Apple guide, most tart to sweetest

  1. Sugarbee apples are BY FAR the sweetest thing on here. They literally taste like honey, it’s so sweet that it’s unappetizing.

  2. This list is bullshit. I love apples and try the new ones whenever they come out. If you think that Envy is more tart than a Honeycrisp your mouth is disabled.

  3. I haven't tried most other varieties, but never thought of Fuji apples as overtly sweet. Maybe their juiciness/texture hide their sweetness?

  4. Fall starts tomorrow. I guess it's the right time to harvest my honeycrisp tree. Usually the squirrels get them before I do. I would be happy about my tree, only I have a sneaking suspicion I might have planted it over the sewer line.

  5. If you haven’t tried the cosmic crisp apple you have to try it. It’s a mix between the red delicious and honeycrisp. They bred it to be the juiciest and crunchiest apple. It’s SO. GOOD.

  6. Red Delicious apples allegedly started out very tasty but in the 1950s as the markets moved towards mass production, growers were paid based on the redness of the skin, and taste was not a factor - the Red Delicious turns its signature red before fully ripening, so growers can pick them early, which gives the apple a longer shelf life. A side effect of this early picking is that the apples don’t develop watercore, which is when the starches and sugars in the apple convert into sorbitol, and thus make the apple much sweeter. And also, thicker skin helps disguise bruises and makes the fruit easier to ship, so farmers selected for the color and skin thickness when deciding which apples to graft (clone, essentially). Red Delicious apples are useful for exactly one thing, and that is teaching children not to marry for looks.

  7. I feel like when I was a kid Red Delicious we’re actually good. Had a few in recent years and they were terrible. We’re they always bad?

  8. I had a red delicious tree in my backyard as a kid and I don't care what anyone says, red delicious are pretty good.

  9. This guide comes out every fall, and I hate it. I am an orchardist, and I will tell you that the very same kind of apple, plucked from different sides of the same tree, will have very different levels of sweet- or tartness. Also the same kind of apple picked at either the beginning or end of its ripeness stage is going to vary in its sweetness. The reason I hate it most is that it is so limited. There are thousands of varieties of apples, all with their own particular colors, flavor notes, textures, juiciness, sweetness levels. Go to a good orchard or farm stand and try a few!

  10. Thank you for producing delicious apples year over year! My favorite variety is the Winesap. It's a jack of all trade apple and the taste is wonderful. Unfortunately, I'm having trouble finding it in my local orchards. :(

  11. I had a grapple once. I was amazed, it was delicious. I thought some how they combined grape with apple. Spoiler alert: They just soak the apples in grape juice. 😢

  12. I hate Granny Smiths, they make my teeth hurt for some reason, like they’re so tart and firm that they scrape the enamel off - but I respect your love for them. Always been a golden delicious man myself. I also really like any of the ones with red flesh.

  13. Red delicious and gold delicious are disgusting. I worked in produce for 4 years and those apples are so soft that they often rot the quickest. Honeycrisp are my favorites but they're expensive so Fuji are a good alternative.

  14. Noooo Fuji is definitely not the sweetest. That is a lie. Other apple charts do not list it as the sweetest. Don’t be fooled like I was!!

  15. I found them once here and have been looking ever since. The most delicious apples I’ve ever had. Incredibly underrated

  16. Sprouts is a grocery store in CA. I went one year and they had so many varieties I got one of each! I would suggest a small organic friendly shop ot Trader Joe's.

  17. Look for regional farm markets, especially if you’re in an area with lots of orchards. You can buy just one of each without the cashier’s dirty looks.

  18. This guide is missing a few varieties but I will point out Haralson apples are more tart that Granny Smith. They might be a bit too tart straight up, but Haralsons make the best fried apples.

  19. Whoever upvotes this shit has never eaten a fucking apple in their LIFE. Red Delicious sweeter than honeycrisp? LIES. This guide is so inaccurate it pained me to read where it places these varieties.

  20. Red delicious should be on its own axis. A "useless hunk of flesh" axis. Its just a fleshy mass devoid of any flavor.

  21. Agreed. I recommend jazz. Fell in love because they are always crunchy. Never had a mushy one and I am very picky about my apples. Haven’t liked a mushy one since I was a little kid

  22. How is honeycrisp considered that sweet? Yes, it is sweet, but it is also very tart at the same time. Do most people not notice the subtle difference?

  23. There is a new apple I haven't seen before at my store called comic crisp. It's currently my favorite. I used to go between fuji and honeycrisp. I used to hate apples. Everytime my dad bought them they were gross and mealy. Then a few years ago I started eating them again and I loved them. I thought it was just the kind my dad was getting. The other day I was at his house and saw he had a fuji apple which I usualy like but again it was mealy. I know he goes to the same store so I dont understand how he always gets ones I find gross. Idk if maybe he let's them sit too long? But I agree I hate red delicious, whoever named those was playing a joke on the rest of us. I haven't tried a golden delicious but idk of I can trust them now 😅

  24. Cosmic Crisp and Pink Lady are super good wish they were on this list. The Opal apples are amazing..

  25. Interesting. I generally like all apples (except Red delicious, which I think is just some sand in an apple skin), but my absolute favorite 2 varieties are Granny Smith and Fuji.

  26. This can't possibly be right. I found Envy, Jazz, Opal, and Autumn Glory to be sweeter than Honeycrisp and (especially) Red Delicious.

  27. Empire is hands down my favourite apple. Tart without being borderline sour and super crisp, just hands down the best eating apple. Plus they are great for baking and make really good applesauce.

  28. My tastes have changed so much as I’ve gotten older. In my younger years, I would be all over those sweet apples…these days, I love a Jazz apple.

  29. This is neither here nor there but does anyone know why snapdragon apples are so hard to find lately?

  30. Opals truly are the perfect apple and if you haven’t had one you are seriously missing out. It’s been 2 years since I’ve been able to find any and my mouth still yearns for them.

  31. Having recently gone into purchasing a handful of apples a week at the store, I find this to be a very cool and helpful guide. And apparently I like apples towards the end of sweet or tart.

  32. Golden delicious is my favorite apple, but I haven’t been able to find it in stores for a little over a year now. I used to see it year round every time I went to the grocery store. Has anyone else experienced that? Or or, if you’ve seen golden delicious recently, what state are you in? I’ve lived in both Washington and colorado in the past year and had the issue both places. It’s a huge bummer for me, and I hope to see golden delicious back in stores soon. They remind me of a pear :)

  33. The one and only answer is Staymen apples. The best eating apple. The best cooking apple. You want a delicious apple pie? You go Staymen. You want an apple that combines sweet and tart like no other? Staymen.

  34. Dude, have you had a Rave? Not as tart as a Granny Smith, but dear god does it taste just like that artificial sour apple flavor.

  35. Uh, Envy and Pacific Rose are not that tart. At all. They both have minimal acid and are sweet apples. They're some of my favorite apple varieties.

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