Ozzy Osbourne

  1. Do you think he ever regrets being the Prince of Darkness? Like maybe once in a while he wishes he could wear some neon fun colors or something?

  2. It's nice seeing ozzy be the same as always but man is it a little painful watching the guy grow old and deteriorate.

  3. Same with Lemmy, Im still sad we had to lose him and that I was too young and broke to see Motörhead live besides one time thankfully.

  4. The Osbornes reality show was 20 years ago and he looked like he could kheel over dead at any moment and barely aware of his surroundings then.

  5. Not the same obv but still a legend. You can definitely look at the elderly in a different way after seeing this. You never know who was a badass in their past life.

  6. Read his autobiography. Says he never was a satanist or even wanted to go down that road. But it gave him notoriety and made him a lot of money. His biggest regret was not realizing how wealthy he was while his parents were alive. They lived in the same house on a limited income but never asked him for anything. He did give them a car on occasion. His book is called "I Am Ozzy" and is available from Thriftbooks for about 6 dollars.

  7. The guy has parkinsons, a massive history of drug use, and 73 years under his belt. He's kinda got a right to look like that.

  8. I guess everyone is saying he looks bad, but considering that it is Ozzy if you view him as an old wizard it seems appropriate.

  9. Jesus I remember thinking he’d be dead any minute 30 years ago. Mfr gonna outlive me and I’m here for it you go ozzy!

  10. Dude is just doing his thing even in his 70s. He’s a lil scary but he’s vibing his own vibe and I love it

  11. How sad that everyone made fun of his incoherent ramblings because they thought it was due to drug use but really he was just suffering from Parkinsons and didn't say anything to anyone about his diagnosis until 2020

  12. Parkinson’s is a horrible, slow debilitating and incurable disease. Worse than Alzheimer’s and dementia in my opinion because you’re still have your brain while your body falls apart

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  14. It would be interesting if you could get your genes tested and see if you lack the ones that help produce enzymes and chemicals to break down alcohol.

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