Which Rebecca's outfits do you like the most? (picture 1-4)

  1. Number 3 - so fresh and optimistic! Though I really miss the iconic blue dress from the first ep, that one is my favorite! 😍

  2. Those are my favorites too! I love how well the costume designers used her clothes to mirror her growth and to express the image she wants to put out and how she actually feels. The yellow dress from A Diagnosis is not only sososo cute but also is the perfect example of that imo.

  3. 5; 6; 10 and 11! Her floral dresses are so pretty and flattering. I have a similar shape, but I looked up some of them and they’re mostly Nordstrom or other expensive brands!

  4. Poshmark! It can take a while and some hunting to find it in your size, but I’ve gotten a couple of them (including 6, 10, and 11!) for less than $50 each.

  5. It’s the most relatable one for me for suuuure. I recently moved to a new state and I don’t know anyone, I use that knowledge to feel better about going to the store without caring what I look (or smell, within reason) like.

  6. My floral queen! 2, 3 (my personal fave because of the symbolism), and 6 for sure. 10 is iconique. 14, 15 and 23 because girl is 🔥🔥🔥. So uh… I clearly cannot narrow down to one. I also own several of them myself. All hail Melina Root for teaching me how to dress my body! 😂

  7. The only one I genuinely didn't like was 21. I know they picked it because it was supposed to bring Jasmine to mind, but I honestly felt like it somehow looked more like a prom dress and seemed kind of cheap looking.

  8. 23, especially when she says, “oh yeah it’s not the same dress, I gave that one to a middle school drama department.”

  9. A complete freaking catastrophe that the dress from "You Ruined Everything (You Stupid Bitch)" is not even in this list.

  10. Sorry, I thought I was gonna make another post about Rebecca's outfits in her songs. You Stupid Bitch dress is so gorgeous!

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