Releases you regret purchasing?

  1. yes i don’t get that movie. it didn’t leave any impression on me. the guy in it is so cringey. the only parts i liked were when laura dern was hanging out with her friends

  2. The Blob was really boring even when I was expecting a cheesy 50s monster movie and its quite literally the only movie I regret blind buying. The title theme isn't bad.

  3. I just think its fun to watch the young Steve McQueen already doing his scene stealing technique of touching the scenery and props that would later make Yul Brynner steaming mad only a few years later on The Magnificent Seven.

  4. I feel that way about every other Hughes film (except maybe Home Alone), but Breakfast Club is still very moving for me.

  5. The only regrets are when a better editions becomes available in a relatively short time period or becomes part of a multi title set. I hate double dipping. There are so many titles I want to see it seems wasteful to buy something again. I don't really regret when I buy something and the main movie doesn't live up to expectations. Frequently Fellini or Bergman are difficult for me on first viewing. But I never regret having seen them. When you've been reading about something for literally years and finally get to watch it tempering your expectations is difficult. It's hard not to be disappointed when you expect a masterpiece.

  6. World of Wong kar wai, I like most of the ones I’ve watched, but wasn’t a smart thing to blind buy lol. Also the friends of Eddie coyle, wasn’t a bad movie but didn’t blow me away and the supplements are next to none

  7. A DVD of Dr Strangelove. It still looks great on Criterion DVD, but I wish I didn't cheap out and got the Blu-ray instead.

  8. For me it’s The Story of the Last Chrysanthemums. The movie was decent- but I didn’t think it was a masterpiece. The restoration was also the worst I have seen from a Criterion release. Sure, I’m happy any restoration exists for a good film by a master filmmaker, but it was still a detraction from the experience regardless. None of that was a huge deal though, The biggest problem for me was how frustratingly empty the supplements were. Literally just a single 20 minute interview with a Criterion scholar. Nothing else. How could that possibly happen? I expect better from Criterion.

  9. definitely I Wanna Hold Your Hand. i expected it to be a really fun sort of screwball comedy but it wasn't nearly as entertaining as i hoped at all and really just felt so flat. i didn't hate it and i might watch it again to see if i like it more, but i just don't think it was quite worth the price tag. also all my DVDs. i really wish i hadn't held out for so long on buying a bluray player- especially since i bought the DVD of Rosemary's Baby, and now the bluray is out of print so i can never get it. it's annoying that i have all these movies i want to upgrade when i'd rather buy new ones.

  10. Beau Travail, it looks great on the cover, and I appreciate the film. But I haven’t felt the urge to rewatch it at all like I do with others in my collection. It just sits on my shelf with a cool cover and that’s it.

  11. the killers. 2 for 20 bucks sounded great, but I wish I could go back and tell myself, just because its a bargain doesn't mean its good.

  12. The Night Porter. I find little in it that speaks to me. It seems like naziplotation, misery porn. I think I would rather watch something like The Gestapo's Last Orgy because at least it doesn't think it is more than it is.

  13. Eraserhead. I had been waiting for decades to see the movie. I never found a copy at Blockbuster or at the library. Even had the film as the number one in my queue for Netflix DVD. When Criterion released it, I just did a blind buy to just get over not having seen.

  14. I feel like Eraserhead and a lot of movies like it (Videodrome, Tetsuo: The Iron Man, Pi) fall firmly into the camp of stuff like black metal and harsh noise where you kind of have to be sympathetic to it beforehand to get the most out of it

  15. Nashville—it’s not objectively bad I just find it condescending and I love basically all other Altman so blind bought it

  16. I don’t mind because I got it in the Classic Hitchcock set, but the 1934 The Man Who Knew Too Much bored me so much.

  17. I’d pick “lord of the flies” but mainly because I could have pick something I’d rather enjoy more just didn’t take my time when picking up a new add.

  18. My most disappointing blind buy: On the Waterfront. If I had streamed it on Amazon Prime first I would’ve been like: “OK, that’s cool, glad I saw it so that I know what people are talking about when they talk about it, but I don’t need to own this.”

  19. Qatsi Trilogy is one of my favorites in the collection, especially Koyaanisqatsi. What didn't you like about it?

  20. The Ascent and Celine and Julie Go Boating. the former because it's way too brutal, unforgiving, and not something I enjoyed at all. the latter because it's horrifically indulgent and nonsensical

  21. Godzilla Showa Era Boxset- paid lots of money for it, watched and loved every bit of it, but now they’re on HBO max which I have for free through ATT. I don’t completely regret it, but when I’ve wanted to rewatch one I’ve not popped the discs in, just fired it up on HBO

  22. Many of my Criterion purchases are blind-buys, and I'm usually okay with that because there are far more hits than misses. But there are a couple of misses, and the one that comes to me first is Jaberwocky. Not exactly a bad film but it doesn't live up to what Gilliam would be doing later on.

  23. Kind of „World of Won Kar Wai“ and also kind of not. One of my favourite directors and a beautiful boxset BUT now we have those stunning individual 4K releases in germany that I just have to buy as well 😅

  24. Anything I bought on DVD before moving to blu-ray. All good films: The 400 Blows, High & Low, The Player, The Seventh Seal, and Bicycle Thieves. But I wish I had them on blu-ray instead.

  25. Got Marriage Story on DVD when I wasn’t buying blu-rays yet, and I love that movie, but the DVD looks godawful. Just upgraded to the blu-ray finally in this sale :)

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