Darryl on the last season

  1. Darryl is very flawed. I think the reason people in the show forgive him for his bullshit are similar to the reason Rebecca's friends keep forgiving her for her shit. Because they are overall worth it as friends even when they totally and completely suck.

  2. To me, that episode isn’t actually about Darryl wanting to get close to Rebecca. It’s about Darryl trying to understand how Rebecca’s mind works, so he can be the best father possible.

  3. Well, I've never look at it that way. It's a nice way of seeing these situations, actually. I also don't think it excuses his behaviour, but it does make it easier to understand. Thanks for sharing!

  4. That Darryl used Rebecca's egg is wild to me. She should have been screened out of any donation by a reputable clinic. She's medically a bad candidate. And Darryl, as an eye witness to the mess going down in her life should have taken back the request, on a friend level. The whole situation was wierd to me.

  5. As someone who has done DBT, the type of therapy program Rebecca does later in the show, I agree with you on both counts. A big emphasis in DBT is moving away from black and white thinking and both of the examples you give would have been great examples of Rebecca learning how to say no or assert boundaries without it having to be 100% one of them being right and the other being wrong. Multiple DBT skills specifically discuss how to recognize and meet the differing, and sometimes incompatible, needs of people in any interpersonal relationship and I wish both those scenarios had been examples for Rebecca to assert boundaries in relationships in a healthy and direct ways instead of him pushing her into simply changing her mind

  6. One of the things that I enjoy about Crazy Ex Girlfriend is that it's not just the person with the personality disorder that's messed up. All of Rebecca's friends have issues that upset other people, and at times can be pretty intense and seem similar to the person with BPD. As someone with BPD it's something I tend to get annoyed with a lot - I have to police myself so much and then I see others doing similar things.

  7. I love Darryl in general. But his push for another child through surrogacy is one of the absolute low points for me in an otherwise very feminist-leaning show.

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