Favorite modern film scores?

  1. Not only is it an all time masterpiece, it’s also the perfect score to play for just about any non-comedy silent film. It goes with everything, but my personal favorite combo is this score with Sunrise.

  2. What are some of your favorite Jon Brion scores? I think he’s crazy underrated, I feel like he works with some amazing directors but they tend to then switch to a new composer which I’m not sure why with how good his stuff is. Personally I love his “Punch Drunk Love,” “Hard Eight” and “Lady Bird” scores most

  3. I see you mentioned Power of the Dog and Phantom Thread! I love that composer. The Master and There Will Be Blood are both amazing too! I don’t think casual movie goers realize how impactful a score can truly be when in the hands of someone like him.

  4. Carter Burwell's stuff even if I don't always enjoy the movies. Even something like Bella's Lullaby is an unlawfully beautiful piece of music.

  5. Desplat's score for the police cooking section of The French Dispatch is especially good as well. He really pairs perfectly with Anderson's whole vibe.

  6. Haven’t seen the movie yet but based on your post I found and put on the OST-and you’re right this is great: and really great music to put on while working, thanks

  7. I think Hildur Guðnadóttir's score on Joker did a lot of heavy lifting to get you into the headspace of the main character. I have gripes with the movie, but I think the Oscars for Guðnadóttir and Phoenix were exactly the two it deserved.

  8. Not a big NiN fan (they're okay not my thing) but Trent really reinvented soundtrack/scoring with 'The Social Network'. Big influence on much that followed.

  9. i have a lot of favorites, but i really wish reznor and ross’s score for mank got more acclaim than it did. i get how the movie just didn’t do it for some, but the score is just extremely well done and is possibly the best element of the entire film. i especially love the brass just giving those sharp blares during the voting night scene, the way his head bobs along with it. it’s just really cool to see and listen to.

  10. In addition to the Brittell, Greenwood, Resnor/Ross trio I'd add the following as top flight modernn composers: Daniel Hart, Mica Levi, Dan Romer, Max Richter, Hildur G

  11. Top Gun Maverick had a great classic Hollywood action Hans Zimmer score. (Also assisted by Lorne Balfe who has done great work as well, specifically with adding his signature style to the classic MI sounds with Mission Impossible Fallout)

  12. I have become surprisingly attached to Desplat’s score for 2019’s Little Women. It’s been one of my most listened to albums since the movie came out.

  13. I may be a sucker for Max Richter, but I truly love his score for Never Look Away. Some other notable mentions would be Her, Irréversible, Victoria, Amélie, The Virgin Suicides & The Social Network all from artists I actively listen to.

  14. Couldn’t agree more, I almost feel bad his Spencer score got overshadowed bc he also made power of the dog the same year. Both are incredible

  15. Ennio Morricone’s work on The Hateful Eight. One final classic western score by the master himself, I was so happy he won the Oscar for it.

  16. There Will Be Blood and American Beauty are probably two of my favorite recent-ish film scores. Almost anything by Thomas Newman really, if I’m in an especially daydream-y mood. And The Hours is another perennial favorite.

  17. Abel Korzeniowski's scores for Nocturnal Animals and A Single Man, Daniel Pemberton for The Man From U.N.C.L.E. and The Cats Eyes' for The Duke of Burgundy,

  18. Clint Mansell’s score for The Fountain, Cliff Martinez’s for Soderbergh’s Solaris, and Javier Navarrete’s for Pan’s Labyrinth are ones that I have listened to a ton of times and keep me coming back.

  19. The Thin Red Line has in my opinion the most whole hearted score of all time. The Road has also a pretty nice score.

  20. If anything after 2010 counts . . . the first title that came to mind was Alberto Iglesias' score for Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. That soundtrack was Oscar-nominated for a reason.

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