[help] What petticoat works under Madoka Kaname’s skirt?

  1. You want a bell shaped one normally for this, but honestly, it doesn't matter as much as the skirt section itself. Hers is bulb shapped, which is done by having the bottom hem and the top, smaller in diameter than the rest. So basically, you take a rectangle, and gather the top and bottom to be less wide open. I'd say if you HAVE to pick between those 2 petticoats, the first one might be better, as it's got more poof to it, even though it's not actually bell shaped, because the poof of it will help make the skirt section bulb out more.

  2. It appears you are seeking help from the cosplay community. If you have not done so please be sure to review the help thread that is pinned to the top of the subreddit. It contains a Frequently Asked Questions section, as well as user questions that may provide you with some quick guidance.

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