

  12. Disney partnering with Criterion is a good thing. Criterion can release titles like this which are great and will make a lot of money and then hopefully dig in the Disney, Fox's, and Touchstones back catalog and really get to work

  13. Especially since Disney's home video and restoration department is probably the worst among all the major studios in the industry.

  14. hopefully criterion doesn’t go all corporate mode (i doubt they will), and there are more niche animated titles that deserve a 4k/blu-ray (angels egg cough cough) but i like walle so i guess it’s pretty cool.

  15. They've said before they lean on these big-name releases to keep everything afloat so that they can also release niche titles. Armageddon is the other example eveyrone always points out.

  16. We need non-DNR’d transfers of the early Disney movies because they are hugely important from a film history perspective. Snow White / Pinocchio / Fantasia / Bambi are all masterpieces that are in desperate need of preservation and public availability in their original forms. Right now the only accessible copies are basically digital facsimiles of the actual movies.

  17. I would instant buy the Walt Disney Treasures collections from the early 2000's if they were given proper Blu Ray Transfers, were uncensored and had ample supplemental material that contextualises these shorts in both there historical place and deals full on with the copious amount of racist tropes found in them and explains how and why those tropes were so much a part of American society up into fairly recently that we are still coming to terms with their legacy in our popular media.

  18. I’m glad that this seems like an additional release and not a part of the Main 4/5 they release every month— there’s plenty of harder-to-find films that are way more deserving of releases but if Criterion wants to tack on a little robot movie to drive up sales then I’m for it.

  19. I vaguely remember someone in this sub in the not too distant past mentioning Criterion was working on Wall-E. They sounded sure of themselves, but people dismissed them as a other one of the random "jokesters" that thought they were funny. He was downvoted to hell. I would personally like to apologize to whoever thst was.

  20. They should do one for The Sound of Music, the original West Side Story, all the Fox titles so they can’t ever be forgotten.

  21. That’s pretty cool. Fuck Disney all the way, but this movie is phenomenal and presents very dire themes in a very graspable manner for kids

  22. I hate Disney too but this is a great thing. The people who make Disney movies are creatives and it sucks that their work is always in the clutches of the Disney conglomerate. Great to see their work be put on an artsy pedestal!

  23. Yeah, but you can't say that in a marketing email. "Disney are a bunch of bastards, but we're pretty psyched they let us put out WALL-E!" For all we know every member on staff is groaning at the idea of working with them but are pumped that they get to preserve something past a blu-ray locked in the "vault" and get relegated to streaming.

  24. I don’t believe it. This is huge. I would’ve gone with a film that doesn’t already have a 4K personally, but still. This is huge.

  25. As a huge science fiction fan, Wall•E has been one of my favorite movies for a while now, currently sitting at #29 on my Letterboxd list. This is certainly a confusing move by Criterion and Disney. And while I know there are more deserving films, especially animated films, to be included into the collection, I'm excited for the possibilities that this could open up for Criterion as a company and for fans of physical media.

  26. Is this going to be the 1st 4K only release by Criterion? I know the disney bluray is good but I'd still buy a Criterion bluray (decided years ago not to go 4K).

  27. This is such fucking great news, I thought fox licensing to a boutique was impossible much less fucking Pixar itself holy shit the forbidden door has been broken down

  28. I like a lot of Disney movies. I like Pixar. I like Wall-E. But it is puzzling Criterion are channeling their efforts and resources to release such an easily accessible film.

  29. Disney has been criticized for botching their 4K releases as cash grabs. Pirates of the Caribbean is prime example. Criterion is new to the 4K game and a very recognizable and respected company for home video releases. Seems like a win win for both parties. Disney gets to pass off the grunt work of preservation to Criterion and criterion gets to release a movie that will without a doubt sell. This is a deal that works for everyone involved. If pushing out Wall E means criterion is able to take bigger chances for movies in desperate need of preservation then I’m all for it. Plus, Wall E is a great movie

  30. This is one of those movies meant to boost up a bunch of sales that can then be used to fund more obscure movies. It’s the same reason movies like the breakfast club or fast times at ridgemore high get a criterion release even though it’s more accessible. Also this release is different because it’s gonna be in Dolby vision and only comes 4k bluray

  31. They've done this for many releases. Plenty of release are easily accessible. The point of Criterion is to not just release inaccessible movies and never has been.

  32. if criterion can release disney properties now... does that mean we'll get The Straight Story??? and almost every lynch film will be in the collection...

  33. For all you guys crapping on this movie, have you actually watched the film? Or do you just automatically hate all things Disney?

  34. Wow. First Malcolm X, my favorite film of all time…and WALL-E?!, my favorite animated film of all time. Am so happy.

  35. I’m probably missing something, but why do some people seem outraged? This movie is one of the most adorable and entertaining movies Disney/Pixar has ever made. I think it’s awesome to see it added to the collection.

  36. lol all y’all want all the Pixar’s in the collection. Instead of discovering new animation? Go check out gkids, funimation, laika, cartoon saloon, etc

  37. The people who post about wanting more animation in the collection are finally getting their fix it seems. Can't say I'm upset as WALL-E is an excellent film, but it's still caught me very off guard.

  38. Hey guys this is a net positive for the company. It means that more normies might buy Criterion films thus giving them more money to fund restorations of more obscure films.

  39. I have never seen it and for some reason thought it was a Spielberg movie with a robot. But apparently not. Is it any good?

  40. Wall•E is a great movie so that’s exciting. It’s just odd after everyone for years has been clamoring for more animation representation. This will probably sell to a lot of non Criterion collectors as well so that helps all around. And really curious what this means for all other Disney rights. 20th Fox? I know Disney wanted to do less physical media and focus on streaming so this is their way of having their cake and eating it too I suppose. Very interesting.

  41. Thought this was a joke until I saw it on the official website. We've been crying for more animated features in the collection so to quote shenron from dragon Ball Z "YOUR WISH HAS BEEN GRANTED!"

  42. Any chance September 8th is Fool’s Day anywhere in the world? LOL that is absolutely crazy but it’s on the Criterion website

  43. I would love to have a better release of SotS than my LD version, but it's a huge leap from Disney's (arguably) most socially conscious film to it's (unarguably) least.

  44. Pretty rad. Wall-E is by far my favorite Pixar movie (well, Soul is now a close second, but before that it was easily my number 1). And regardless of who you feel about their merits, they are undeniably an influential force on modern film.

  45. Pixar was a stand-alone until 1999 (although had some partnerships w/ Disney before that time which then increased between 99 and 06), but has been a fully-owned sub of the Mouse since 2006.

  46. Very cool announcement, very surprising even to someone who doesn’t follow criterion a lot. Love the cover art too! But I’m curious as to why they chose Wall E to be first.

  47. Wow! I don't think anyone was expecting this but I am down! Roger Deakins was a consultant for the lighting cinematography on this film so I'm guessing that and the environmental message played into why they started with this one. Still one of the most unique Pixar films out there which is saying something. I guess now Up will be going on my list of films that need to join the collection.

  48. I'm actually kind of stoked for this. I remember watching Wall-E in theaters when I was in middle school and thinking it was one of the most beautifully animated movies I've ever seen. The scene where Wall-E and EVE are dancing in space is just immaculate.

  49. None of my other Criterion's mention the producing studio on the front. Can't imagine them changing that, even for the Mouse House.

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