The infamous Nancy Kerrigan Disney incident

  1. I remember at the time the press was saying she was mad cause it was a SILVER medal and she had to wear it. She was the favorite to win gold but that boozy russian threw it down harder in the long program.

  2. Even still you’re getting paid 2 million dollars to smile and wave. Smile and wave. Sucks she was misquoted but that’s life in the limelight I guess.

  3. Yeah I totally agree with her. On the other hand, I’m a software engineer who shows up to every interview with both of my Chilihead of the month plaques and puts them on the table like I’m better than everyone else in the room, so...

  4. Is it just me or does she seem genuinely camera shy? When the whole "smile honey" comment occured, she looked like she got scared when they told her where all it would all be aired

  5. I like the idea that she wasn't talking to the guy inside the Mickey Mouse costume, but that she was actually talking to the real Mickey Mouse and was just alpha enough to voice her complaints about his parade right to his face.

  6. I think shortly after this she hosted SNL and did a parody of this saying “this is the horniest thing I’ve ever done.”

  7. I skipped the word "Disney", and was like, I don't think this is the "infamous Nancy Kerrigan incident"!

  8. What is it? It’s the baton to the knee thing? I didn’t know who she was and that’s what I saw on Google

  9. I have a friend who was in the US skating team at the time. She says Tonya was hands down the best US skater at the time, she had no need to attack Kerrigan.

  10. She later went on SNL and joked that she had said “ this is the most horny thing I’ve ever done”

  11. I'm so excited you said this, I have this memory of asking my mom what horny was after this exact thing, and her saying "I'll tell you when you're older" and me just memorizing the word so that I wouldn't forget it. I've been telling people this for years.

  12. Oh look, the media being absolute douchebags when a human says very relatable human things out loud. Shocking.

  13. Yeah it's pretty gross to hear the reporter call her an "ice princess" because she's smiling and waving to the crowd, but isn't inwardly happy about it. The woman thought she was having a private conversation, it's not like she was scowling at the crowd and telling them not to look her in the eye.

  14. Not a reality show, but the movie I, Tonya is actually really good. Margot Robbie plays Tonya Harding and makes her actually kinda sympathetic. Turns out Tonya's mom wasn't so nice.

  15. I thought this was interesting because when you’re a teenager, these things are the corniest and cheesiest things that you ever do.

  16. Imagine being the person in the Mickey Mouse costume paid minimum wage to listen to her complaining while she does the same job for 2 million dollars.

  17. She's complaining that it's corny and dumb. If anyone understands that it's probably the person in the costume.

  18. Literally happens to them everyday. I had a friend meet Kobe while greeting for Mickey and Minnie. Along with countless weddings that charge $500 per character fees..... Mickey talks to a LOT of rich people.

  19. That seems like a dramatized misleading claim. Notice how after that he subtly says "movie and TV deal". She's not getting paid $2mil to go in a Disney parade, albeit she agreed to as part of the deal that's clearly based on something else.

  20. Smile and wave. Like damn, no one will judge you for being corny for 2 million dollars. It's silly to not play along for that kind of money.

  21. Imagine being paid $2 million to have fun at Disneyland/world. Even as someone who doesn’t like Disney, I’d let them literally parade me around for free.

  22. If I'm getting paid 2 mil, I'm going to have a genuine smile on my face. Doesn't matter what I have to do for it.

  23. Shit man, if they were taking me to Disney World I'd do it for free. To be on the float with Mickey as well? FUH-GET-AHBOUIT, I'm there with bells on

  24. Imagine sacrificing everything to be a world-class FIGURE SKATER, and you have to spend half your time smiling and waving because your handlers forced you into a promotion that distracts you from your real priorities. And if you even complain just once in secret, it gets broadcast on the fucking news.

  25. Yeah, and she’s an Olympic figure’s not like she didn’t do the corniest thing on earth for 8 hours a day for most of her life up to that point.

  26. I mean- that's how I'd play it. Take the money and give them as much grief as you can. Of course, I'm team "Fuck Disney", so I may be an outlier.

  27. Yup. I grew up skating in the same rink. Her name was painted on the wall for years, and it was always a fiasco when she was at the rink.

  28. Imagine complaining about doing something for 2 mil to a person doing the exact same thing but has to dress as a mouse and only getting what I expect is minimum wage.

  29. Don't see how that second part is relevant lol. Also did you not hear the 2 million dollar involved?

  30. She's getting paid $2 million to "have a good time", or at least look like it. It's not hard "work" for $2 million to pretend to be happy at "the happiest place on earth".

  31. Right. This just made me mad. $2 million to just smile and wave and she can’t even do that w grace, meanwhile there are millions of Americans slaving away for pennies.

  32. Oh my God, how dare people talk about things that aren't always immediately pressing world issues!

  33. I watched another interview with her when she was at some sort of figure skate competition deal (I know nothing of these things, I just happened to have turn on the TV when the interview was on).

  34. That’s weird. I spacifically remember seeing her in New Hampshire at a theme park, canobie lake park. She seemed miserable then too.

  35. Thanks for posting. “I, Tonya” is such a good movie! This clip puts even more of a light on the subject, I’m sure there were creative liberties in the making of the movie, but Tonya Harding is resilient to say the least.

  36. I kinda think everyone in this video sucks. Nancy obviously is being dramatic and ridiculous after being paid 2 mil to do appearances but the reporting is pretty dogshit too. Like I get highlighting but they act like she abused someone at Disneyland.

  37. She's not being dramatic. She's not yelling or throwing a fit or storming off. She just said that it's corny. And parades are sort of corny.

  38. I'm gonna give her a pass on this. She's really only getting paid to show up, but then her profession includes a lot of empty smiling and waving. But hey, corny is corny, and she nailed it.

  39. Wait... which part is the cringe her? Seems like a very reasonable reaction to being a prop in a stupid Disney parade. Relatable.

  40. Seriously. People think she was paid $2 mill just for the parade. God forbid someone not enjoy something that IS corny as hell. People act like she threw Mickey out of the float or something.

  41. She accepted the job, she's getting 2 million for it, and it's Disney World. It's for kids. It's going to be "corny" because she's a goddamn adult. Be professional, smile and waive, and collect your 2 mil. Or, you know, don't accept the fucking job offer. She's acting like a baby.

  42. I mean, she was smiling and getting it over with. It's not like she was reusing to wave and smile to the crowd and sitting up there sullen and pouting. She juts thought she was privately complaining about having to do something that is peak corny.

  43. The real cringe is so many people ITT thinking the cringe is the woman doing the corny thing complaining about doing corny things when the cringe in the video is clearly the news reporter giving a shit about a woman having a fairly rational reaction to being told to "smile honey" and do corny shit for money.

  44. This is a pretty big stretch... The coverage is dated in tone and incredibly pedantic sure, but I fail to see how talking about an athlete being unprofessional is the equivalent of questioning climate change.

  45. When you're paid millions to show up and look like you're having a good time, you should probably do it or not accept the deal. Nobody was forcing her to do any of this.

  46. Damn this made me think of the attack on her in 94 by Tonya Harding’s husband & body guard hiring someone to hit her so she wouldn’t be able to compete. Lol that’s some foul shit😳

  47. I’d agree I get it’s her career but don’t except everyone to be 100% positive when they would not do it in their normal life. Be kind damn she didn’t kick a kid or anything ....

  48. Famous skater. One of her rivals was involved in an attack on her. That lead to a lot of media focus.

  49. I believe this, because through he nineties, liking Disney WAS considered a childish thing to do and even embarrassing for teens to go there with their families. It's VERY different now. But I can totally see this happening.

  50. This kinda reminds me of the U-God interview with DJVlad. I'm sure that U-God saw Vlad's bullshit for what it was (he's an entertainment journalist, it's pretty much a guarantee he'll act like a snake). But I still agree with the people who wonder why he bothered to do the interview, but then act like he didn't want to be there the entire time. Like, right off the bat. I know he can get interviews elsewhere. And if he couldn't, I figured he'd act grateful. Was he contractually obligated too? Idk, but the entire interview is pretty cringy.

  51. She got paid two million dollars to go to Disney theme parks, whereas most people pay Disney two million dollars to go to Disney theme parks, and she still acts like a total asshole.

  52. Everyone passing judgment on someone complaining about work while they didn't know they were being recorded. You are all a bunch of hypocrites.

  53. As a woman I don't see this as cringe at all. This would not have made the news if it was a man. Women are constantly being told to smile and are socialized to always put on a happy face to please men and make them comfortable. This is a perfect example. Should she have done a better job pretending to be happy because she was getting lots of money? Probably. But only Disney has the right to complain about that, not random newscasters. Also we don't know the details of who set this up. Maybe a manager was making her do something she really didn't want to do. I repeat: this would not have made the news if it was a man.

  54. Come on. This would have been the same regardless of whether it was a man or woman. This is 100% not that issue at all. You're really stretching here.

  55. See, if you do something you don't want to be doing, not only that, but something you don't respect yourself for doing, then you're a sellout, kinda by definition.

  56. The irony he said that whole word salad and included her of being “icy”. That’s literally so cold considering she was right that was corny AF and she clearly doesn’t want to be objectified. Disney holding women to impossible standards? Whoa, I’m shocked.

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