Very fly

  1. It was probably a way to hint that he has a massive dick, I don’t think a penis that’s literally too big to fit into a vagina would be attractive though

  2. Can someone explain to me why people think that talking like this is going to get them anywhere? I mean... damn. That poor girl.

  3. I mean, the explanation is beyond simple: they have no experience and are trying whatever they think might work. As obviously absurd as it is to us now, I'm sure there's plenty of shit you said as a young virgin that you'd think was cringe at this point in your life. I'm sure I did!

  4. Dude I got laid in high school/college all the time by telling girls I want to know how sex feels. It was my go to move that never failed me.

  5. Yeah, no way this guy didn't fit. What kind of talk is that anyways? The vagina fits baby's bodies. That's the cringest thing here.

  6. Posts like this remind me why I need to be extra grateful that I'm married and no longer wake up to texts like these. If my vagina was physically capable of turning inside out on command, it would at these messages.

  7. "It didn't fit." Guessing she wasn't too aroused. Either that, or she has bruises around her bellybutton.

  8. So he’s implying that his dick was too huge for his ex’s tight pussy and he need a girl with a wide one?!

  9. He overcompensated for all the abbreviations with masterpieces like 'pussyyyyyyyyy', 'touchhhhhhhh' and 'feelssssssss'.

  10. Wouldn't fit? Did he admit go having a micropenis, still drunk and trying to trick her to thinking he needs a "Magnum condom for his monster dong?" (If you read that with DeVitos voice, yw) or both?

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