Box set recommendations?

  1. See I don’t know if I would rewatch live concerts like that but I’ve also never watched concert recordings to begin with so I should test some out 🤔

  2. The Jacques Demy one is an incredible value on sale. I think the price works out to ~$10 per film and they're all good

  3. The Wenders set, or the Before trilogy. I would also saw three colors but it will be getting a 4K re release sometime soon.

  4. I do love me the Before Trilogy! The Wender’s set looks cool too, I’ve only seen kings of the road and that was a long time ago. Might be worth a revisit!

  5. I’ve seen none of these!! I’ve always wondered what kind of narrative structure they follow since I’ve never known if they are straight documentary or a blend of narrative and doc

  6. True! I’m surprised no one’s brought that up yet, I’ve been on an Indian cinema kick lately and haven’t gotten to these yet, maybe my first watch should be on a blu ray set 👀

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