States with a smaller population the Los Angeles County ( not mine)

  1. I’m surprised to see NJ here seeing as its the most densely populated state. I guess that just goes to show how packed LA is.

  2. LA County is not even that densely populated. It is because it is physically huge. If Los Angeles County was as dense as NY county, it would have a greater population than all but 4 countries in world. (About 230 million people)

  3. Georgia and North Carolina both have over 10 million as well. 10 states in total over 10 million and larger than LA County population.

  4. Because there's a ton of work, especially in the creative fields. It's got some incredible nature that America is famous for - as well as access to multiple national parks. Culture. Food. Work.

  5. San Diego native living in San Francisco now, yup LA is horrible. People live there because it’s the SoCal center of a lot of business/law firms/banking/etc. If you want those same opportunities you have to move to SF where everything is crazy expensive — which is what I did to join LA size law firms but not live in LA

  6. I once did a sightseeing tour around the LA basin in a Cessna 172 at 3k ft. The size and density of LA was surprising.

  7. This chart is outdated. Georgia, Michigan, and North Carolina have larger populations than LA county. Each of those states is over 10m. LA County is now at 9.8m.

  8. I’m always so surprised when I hear that Ohio has a large population. It just seems so…off (I’m clearly don’t know anything about Ohio, I’m sure it’s lovely)

  9. I mean, there’s a reason the jokes are about Ohio and not Arkansas or South Dakota. People know Ohio exists.

  10. yes, it’s true. But don’t you think that land, a commodity only attainable through the course of wealth, shouldn’t determine your worth to our nation?

  11. Yeah, we don't want these large population centers with all the people who live there to have anything like the representation of the rest of the country.

  12. Hmmm. If only different counties voted for some smaller kind of government. One that would address local issues. Then we wouldn't need electoral votes!

  13. This argument comes up every time and every time its still wrong. The EC does nothing to prevent large states controlled by votes from cities from dominating politics. In fact, as urbanization increases, it becomes more likely due to the tendency of cities to vote blue. What happens if/when Texas' cities get it to vote blue? The election is already over. Regardless of ANYTHING about your views on land vs people choosing the president or whatever, it is not an effective system to ensure that elections work as intended. It instead puts a ridiculous amount of importance on a hand full of swing states every year and ensures minority voices in those important states get disproportionate attention. Looking at you Cubans in Florida.

  14. So many people here are Americans and yet have no understanding of Federalism whatsoever. Ask for your money back from all of those incompetent public school teachers you had. The current system is fine. Your vote means more at the state level by design. We don’t decide the Presidency with a popular vote by design.

  15. The founding fathers never envisioned the world we currently live in. The voting power of most CA and more specifically LA residents is greatly weakened compared to say people living in Wyoming.

  16. With respect to the Americans reading this, please realize you can seem a bit silly when you describe yourselves as the most democratic, and the most free.

  17. Can you also see how silly it is when you generalize people from an entire country when the population disparity between certain areas is huge.

  18. All states do not have the same amount of weight. Look it up…population does determine how much each state is worth. Look up electoral college map US. You’ll see CA gets more than anyone.

  19. Well, if you actually understood how representation in the states worked, you'd know each state has equal representation in the senate and population based representation in the house of representatives.

  20. So your argument is that the Senate should be like the House? Yeah totally will blow over real good when smaller states get zero say in the government. History has shown that wont cause major issues at all /s. Almost as if the Senate was designed to allow every state a say so they stay united.

  21. People in national politics get so upset about the west coast CA influence, but at the end of the day when it comes to most government, the power of residents of LA is GREATLY neutered compared to that of people living in sparse, low income generating states.

  22. San Bernardino county is the largest county in the country size wise and may overtake la with the amount of people living there that commute to la. Although still ca the taxes are lower and it’s much more affordable at the expense of living in sb county :/

  23. Ohio is a great state, more presidents from here, we have cleaned up the Cuyahoga river and we are part of the North coast. The Great Lakes region has the most fresh water of any region in the US!!!

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