1. Very different circumstances, but interesting (concerning?) to note that house price to income ratio averages for the US topped out at ~7.0 before the ~2007/2008 housing bubble popped.

  2. i’m quite surprised ny didn’t make this list, i am from there, and i’m also quite surprised hong kong is 1…. who knew?!?

  3. NY does have higher salaries than say a city like Toronto. I have members of my team working in New York and Toronto. The new York folks make about 50% more than their Canadian counterparts and they all do the exact same job.

  4. This list isn’t accurate. I just checked what it would be for London based on their maths and it’s 13.4. Which would be #2, so there’s clearly shit missing

  5. My wife and I were just talking about this last night. We moved to Houston and the richest neighborhood's median house price is ~1.5 million. Being born and raised NY, she was explaining how an unrenovated shitty brownstone could probably go for even more.

  6. Interesting to see Perth being more affordable than Adelaide. Perth cost of living is higher due to the location and massive mining $$$.

  7. Corrupted oligarchs and politicians from countries like Bangladesh invest their money to buy houses in Canada. That is one of the reason it is so high.

  8. I 100% agree with your reasoning, I’m just a little amused that you used Bangladesh as your example, when China, India, Russia, are likely much more significant in terms of impact.

  9. How about a graph showing % of Hongkong money in real estate vs. Housing affordability? Just putting it out there, you can look it for yourself...

  10. Don't be fooled by the state of the property in the affordable places, is beyond dire at times. Most require tens of thousands of £ in repairs and modernisation.

  11. Denmark, Copenhagen. One room apartment costs 300k +dollars just to buy. Then comes the rent and paying back loan. And that’s on the cheap side. Most cost more and if you want two or three rooms or a house… Good luck or be rich.

  12. This is a biased research. They didn't consider other countries, where the income for the month wouldn't pay a food for the week. How it would be possible for a house? People from Australia have no idea how much easier is here to buy a house with the income opportunities, salary, purchasing power.

  13. Boise Idaho should be around 9.5 if they're using average home price divided by average income - both for the immediate Boise area.

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