here are a few criterions that I would love to see get 4k UHD releases. what criterion would you want to see get a UHD release.

  1. Wouldn’t hold too much hope out for La Dolce Vita. Paramount (who shouldn’t even have the rights imo) probably won’t ever allow it. They just released a blu ray that looks good and I doubt they’ll work on a 4K for years. I wish they would

  2. A really really good parasite 4K exists. And Since I have that and the first blu ray and the criterion blu ray….. who am I kidding I would still order it the minute it was announced.

  3. All the Terrence Malick releases would kill in 4K, as would the Wong Kar-Wai ones, almost makes me sad that the World of WKW set came out before they went in to 4K cause that would be an expensive yet very tempting double dip.

  4. I just watched The Red Shoes and omg it looks amazing. Really really wanna get more the Archers stuff. I'd rather get A Matter of Life and Death than anything else but I'll definitely take Black Narcissus

  5. I’m still waiting for Disney (and also Sony and Focus) to let Criterion go wild with the Wes Anderson filmography. All of them would look stellar in the format

  6. I feel kinda dumb for feeling like I don’t give a shit about 4K. I honestly can’t tell the difference between 4K and Blu ray

  7. Not sure who’s downvoting you. The difference is not as big as dvd vs blu, and if you have a small tv it’s even less significant

  8. Considering some of the excellent masters done in 4k, why the hell not? Such a weird take. I agree FHD with really good masters is great and all, as someone with a 100" theater screen, extra resolution, and more importantly HDR, is always welcome when it's done well.

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